Monday, November 27, 2017

Chapter 339 What are friends for

What? Simon said. Why would you have Uncle Tommys number?

Dude, he has Rangers season tickets and he knows how much I like hockey, Ronnie said, looking through his contacts list on the cell. He calls me up and we go whenever I can make it. We go to Mets games, too, and to see the Knicks whenever theyre on a winning streak.

What the hell. He never calls me! Simon whined.

Why would he? He figures you cant sit comfortably for that long with that stick up your butt, Ronnie said, sharing a chuckle with Sophie. Besides, he knows youre at medical school, and that youre very serious about it and that you cant just take off at a moments notice. I bet we can catch more games now that Ill be living in the city.

Waityoure going to live in the city? Whenwhy? Simon asked.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Chapter 338 Take it Back

Cassandra clung to Simon as if she were in danger of drowning and he was the last life raft left in the world, the letter from Morris Kramers  Foundation For The Future of American still clutched in her hand. She could barely believe it! She now had the power to go to college, any one she chose and she wouldnt have to worry about money. To hell with her selfish family and what wanted for her. She now had the freedom to do what she wanted.

Emotions overwhelming her senses, she burst out with it before she could stop herself.

I love you, Simon, she whispered.

Damn it, Simon said.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Chapter 337 What I got for Christmas

As Cassandras belly grew increasingly fuller, her mood worsened. For one  brief moment her cares and worries had drifted away with the joyful chatter surrounding her and the temptation of plentiful, delicious food, but even Simon being more solicitous than ever before couldnt keep her mind off the big question in her head; Where could her mother be at that very moment and could she ever find her?

Sensing the subtle change in Cassandra, Simon asked, Is there anything I can do to make you happy again?

Startled, Cassandra quickly forced a smile. I am happy. Im smilingsee? she said.

He shook his head and pointed at her lips. Youre only smiling here, he said, then pointed at her heart. But youre not smiling here where it counts.

She made a face. I keep forgetting how perceptive you are, she grumbled.