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Chapter 334 Who would have thought it possible

What the hell, Sophie said, watching in stunned annoyance as her mother and her supposed grandmother walked passed, completely ignoring her.
Ronnie, who had been watching from afar, stepped in and stopped Sophie from following them. Sophie, cut your mom some slack, okay? he said. Violets been waiting for this moment for a very long time. She was the only one that still had faith that one day her mother would be normal again.
How do you know anything about it? Sophie snapped.

I was just listening to Dr. Kruger talking to my dad and my grandfather about her case, he said. Its really amazing she had some uber experimental surgery which coulda killed her, so its a miracle shes here at all!"
"So...what happened to her? Why was she in a mental hospital?" Sophie asked.
"From what I could get, your grandmothers been in sort of like a coma or something for like thirty years only she wasnt asleep, not really, cuz she was wide awake and could hear everything and and doesnt make sense to me, so don't take my word for it, but Ill bet Simon would understand and hed love to hear all about it and learn from it!
Still thoroughly miffed, Sophie shrugged. Fine, then. Is Simon back yet? she said.
Ronnie shook his head just as Morris came up to them. Hey, Grampa, he said. Were coming to eat now.
I know youre probably starving, but I want to give you your Christmas present, Morris said, smiling like a maniac while placing a toy race car into Ronnies hand.
Uhthank you? Ronnie said with an amused grin. Are you sure this isnt better for Peter or Julian?
Do what you want with that one, Morris said. Thats just a tease.
Um okay, but Gramma already gave me my present… the ski jacket, Ronnie said.
Thats from her. Your real present is from me and its outside. It just got here. Come on! Morris said, heading for the front door. "I'm dying to see it myself!"
Ronnie and Sophie exchanged curious looks then quickly followed him to the foyer where they donned coats at Morris command and opened the front door.
There it is, Ronnie my boy, Morris said, excitedly. Merry Christmas!
Ronnies jaw dropped. Youre fricken kidding me, he muttered, staring at a shiny, new, bright blue Dodge Chargerthe exact model he still clutched in his handparked at the curb,  life-size with a huge silver bow on the hood.
Nope. Howdaya like it, kid, hmm? Morris said, needlessly. "Snazzy, doncha think?"
Ronnie stood rooted to the spot, shaking his head slightly, his mouth hanging open like a dead cod fish and his eyes just as glazed over.
Sophie rolled her eyes and pushed Ronnie toward the car. My guess is he likes it, Mr. Kramer, she said.
Like it? I love it! Ronnie said, reaching out a tentative hand to touch it, just in case it was a mere illusion. Then he frowned and turned to his grandfather. ButGrampa, you cant be serious. You cant just give me a car, specially not a car like this.
Totally serious and whos gonna stop me from doing what I want with my money, huh? Morris said, getting annoyed.
You mean besides Gramma? My dad, Ronnie said. Hell have a cow!
Morris shook his head. Talked it over with your dad first and he was okay with itafter a bit of negotiating, he said.
What was there to negotiate? Sophie asked, peering into the passenger side window. Did he pick out the interior? It's totally sweet!
He wouldnt let me get you the super-charged Charger. Pity, because I really wanted a top-speed ride in it, butoh, wellVictor said it was just asking for trouble, Morris said, wistfully.
Lets see, Sophie said pretending to weigh scales in her two hands. A teenage boy plus one uber-charged race car, multiply that by the dozen cops watching for speeders along I-90 and that equalsyup, hes right. Nothing but trouble.
Ronnie started laughing semi-hysterically, then he went to his grandfather and hugged him right off his feet.
Careful with these old bones, there, sonny-boy, Morris said in a strangled voice.
Ooh, sorry, Ronnie said, placing him gently back on the ground. Its just that this is the best present I ever got."
"Ya mean besides the corvette you got as a graduation present that you sold without telling your dad to fund your failed musical venture?" Morris said, wearing a tiny smirk.
Ronnie turned crimson about the neck. "Oh, yeah... heard about that, huh?"
"Yup! Your brother couldn't wait to tell me," Morris retorted.
"Well...uh...I definitely won't do that again," Ronnie said. "I swear!"
"Don't blame ya for getting rid of a corvette," Sophie piped in. "How the heck did you drive it? You musta squeezed yourself into it. I know it's a bit snug for me and you're much bigger."
"Yeah, that was the reason...I grew another two inches the summer after graduation so..." Ronnie said, rubbing the top of his head, which he still recalled perfectly how his head scraped the roof so much that he had to hunch his shoulders and lean forward. Ugh, it was awful!
Morris laughed. "Shoulda told your dad that part."
"Yeah, well...never said I was too bright," Ronnie muttered. "But really, thanks, Grampa. Thank you so much. I'll take really good care of it.
Youre very welcome, Morris said, pleased as punch.
WhyI meannot to look a gift car in the trunk or anything but, why would you spend so much money on me if you knew all of that? Ronnie said, nervously. I mean I havent done anything to deserve it, have I? Im not like Simon. Hes always perfect and never does anything wrong.
Morris smiled. Don't ever compare yourself to others, Sonny. It's the worse thing you could do. I know youre a good kid first hand. Remember I was your ethics professor after all, so I know where your heart is and now youre heading out to the big city to seek your fortune and I have faith you will. SoI wanted to make sure you had a reliable way to come back home every so often, cause youve kinda grown on me and Martina and me, and Im sure the rest of your family, we all want to see you back home as often as possible.
Sophie nudged Ronnie in the ribs and said in a stage whisper, That means he loves you, case you missed it.
Ronnie grinned. I love you, too, Grampa, he said.
Well, Morris said, gruffly. Get in and check it outmake sure you like the feel of it. Make sure there's enough room! No use driving a car you dont like, just dont take it out yet, not without me.
"I already know I love it," Ronnie said.
Go on! Sophie said, pushing Ronnie around to the driver's side of the car.
You get in too, girlie. See how the passenger seat feels, Morris told her. I expect you to come home whenever you can, tooyou gotta keep my boy company on the long ride home. Dont be long now. Martina will start yelling if theres nobody eating her food.
Awesome! said Sophie. She giggled and jumped right in. Oh, man, I love this!
Whats not to love? Ronnie said. He sat there mesmerized and dared not touch anything. He was sure he was dreaming!
Well? she said. What do you think? Is it good enough to keep? Shoulda bought you some fuzzy dice for Christmas or something just as gaudy.
He slowly turned to look at her, his expression serious. Do you think I mean, you dont think Simons gonna be all jealous or anything and make a stink about it, do you?
Why the hell should he? Sophie said. Hes already got a car, a nice one too.
Yeah, but Ill bet he thinks I shouldnt get such an expensive gift from our grandfather if he only gets a watch or new laptop or somethingdont know what he got, Ronnie said. Hes always like that, ya know?
Sophie rolled her eyes. Thats his problem. Dont make it yours! she said. Mr. Kramer wants you to have this! You have every right to enjoy it without guilt. Wanna go for a ride?
Ronnie shook his head. I would but Grampas already gone inside and I wont go without him. I think he got this car more for himself than for me.
Sophie laughed. Pretty late for a mid-life crisis, but maybe he forgot to have one three decades ago, she said.
Ronnie had been about to agree, when he spotted in his rear view mirror Simons car pull up right behind him. He swallowed hard expecting a sarcastic, jealousy-ridden tongue lashing, until he saw who was in the seat beside his brother. Hey, its Cassie! He brought Cassie. How the hell did he manage to get her to come over on Christmas Day?
Wow, Simon mustve kidnapped her! Theres no way her father would allow her to leave a house full of relatives on Christmas day, Sophie said with a laugh, before she turned around to see for herself. Looks like shes sleeping. Huh? You dont think Simon woulddrug her, right?
Are you serious?  Ronnie snapped. Dont be stupid!
They both got out of the car and waited by the front door for Simon and Cassie to follow.
What? Sophie said. Is he just gonna watch her sleep?
Apparently, Ronnie said, grabbing Sophies hand, giving it a tug. Come on, lets eat. Theyll come when theyre ready.
Yeah, maybe Sleeping Beauty will kiss the grumpy frog and hell turn into a Prince, Sophie said. That would be good for everybody!
Ronnie groaned. You really dont know your fairy tales very well, do you? he said, derisively. The prince is supposed to kiss Sleeping Beauty to make her wake upbut itll only work if its true love.
Yeah, whatever. Ya know this is just me thinking out loud,  butif I didnt know better,    she said, looking over her shoulder one more time at Simon and his sleeping beauty. Id say your brother is in love.
Well, I do know better and I totally agree! Ronnie said. Who woulda thought it possible?

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