Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chapter 345 In need of Good Advice

Violet was beside herself with anxiety. She was in desperate need of some good advice. First, she could just imagine what her mother was telling Victor at that exact moment, but it wasnt as if she could stop her even if she had not been banished in search of a spiked eggnog.

Really, ought her mother even have any alcohol right now? Surely she was on some sort of medication which wouldnt mix well with coconut rum or any other kind of adult beverage. Violet would find the doctor and make certain before bringing any to Harmony. 

 As Violet searched for Benjamin Kruger she mulled over her second concern which was her mothers insistence that she should swallow her pride and ask Victor to marry her because he already had done so several times and was roundly rejected each time, so he wasnt likely to ever go there again. But Violet ask Victor for his hand in marriage? Seriously??? Of all things! Violet was one of the most traditional women there was, a throw back from another era and her mother expected her to instantly become a feminazi and get down on bended knee and be the man??? Violets stomach lurched just thinking about it.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Chapter 344 Were you eavesdropping

Simon and Cassandra finished their discussion, both feeling unsatisfied and anxious, and after leaving his room they went on separate missions.

 Cassandra went in search of Julian to offer him a bit of quality alone time before she left with Ronnie. No, Simon had not changed her mind on that score. She was determined run away from home, going to New York City with Ronnie in search of a mother who may or may not be alive and who may or may not want to know the long lost daughter she had given up at birth....if she could find her at all.

Cassandra would soon find out the first search was a fruitless endeavor since Julian at that exact moment was still on the inaugural joy ride in Ronnies new car, but she found others who were eager to entertain her in the meantime.

Simons mission was far more productive than Cassandras. He was looking for his father. It didnt take long for him to believe his father was hiding from most of his guestsor possibly just from his ex-wife who Simon himself avoided his mother seeing him by a mere inch by swiftly moving behind the Christmas tree.

Perhaps hes with Violet in his favorite place, Simon muttered to himself as he headed down the hall to Victors den. That was when he saw his father doing the unthinkable, namely eavesdropping at the dens door.

Dad? Simon said.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chapter 343 It’s Too Late For You

Where to start? Harmony mumbled to herself.

Violet stared at her mother, her nerves frayed, waiting and wondering what her mother could possibly tell her that would in any way hurt her. All she knew is that this wasnt the time nor place for it.

Mom, can we do this some other time, please? This is a party and its Christmas and it isnt really a good…”

It has to be done now, before its too late, Harmony said.

Too late for what?

Too late for you.

But, Mom…”

Violet, just listen, Harmony said, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. Do you remember the first day you came to Mason to see me?

Vividly, Violet said. I was so shocked to see you like that, like a zombie shocked to see you at all actually.

Harmony smiled sadly. I, on the other hand, was so happy to see you, Violet, she said.

I was happy, too, Mom! Violet quickly added. Really!