Table of Contents

Chapter 240: Nightingale Syndrome
Chapter 241: Still not spoken
Chapter 242: Through the trap door
Chapter 243: All about love
Chapter 244: In Grave Danger
Chapter 245: Don't say a word
Chapter 246: My First Time
Chapter 247: What was she supposed to do now?
Chapter 248: The nice guy get the girl
Chapter 249: That's the problem

Chapter 250: What would your dad say?
Chapter 251: Taking your sweet time
Chapter 252: A Mother's Wrath
Chapter 253: Was there a reason?
Chapter 254: Bring it, Bitch!
Chapter 255: What's the use?
Chapter 256: Just shut up about it
Chapter 257: What are you talking about?
Chapter 258: You've had enough
Chapter 259: Get some attention

Chapter 260: Just Pretending 
Chapter 261: The Bitch is back
Chapter 262: Wisdom of the ages
Chapter 263: A bit of relief
Chapter 264: Glad you made it
Chapter 266: Nowhere in sight
Chapter 267: If you ever wanna talk
Chapter 268: Do you love him?
Chapter 269: Good Morning

Chapter 270: Christmas can be so Depressing
Chapter 271: It Really Happened
Chapter 272: Just Little Kids
Chapter 273: Trying to kill me
Chapter 274: Don't answer that!
Chapter 275: What does he want?
Chapter 276: What did I do wrong?
Chapter 277: I understand
Chapter 278: That doesn't make any sense
Chapter 279: Where is my cell phone?

Chapter 280 Tell me about it
Chapter 281 Year of the Cat
Chapter 282: Give up without a fight
Chapter 283: I mean it
Chapter 284: Like a normal family
Chapter 285: All I want for Christmas
Chapter 286: Before the shit hits the fan
Chapter 287: I Love my Father
Chapter 288: Royally Pissed
Chapter 289: Waiting to Exhale

Chapter 290: Dreams
Chapter 291: Victor gets scrooged
Chapter 292: You don't look so good
Chapter 293: Fully loaded
Chapter 294: Upside-down and inside-out
Chapter 295: You are such a liar
Chapter 296: This changes everything
Chapter 297: All of you
Chapter 298: The next logical place
Chapter 299: Too much BS

Chapter 300: Isn't that cool
Chapter 301: Back to normal
Chapter 302: I wish I had my mom
Chapter 303: How it should be
Chapter 304: How daya like that
Chapter 305 She doesn't know anything
Chapter 306 Do you wanna talk about it?
Chapter 307 Tell her life story
Chapter 308 Under Advisement
Chapter 309 What hurts the most

Chapter 310 Can't fool me
Chapter 311 Going home
Chapter 312: Several Reasons for That
Chapter 313: Never Mentioned it Before
Chapter 314: Where is she?
Chapter 315: The Cottage
Chapter 316: What Should I do?
Chapter 317: Happy Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years, too
Chapter 318: Let's go to a Party
Chapter 319: Isn't it always the case?

Chapter 320: I Give Up
Chapter 321: What a surprise
Chapter 322: One Good Reason
Chapter 323: When words aren't enough
Chapter 324: What are you doing?
Chapter 325: Should've Never
Chapter 326: What took you so long?
Chapter 327: The Christmas Wish
Chapter 328: I have something for you
Chapter 329: Nothing short of a miracle

Chapter 330: Last place he was wanted
Chapter 331: All a huge Lie
Chapter 332: Independence Day
Chapter 333: Average and Ordinary
Chapter 334: Who would have thought it possible
Chapter 335: The only freedom she knows
Chapter 336: Already Part of The Family
Chapter 337: What I got for Christmas
Chapter 338: Take it back
Chapter 339: What are friends for

Chapter 340: No Regrets, No Pain
Chapter 341: Panties in a Bunch
Chapter 342: What the Hell Happened
Chapter 343: It's Too Late For You
Chapter 344: Were You Eavesdropping?
Chapter 345: In Need of Good Advice
Chapter 346: Life choices
Chapter 347: Change of Plans
Chapter 348: Just do it already
Chapter 349: Will You Marry me?

Chapter 350: Tell us how you really feel
Chapter 351: A Woman Possessed
Chapter 352: Uncle Mac's Never-Fail-Cure-All Tonic
Chapter 353: Better to Laugh Than Cry
Chapter 354: Just A Bit Crazy
Chapter 355: What is Heaven Like?
Chapter 356: Where do we go from here?
Chapter 357: Time To Wake Up
Chapter 359: Congratulations are in Order

Chapter 360: The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen
Chapter 361: I'm Staying
Chapter 362: The Insanity Plea
Chapter 363: Is it True
Chapter 364: Worst car ride ever
Chapter 365: It all works out in the end
Chapter 366: God helps those who help themselves
Chapter 367: Can't blame a guy for trying
Chapter 368: Prove it
Chapter 369: Can't sleep

Chapter 370: The Only One 
Chapter 371: You're Not Helping
Chapter 372: Too Good To Be True
Chapter 373: Very Good Friends
Chapter 374: Not Him Again

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