Monday, June 25, 2018

Chapter 356 Where do we go from here

Richard laughed as he tried to pull the covers from Violet, but she held on tight and wouldnt come out from under them.

 Come on now, silly girl, he said. Did you think I didnt know about your city slicker boyfriend yet?

Was hoping, she said, miserably. Oh, Richard, you must hate me.

I dont, he said. I wont ever hate you.

You must. for cheating on you like this.

He scoffed. Babe, this is NOT cheating, he said. You keep forgetting Im dead and that makes you a free agent.

A what? she said.

You know not married anymore. Free to do whatever you want.

II still feel married to you, though, she said.

Yeah, thats probably cuz Im still kinda around, ya know? he said. Thats why you gotta let me go.

Just doesnt feel right, she whined.