Monday, March 25, 2019

Chapter 373 Very Good Friends

Got yourself a job offer, Cassie, Ronnie said happily. Just like you wanted.

Butbut I dont know anything, Cassandra said. Not much anyway.

I didnt know much either when my grandmother asked me to help her out in the shop, but I eventually learned everything she knew and I took it upon myself to learn what she didnt know. I ended up teaching her a few things. So, what Im asking is for you to do as I did. You would be my apprentice and your job will be to learn as much as you can so you can be of real help to me and to my clients. I want you to actually learn on your own as well as from me. That way we grow together in knowledge and experience, the woman said. Only if you are interested, of course.

Oh, believe me, shes interested! Ronnie said. Simon is gonna flip when we tell him!

Who is Simon if I may ask? the lady said.

Hes my brother. You know him. He came here the other day to get the ingredients for Uncle Macs never-fail-cure-for-all tonic, Ronnie said. He made the magic potion for Cassie cuz she was so sick and now shes all better.

The woman frowned slightly apparently trying to remember.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Chapter 372 Too Good To be True

Ronnie had been relegated to the service of a pack mule. That is to say, he was doing not much more than carrying numerous shopping bags for Cassandra and following her around Little Italy while she shopped. We can call it shopping what she was doing, but it was more like a re-discovery of sorts.

Ronnie, I just dont get it, Cassandra said, looking back at the last shop they had just exited.

What dont you get? he asked, as he popped another Bella di Cerignola olive into his mouth. Did you forget something? You couldnt possibly!

No, not that. You know, Ive never been here before today, she said, frowning slightly. At least I dont think so, butits so weird. This feels like home, like this is where I belongin Little Italy.

Ronnie grinned. Not too weird, he said. You were talking to that old guy in the store as if youd known him all your life.

He was so nice and he said I looked very familiar, she said. I wish I could live here, or at least work at one of these shops, but they all seem to be family run establishments.

Never know until you ask, he said.