About Catalpa Valley

This picturesque yet tiny town has one major road predictably named Main Street and you no sooner find yourself on it than you will be off it again. Main Street, approximately two miles in length, is where you will find all that a small town can offer; the town’s only post office, drug store, Wally's supermarket, hardware store, farm supply shop, library, daycare center, Larry’s car care, the Ruffian Bar and Grille, the fix-it shop, the school complex, the park, the fire station, the church, Mandy’s garden center/florist shop, Tony’s Italian restaurant, Norton Financial Services, the ice cream shop, Jaime’s Deli and a recent addition, the Law Offices of Victor Romanoff.

Off Main Street there are many lesser roads, some still not paved, many with houses, vacation homes and hunting cabins in varying degrees of shabbiness. Some have neat little gardens while others are overrun with weeds and Virginia Creeper vines. Some are surrounded by thick stands of trees while others sit in the middle of large meadows, next to wide hay fields or,  like the Mount Claire Restaurant, sitting peacefully beside the large glacial Lake Cramer.

Catalpa Valley is approximately a three and a half hour’s drive from New York City, roughly two hundred miles northwest. The closest thing to a "real" town around is Oneonta, about 30 miles north of Catalpa Valley. What would classify it as a real town? Well, Oneonta has a K-mart, a Home Depot and a McDonald’s. That is civilization indeed!
Other so-called civilized towns in the area are Davenport where the Mason Mental Institution can be found, East Meredith, considered to be the hub of culture featuring the Beaumont Art Gallery,and the closest thing to Broadway, the Sullum Playhouse, Treadwell, where Al Heller’s Car Dealership can be found and Meridale home of the Weston Botanical Garden . Why are you being told all this? You’ll see soon enough once you read Violet's in Bloom.