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Chapter 343 It’s Too Late For You

Where to start? Harmony mumbled to herself.

Violet stared at her mother, her nerves frayed, waiting and wondering what her mother could possibly tell her that would in any way hurt her. All she knew is that this wasnt the time nor place for it.

Mom, can we do this some other time, please? This is a party and its Christmas and it isnt really a good…”

It has to be done now, before its too late, Harmony said.

Too late for what?

Too late for you.

But, Mom…”

Violet, just listen, Harmony said, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. Do you remember the first day you came to Mason to see me?

Vividly, Violet said. I was so shocked to see you like that, like a zombie shocked to see you at all actually.

Harmony smiled sadly. I, on the other hand, was so happy to see you, Violet, she said.

I was happy, too, Mom! Violet quickly added. Really!

Yes, I know that, Honey, Harmony said, holding her hand up for no more interruptions. At first I thought I was dreaming. I had been alone for so long. I never thought Id see you or Freddy ever again.

Me too, Violet said. I couldnt believe you were so close all those yearsyet so far away.

It was Richards mother, wasnt it? Harmony said. She stumbled upon me somehow and told you where I was.

Yes, she had a friend who suffered a nervous breakdown or something. She was in Mason getting treatment and…” Violet shrugged. Well, she discovered you were there too and she told Richard and after weighing the pros and cons he eventually told me.

God help me if he hadnt told you where I was! Harmony said, shutting her eyes at the horrible thought. Id probably still be there.

He was worried about me and what it might do to me and to the baby. You understand, Violet said, anxiously.

Of course, Harmony said. You were his main concern. Thats as it should be.

I was surprised you recognized meI wasnt sure you had, Violet said. You didntyou know…”

No, I couldnt show you, but I certainly dideven if you were older andslightly bigger around the middle than I remembered, Harmony said, motioning a protruding belly with her hands.

I had been six months pregnant with Kenny at the time, Violet said, defensively.

Yes, I know...just teasing you, Harmony said, drawing in a deep breath. Bitter sweet, it was seeing you.

Yes, for me too, Violet said. Mom, what does this have to do with…”

Im getting to it, Harmony said, licking her dry lips. I tried so hard that day, but I could not break out of myself to tell you then what I want to tell you now.

Violet remained quiet as a mouse, attentive and anxious and close to jumping out of her skin. This was it!

My surprise was you kept coming back to see me, at least once a week at first, then after the baby, a couple of times a month. I lived for your visits.

I tried to come more often but…”

Violet, you never need to apologize for that. You had your own life to live. I wouldnt have wanted you to spend all your time by my side losing out on your own life.

Still I wish…”

Harmony waved a dismissive hand. No matter how often you came and all the things you told me about your life, you never told me what life was like for you and Freddy when I was gonewhen it was just you and Freddy against your father, Harmony said. I was afraid you thought I left you on purpose, but I swear I didnt have a choice.

I know that, Mom, Violet said. Dad put you in Mason. The doctors told us he had you committed. Dad told us you left us. He wanted us to believe that, but we never did, not really. Freddy and I knew you loved us too much to do that.

Harmony closed her eyes. Im so glad to hear it, Honey, but it was that love that got me in trouble to begin with. You see, she said, opening her eyes again. I was so afraid of leaving you in the hands of your father that I stupidly thought it was better to stick around and pretend everything was finebut it wasnt, because I got worse, I got too sick to save you two. I dont think I want to know how it was like for you and Freddy, but I imagine it was rough.

There was nothing you could have done, Violet said. And it doesnt matter anymore anyway.

I could have I should have divorced your father, Harmony said. I mean long before he stuck me in Mason. Im talking about when you were just a baby, before I even had Freddy.

Violet eyes grew wide. I didnt know that. I knew you werent a happy couple but…”

You were too little to know much of anything then, Harmony said. "We were done as a couple."

Dad wasnt very nice to you, I remember that or to me, but he wasnt too bad with Freddy, Violet said. Freddy didnt like how he treated me. Freddy protected me as best he could. We got away from him ...eventually.

I hate him, Violet, and I wouldnt blame you for hating him, too, Harmony said.

II dont hate himI just it doesnt matter anymore, Mom.

Marrying Jared was the biggest mistake of my life.

Ohwow, Violet said, stunned by the admission. Im sorry.

It was not your fault. It was totally and completely my own, Harmony said.

Okay , Violet frowned.

 I know this hurts you, Harmony said.

 It doesntnot really, Violet said. So, what does this have to do with with anything?

Violet, dont you see? If I had left your father, if I had only followed my heart my life might have been so different for all of us, Harmony said. And you have to do the same thing.

You want me to divorce Richard? Violet said, utterly confused. But hes dead.

Not divorce, my love, but Im glad to hear you say that hes dead, Harmony said. Were making progress.

Violet merely stared in confusion.

Harmony sighed. You were always so naïve as a child. I thought youd get over that eventually but you never did. Its an endearing quality, Im sure, but I suppose it can lead to you being taken advantage of. I think Richard may have done that to you.

What the hell! Richard shouted. Shes throwing me under the bus!

Isnt that what you said you wanted? Heidi said.

Yeahbut, I still hoped she wouldnt, he said, sulking.

Heidi rolled her eyes.

Richard was wonderful to me! He loved me! Violet said. He was great with me and the kids. He did everything for me!

I have no doubt about that, Harmony said. But he did make you very dependent on himthrough no fault of his own, Im sure! Your two personalities just worked that way. I understand it, but its time to break free from it.

Violet looked down at her hands. She had started wearing her wedding band again after Sophies severe rebuke of her moving on with her life, but oddly enough it didnt feel quite right on her hand. It was tight and bruised her knuckles as she twisted it and moved it up and down her finger. She knew she should not wear it anymore, but to remove it and stick it in the back of her jewelry boxwouldnt it be like admitting she no longer needed Richard? That he was gone forever? Could she handle that? And what about Sophie?

Violet? Harmony said. Are you listening to me?

Yes, yes, of course, Violet said.

Then you know what you must do.

Violet stared up at her mother. Umwhat?

You have to ask Victor to marry you of course, Harmony said.

What! Violet said.

You heard me. Hey, you cant expect him to ask AGAIN, so now you have to do it, Harmony said.

But mom, girls dont ask boys to marry them, Violet said.

 Times have changed, Love. He already asked you three times and you rebuffed him each time. Hes not going to risk yet another answer in the negative. Thrice bitten once shyor something like that, Harmony said. I could use something about now. Why dont you go get me something to drink.

Violet stared at her mother with her mouth hanging open. She wasnt certain her mother was all there yet, but then were any of us?

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