Monday, April 23, 2018

Chapter 353 Better to Laugh Than Cry

At the sound of a string of sneezes, the three in the kitchen turned around to see Cassandra clad in red plaid footie PJs. The thick bathrobe Simon gave her dragged on the floor and hung off her shoulders. Wet tendrils of unruly hair clung to her rosy pink cheeks and neck and she carried a half-full tissue box.  She looked adorable, albeit miserably sick.

Ronnie jumped up from his stool at the breakfast bar and pulled out a chair for Cassandra to sit at the table. “Hey, Cassie, have a nice bath? Ya hungry? Want some cookies or maybe popcorn?” he said. “Or ice cream for your sore throat?”

“I don’t dare have ice cream even though I’d love some,” Cassandra said, shaking her head. “It’ll bring back the chills and make me cough even more.”

“Well, I was gonna make you some nice, hot peppermint tea like you said you wanted, but Simon’s making some witch’s brew for you instead,” Sophie said.

“Witch’s brew?” Cassie said, making a face.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Chapter 352 Uncle Mac’s Never-Fail-Cure-For-All Tonic

“Cassie? How you doing?” Sophie asked first knocking on the door then peeking inside the steamy bathroom. She grinned at the top of Cassandra’s curly head which was the only thing visible over the mounds of fragrant foam. 

“I'm...I'm...” Cassie sneezed three times into the bubbles making them blow out of the tub.

“Okay…Still sneezy,” Sophie said.

“I feel better...warmer anyway,” Cassandra said.

“When you’re done here, would you like some hot cocoa or tea?” Sophie said.
“I’d really like some tea. My throat’s so sore. Simon not back yet?” Cassie asked.

Sophie shook her head, sitting down on the edge of the tub, scooping up a handful of bubbles. “He said he might be a while. Something about getting an amazing cure for colds he can only get at a special store… in China town or something.”

“China town???” Cassie said.