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Chapter 348 Just do it already

Now, Missy…” Morris Kramer said, shaking his head. Do you really have to ask?

Yes, I do! Violet said. Or I wouldnt have asked!

He chuckled. You and your daughter have something in common after all, he said. Anyway, the answer is yes, of course he still loves you. Just dont ask me why he doesnt take the bull by the horns and do something about itbut I can guess. It was the same thing with me and Martina I suppose. Blasted pride always gets in the way. Violet, my advice to you is dont let pride ruin what could be your last chance at happiness. He then kissed her cheek and smiled. Life waits for no man or woman and if Victor wont do itI say its up to you.

Violet watched the old man walk up to Marty and startle her with a passionate kiss.

See? If they can do it so can you! Do it, Violet. DO IT! Richard nearly screamed in her ear. Just do it already so we can get on with ouruh.

You were about to say lives, werent you? Heidi said.

Yeah well, they have to get on with their liveswhile we need to go on with our death, Richard said, looking kind of green around the ghostly gills. Just makes me nauseous to think of it that way.

You mean nauseated, she said, sighing. Indeed they do. But why would she listen to you now when she hasnt in all this time? We have to think of something to spur this on.

Wasnt that what the side trip to Mrs. Beckels cottage was for? Richard said. It was a huge waste of time…”

You know perfectly well it was not a waste of time, Heidi said. Besides saving a an able bodied woman from the ultimate act of desperation-- brought on by psychotropic drugs no lessshe realized life must go on, hers as well as Mrs. Beckels. Violet has already decided to give her house to your sonthats something. It may not seem like it, but her courage is growing, bit by itty bitty bit. She just needs another push in the right direction.

We push her anymore and shell go over the cliffstraight into the Grand Canyon and its a long way down for such a scaredy cat, he said.

Or frightened mouse. Perhapsyes, perhaps this takes a womans touch, she said, thoughtfully.

What? Richard said.

Ive been letting you handle things and it hasnt gotten us anywhere, she said, waving a dismissive hand in his face. My mistake was stepping back when what she may simply need is a friendly, feminine voice, one who understands her and what shes going through. A subtle nudging always works better than a overbearing command, you knowat least with Violet.

What are you planning to do? he asked.

Youll see. Just give me some room to work my magic, Heidi said, drifting over to Violet. On the way she went through Laurie who gave a violent shudder and pulled her new shawl--knitted by Violet--closer to her body to fend off the sudden chill.

Heidi put a gentle hand on Violets shoulder.

Now, dear, youve received as much good advice as anyone can use in one sitting and oddly enough all the same bit of advice. So, you know what you have to do, dont you? You need to follow that advice, because its universally good advice. I know how frightened you are. It is extremely daunting to put your heart on your sleeve especially when you dont know what the response will be. 

That is why some men nearly go into convolutions just before popping the question, but you know what? You actually already know what Victor will say, Heidi whispered in Violets ear. Freddys right, Lauries right, Marty, Morris and Flora are all in unison about this, and if you asked everyone single person here at this party theyd say the same thing; You love Victor and Victor loves you. 

Those little children adore you as much if not more than you adore them. There are no two ways about it. You all belong together. Think of those childrenmy goodness, how they owe you so much for their new life, their new family, their loving father, all of this. That was all your doing, you know, and when you ask Victor to marry you and he accepts, as we all know he will eagerly do, perhaps you could sweeten the deal ever so much by suggesting bringing forth another child or two. How Victor would love that! How lovely would that be, Dear?

Ohyesit would, Violet mumbled to herself, the fantastic vision vivid in her minds eye. But not just for him for me too.

But the only way to realize that amazing dream is to step up to that perilous and terrifying precipice and take a leap of faith, Heidi said. Ill bet ten thousand rose bushes someone very caring, very strong and very much in love with you will be there to catch you and hold you safe in his arms forever more. What do you think about that?

Violet nodded slowly, a determined look suddenly appearing on her face. She took a deep breath and forced herself to walk back to that den and kick her mother out if she had to. She was going to do it! She was going to ask Victor to marry her.

My goodness, youre a handsome devil, arent you? Harmony said. No wonder Violet is head over heels in love with you.

Victor half smiled and set down the silver tray. As my father once said repeating what my mother instilled in me, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  whats on the inside is what counts, so if you want people to see the beauty without, then make sure you have beauty within, he answered, assiduously ignoring the second part.

I suppose thats true. Arent you going to give me one of those? she asked pointing to the eggnog.

I thought you said you wanted rum for them, he said obediently handing her the glass.

That was just to get rid of Violet for a bit, she said before she sipped at the thick beverage. Her eyes widening at the surprise kick within. Sakes aliveif you put any more rum in this Id be down for the count.

Thats Martys doing, Victor said, sitting in his favorite chair opposite hers. She never saw an eggnog or punch she couldnt spike a lot. Youve met her, I believe?

Yes, I have and dont change the subject, Harmony said, smacking her lips.

Didnt think I had, he said.

When the subject is Violet and you start talking about anything else, then you did, she said, shrewdly eying him. Sowhats the story?

Beg your pardon? he said.

Victor, please, it does not become us to be coy, she said. Come now, times a-wasting, so lets get down to it, shall we? What is the story with you and my daughter? Now, before you spin something, know this: I already know EVERYTHING there is to know. Violet told me thingsthis is while I was in my suspended state of nothingness or whatever you want to call it, mind you, when she didnt think I could actually hear anything, let alone remember it all. Lets just say you dont wanna know how much I know about you and her, so dont go thinking you can pull the wool over my eyescuz you cant.

Iuhokay…” he mumbled.

Lets cut to the chase, Harmony said. You love her, right?

He thought about lying, but what would have been the point in that? He nodded.

So? Why havent you…” she sighed. Actually, I already know why you havent married her yet.

Oh? he said, curiously. Why do you think?

Because of Richard.

He half smiled. No flies on you, he said.

She gave him an annoyed look. But there will be tons of them on you real soon if you dont make her forget Richard! she snapped.

He shook his head. Its not up to me to do thatalthough in truth its exactly what I have been trying to do for close to a yearto no avail. I have done nothing but try to supplant him in her heart, but he wont budge or, more like, she wont let him go. Harmony, no disrespect intended, but youre not telling me anything I havent told myself a dozen times, but Ive done all that I can. Its up to Violet toI dont even know what she could do at this point. Were at an impasse and I dont see any way out of it.

Do you really love her? she asked.

You already know the answer to that. You just told me you know everything, after all, he said.

I know everything from Violets perspective, not from yours, Harmony said. So, Ill ask one more time, do you truly love her?

Yes, but…”

If she asked you to marry her, would you? she asked.

He actually laughed. Shell never do that, not in a million years! he said. Violets too old fashioned. Shes said so herself a hundred times at least. What did she call herself when we were first getting to know each other? he said, searching his memory. Yes, a dinosaur, a throwback to another time, a time when men knew their roles as well as women did and there was no confusing the two. Its what I loved most about her. She knew who she was and made no excuses for it and she didnt expect men to stop being men.

Harmony stared at him, a slow, lazy smile creeping in. Well, thenwell just have to see about that, shant we?

He scoffed. Im afraid youll be waiting a very long time for that to happen, Harmony.

Just then a knock came at the door and Violets head peeked in. Sorry to interrupt, butMom, are you okay? Might I have a word with Victor? Alone.

Harmony smirked at the stunned expression on Victors face and she reluctantly got out of her exceedingly comfortable chair. I thinkyes, I think I better go see what Benjamin is doing. The poor man might be completely lost at this lovely Christmas party, especially without his shiksa to show him the Christian way.

Are you sure youre all right, Mom? Violet said as the older lady slowly made her way toward the door. We can go elsewhere to talk if youre still tired.

Harmony kissed her cheek and whispered, Im fit as a fiddle. Go getem, Honey. Hes yours for the taking. She smiled and closed the door behind her, leaving the two of them staring at each other.

God, please knock some sense into those two knuckleheads, Harmony muttered to herself as she went down the hallway. I dont have the strength yet to drag them both to the alter, but if I have to you know Ill do it!

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