Cast of Characters:

Cast of Characters:

Richard Bennett: A fire fighter who dies and comes back as his wife's spirit guide.

Violet Bennett: Richard's loving widow. Vows to never remarry.

Kenny Bennett: Violet's son, the carpenter, married to Janice.

Freddy Norton:  Violet’s brother and Richard’s best friend.

Laurie Norton: A talented artist and Freddy’s less-than-perfect but lovable wife.

Valerie Norton: The Norton’s eldest child, fourteen years old.

Molly Norton: The Norton youngest daughter, age five.

Jimmy Norton: The Norton’s nine year old son.

Nicky Norton: The Norton’s twelve year old son.

Baby Richie Norton: Named after Richard.

Jocelyn Lefleur: A formidable, outspoken, black woman, best friend of Violet and owner of the Mio Caro Bambino Daycare Center.

Sophie Bennett: Violet's daughter, age 19. Going to University of Miami.

Missy Cambry: 5 month old baby at the daycare center.

Karen Struthers: Missy’s teenage mother.

Diane Murphy: Young, single mother who Violet hires to manage the daycare center.

Heather Murphy: Diane’s precious four year old daughter.

Victor Romanoff : Divorced criminal lawyer secretly in love with Violet, good friends with Freddy.

 Mac Smithers:  Best darn fly fisherman in Catalpa Valley (and he’ll tell you that too) now retired and volunteering at the daycare center.

Glady Smithers:  Mac’s wife also volunteering at Mio Caro Bambino teaching needle crafts.

Heidi Romanoff: Victor’s mother who died some years back. She along with Richard guide Violet and Victor to their shared destiny.

Catherine Delaney: Victor's ex-wife, mother to Simon and Ronnie, married to Andy.

Andy Delaney: Married to Catherine, step-father for Ronnie and Simon Romanoff.

Helen Gibson: Violet’s former co-worker.

Winnie Drexel:  Violet’s friend 

Cheryl Fina:  Violet’s friend 

Pamela Moyer: Violet’s friend 

Simon Romanoff: Victor’s older son, 24 years of age currently attending Harvard medical school.

Ronnie Romanoff: Victor’s younger son, 19 years old and currently attending Wharton’s school of Business in Philadelphia.

Ella Kessinger: Victor’s motherly, protective and to the outside world, Nazi-like receptionist.

Reverend Louis and Flora Trent: The couple who run Littlest Angel Orphanage.

Wally Cambry: Karen Struther's boyfriend and Missy's father, now in the Army.

Ed Ballucci: A handyman and old time friend of Richard, Freddy and Violet's from grade school.

Wentworth and Carla Middleton: High-society friends of Victor's parents.
Silvia Middleton-Bradford: Woman whose been hoping to catch Victor since she was ten years old.
Garrett Johansen: Shy and socially awkward horticulturist at Weston Botanical Gardens.

Walter Bettencort: The director of Weston Botanical Gardens. 

Harry Colt: Former school mate of Violet
Cody and Anise Colt: Harry's two children

Kids at the Littlest Angels Orphanage:
 Peter Silber 4 years old
Julian Silber 7 years old
Georgiana Silber 9 years old
Sally Washburn 10 years old
Kelly Washburn 8 years old
Billy Washburn 6 years old
Lucia Menendez 16 years old
Joaquin Menendez 15 years old
Maria Menendez 10 years old
Carmencita Menendez 3 years old
Clair Havik 15 years old
 Janey Havik 14 years old
Timmy Sapata 10 years old
 Jeff Sapata 12 years old
Marcus Portier: Victor's childhood friend
Jolene Portier: Marcus' eldest daughter
Clarisse Portier: Marcus' younger daughter

Cassandra Bellarosa: Old friend of Sophie; Extremely intelligent, slightly shy and overly protected by both father and elder brother.

Frank Bellarosa: Cassandra's brother. Back from Afghanistan with a severe war injury, owner of the new Danfords Night club. 

Reginald Silber-  Father of  two of the kids Victor wishes to adopt.

Al Heller: owner of car dealership and friend of Victor.

Cathy Figgorelli: Waitress at the diner, schoolmate of Sophie.

Morris Kramer: Richest man in town and a recluse.

John Yearly: recently divorced firefighter pal of Richard’s who has the hots for Violet.

Judy Yearly: John’s fifteen year old daughter

Lizzy Yearly: John’s ex-wife.

Denise Wentworth: A former girlfriend of Victor

Martina Rothchild- Victor’s former Mother-in-law

Lucy and Vladamir : Victor’s aunt and uncle, owners of the best little B&B in NY

Sophie's band mates:
Rick Emory- Big guy, 26, Bass
Elian Green- Skinny as Stix, 24, Drums
John Martin- think Elton John, 23, Keyboard
Danny Travonelli- songwriter/Horns, 22, smitten with Sophie
Bug aka Rance Van Gholston- 21 years old, Lead Guitar/band leader.

Laurence P. Van Gholston- Billionaire, Bug's dad. Wife Emily died when son was 15.

Harmony Norton: Violet's mother who had been at Mason Mental institution for nearly three decades.

Dr. Benjamin Kruger: World renown Neurologist whose controversial new surgery helped bring Harmony out of her catatonic state.

Tom Ayers, aka Uncle Tommy: Victor's long time friend and his lead investigator.

Stacey Ayers: Tom's daughter, 13 years old.