Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Chapter 371 You're not helping

"Day-um, you look  hot in that!"

Sophie turned away from the mirror and glared at Rance, who sat behind her in a comfortable arm chair with a glass of wine by his side. "Bug, you're not helping! You've said the same thing for everything I've tried on so far. I can't buy ten outfits." She glanced at the price tag on the latest dress she had tried on at Rance's insistence, and nearly gagged. "I can't even buy half of this one!"

"Relax, Sophie," he said. "I can give you an advance until you get paid. Besides, all this counts as a business deduction on your income taxes so..."

"Income taxes?" she shrieked. "I gotta pay income taxes now?"

He laughed. "Eventually, it's what all grown-ups have to doassuming they have an incomewhich may be a big assumption these days."

Sophie slumped into a chair next to him and grabbed his wine glass, first checking to make sure no one was watching them, then she gulped some down. "I don't think I can do this, BugI mean Rance. Sorry."

"No worries," he said. "I know you can do this and you'll need all these clothes to make sure everyone knows they aren't dealing with a novice."

"But I am a novice to the extreme!" she said.

He leaned forward and whispered, "You may think so, but you gotta act as if you know everythingya know like AOC does. If she can get away with it anyone can."

Sophie scoffed. "But she's an idiot and everybody knows it," she said.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Chapter 370: The Only One


"It's awesome of you to do this for me, Ronnie," Cassandra said as they walked down the street.

"No worries," he replied with a casual shrug. "Thought you should get to know this place in case you wanted to stay here even if you are a country girl and I'm not sure you'll like it much. Life here is cool, but real different from life in Catalpa Valley sojust takes some getting used to."

"I was born in the city, so I'm technically a city girl," she said, trying to keep the bitterness out of her voice.

"Me too, but I do like the country sometimes," he said. To change the subject he added, "Anywhere you might really like to go? Anything special you'd like to see?"

Monday, February 11, 2019

Chapter 369 Can't Sleep

Sophie was wide awake even though it was very late. She was simply too excited to sleep. She placed the last of her Catalpa Valley/Miami wardrobe into the huge walk-in closet and noted there would be plenty of room for her NYC clothes, whenever she managed to get some. She had been making herself at home in her new bedroom in Victor's apartment and loving it!

For a guest bedroom it was huge, much bigger than her own room back home and the view from those floor-to-ceiling windows was amazing. She had unpacked everything she held of value, from her clothes, shoes and laptop to her tattered teddy bear, favorite books and sundry girly things. This bedroom would do quite nicely, she thought.
Looking out of the window in her new bedroom and watching all those dancing lights coming from an endless expanse of brick, mortar and steel just filled her with an excitement she could not contain. She would never sleep tonight.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Chapter 368 Prove it

The three little ones stood at the door, their mouths hanging open in surprise.

"Where's Ronnie?" Julian asked in a whisper.

"Dontcha 'member? He went back to da city," Peter said making a curious face. "Why is she sleeping in here? Don't mommies and daddies sleep in da same room?"

"Not until they're married," Georgiana said, her voice equally soft.

"Is she gonna stay here from now on even before they get married?" Julian asked.

"I guess," Georgiana said with a shrug.

"Will she make us breakfast every day?" Peter asked, sounding excited.

"Tired of Rice Krispies? I sure am!" Julian said, not bothering to whisper anymore.

"And Cherrios," Peter said.

"Shhhyou're gonna wake her up," Georgiana said, none too quietly herself.

"Too late," Violet mumbled, opening her eyes with a big smile on her face. "Good morning, my little munchins!"