Monday, December 25, 2017

Chapter 342 What the hell happened

Now this is the life,” Harmony said upon entering Victors den. What a cozy room and with a cheery fireplace going, too. I could live here quite happily...ever after!

She settled herself comfortably into what happened to be Violets favorite over-stuffed chair by the fire and lifted her feet onto the matching ottoman. Cant get any better than this, I think, she mumbled as if ready to fall instantly asleep.

Shall I leave you so you can have a nap, Mom? Violet asked.

Absolutely not! Harmony said. Were to have a serious chat. There are things we need to straighten out away from prying ears.

What things? Violet said, an ominous feeling creeping up her spine.

Oh, I think you know, Harmony said, moving her feet over a bit to make room for Violet on the plush ottoman. Come sit.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Chapter 341 Panties in a Bunch

There now, Harmony said, taking Violets arm for support as they walked away from the table. Ive eaten enough to stuff a twenty-five pound turkey. Surely, that will satisfy Benjamin.

Violet giggled. You ate half a piece of toast and a tiny bit of quiche. Hardly enough to stuff a Cornish game hena very small one, too.

I need to keep my girlish figure, dont I? Harmony replied.

You practically look like a teenager, Mom Violet said.
Harmony smiled. I kind of feel like one at this very moment. I should relish it, she said. I think, however, that Im more like a toddler and need a nap, though if anyone makes me I will kick and scream and make quite a fuss.

Oh, Mom, if this party is too much for you we can go home right now, Violet anxiously said.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chapter 340: No Regrets, No Pain*

*I know, I know! I said use your imagination to fill in the rest, but if you had a good imagination you wouldnt be here!

Before you go, Simon said, resting his cheek on Cassandras curly head. I want you to really think about what youre doing.

Why? You arent really jealous of Ronnie, are you? Cassandra said looking up at him. Hes been a good friend to me, and for a long time, he was my only friend.

Oh, come on, Simon said. What about Sophie?

Cassandra made a derisive sound. Get real. Sophie never was there for me when she was in Miami, rarely called or even texted, but Ronnie did. He called just to see how I was and he didnt have to. So, I trust him, Simon as you should. Its so nice of him to offer to help me.

Its not thatnot all Im concerned about anyway, he said. Its about you running away from home. Kind of childish move, dont you think?