Monday, February 26, 2018

Chapter 348 Just do it already

Now, Missy…” Morris Kramer said, shaking his head. Do you really have to ask?

Yes, I do! Violet said. Or I wouldnt have asked!

He chuckled. You and your daughter have something in common after all, he said. Anyway, the answer is yes, of course he still loves you. Just dont ask me why he doesnt take the bull by the horns and do something about itbut I can guess. It was the same thing with me and Martina I suppose. Blasted pride always gets in the way. Violet, my advice to you is dont let pride ruin what could be your last chance at happiness. He then kissed her cheek and smiled. Life waits for no man or woman and if Victor wont do itI say its up to you.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Chapter 347 Change of Plans

Change of plans, guys, Simon said.

Ronnie and Sophie exchanged looks before asking, What plans?

Were all going to the City, Simon said. I already told Dad, so we can go as soon as you get Sophie to Violets house so she can pack some clothes.

Waitwhat? Sophie said, shoving her coat at Ronnie so he could stuff it into the hall closet along with his own. What do I need clothes for?

Are you not listening? Simon said, grabbing the coat away from Ronnie and shoving it back at her. Were all going. Thats you, me, Cassandra and Ronnie. Ill drive my car though, cuz Ill have to come back here. I gotta go back to school.

You mean Sophie and Cassandra will be staying with me in Dads apartment? Ronnie said, half panicked.

Waitwhat? Sophie said, obviously confused.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Chapter 346 Life Choices

Wish I could drive this car, Julian said. Its so cool!

Ronnie glanced over at his little brother and pulled over next to a chest high snow bank. Come on, sit on my lap. You can drive for a while.

Julian stared at him in disbelief. ButIm too little and I dont have a license.

Ronnie laughed. There are no cops around here to catch ya. Nobodys on this back road at all right now. Its the perfect time for this. Dad used to let me and Simon drive this way all the time, so you can too.

Julian gleefully released his seatbelt, hopped onto Ronnies lap and grabbed the steering wheel with his small hands. When they started away from the curb he gasped. Wow, so cool!

It sure is. Hey, Grampa, Sophie! Watch how good a driver Julian is, Ronnie said to the two in the back seat.