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Chapter 329 Nothing short of a miracle

          Whwhat is this? Violet whispered, staring at the woman stepping carefully over the threshold and into the house. She placed a hand over her outrageously beating heart. Oh, my…”
          Its nothing short of a miracle, Freddy said, bringing Violet forward. Its Mom and shes all better.
          Mostly better, Freddy, the woman said.
          My GodFreddy, what did you do? Violet muttered, taking hesitant steps forward. Is this real?
          It is! Im sorry that I couldnt tell you sooner, Freddy said. But Mom insisted on surprising you.
          Merry Christmas, Violet, the woman said, caution in her voice.
          Mom? Violet said, afraid to get any closer, lest the illusion vanish.
          My darling girl, her mother said, smiling nervously. Will you forgive me?
          Forgive? Violet repeated, feeling completely numb and expecting at any moment to awaken from this extremely vivid dream.
          I wanted to be sure I was all right, that I wouldnt relapse or something, she said. I didnt want to disappoint you.

          Yes, its me, the woman said, with a small laugh, holding out her arms to her first born. Its all right, Violet. Im still a bit weak, but I wont break.
           Mom, how…” Violet said, stepping closer yet not quite close enough. She was actually afraid.
Sweetheart, please, her mother said. Please, let me hold you for a moment. Ive missed you so much.
Violet stepped closer, reaching out her hand, to touch the soft, warm cheek shed so often kissed with no discernible reaction from this person she loved so dearly. She saw her mothers smile and tears blurred her vision. The next moment Violet was wrapping her arms tightly around her mother and for a change her mother hugged her right back, whispering words Violet had been wishing to hear for far too long.
Georgiana slipped her hand in Victors and asked, Daddy, who is that?
The man is Dr. Benjamin Kruger and the lady is Harmony Norton. Shes Violets mother, he said, wearing a satisfied smile.
But Violet told me she didnt have a mother, Georgiana said, staring at the scene before her with much confusion.
In reality, she didnt have her mother around for a very long time, since she was a young child, I believe, he replied. You see, Violets mother was very ill and away at a special hospital.
But now shes all better? Georgiana said. Thats really nice for Violet.
Yes and for all their family, Victor said, looking around. Do you know where Sophie is? She really ought to be here to meet her grandmother.
Im on it! Georgiana said, but she made a detour first. She grabbed a box of tissues and went to stand by Violet and her mother. When they finally stepped out of their embrace, Georgiana handed Violet the box. I think you need this, Violet, she said.
Oh, Honey, youre so thoughtful, Violet said taking the box with a watery smile, a red nose and streaming eyes. Thank you so much.
Georgiana smiled then turned and ran down to her fathers den where she suspected Ronnie and Sophie to be hiding. She knocked, waited for a response, then poked her head in the door and said, Im not Simon.
          Ronnie grinned. Nope! I could never get you confused with him, he said.
          Then why did you call me Simon? she asked, stepping inside.
We just figured it was him, Sophie said. Cuz hes always sneaking up on us when we least expect italthough, now we kinda expect it, dont we?
Probably his plan all along! Ronnie said. Hell pop in any second now that hes got us off guard.
          Georgiana shook her head. Youre safe. Simons not back yet, she said.
          Back from where? Sophie asked.
          Georgiana shrugged. I think he went to uh, I better not tell you. Might be a secret.
          Its not a secret unless he said it was and only if he told you not to tell us, Sophie said, wearing a mischievous grin. Go on where do you think he went?
          To give Cassie a presentmaybe, Georgiana said.
          Wait how do you know that? Ronnie said.
          Cuz he had the present in his pocket at church, Georgiana said. And he said I couldnt ride with him back home cuz he was going to see a friend first.
          But how do you know it was a present for Cassie? Ronnie asked. Hes got loads of friends, you know.
          Cuz Im the one who wrapped it for him and I saw him write the gift tag out to her. I can read upside down, Georgiana said, rather impressed with herself.
          Wait, why were you wrapping his presents? Ronnie said.
Only that one present. He asked if I would do it for him, cuz it was for someone special and Im good at wrapping and hes not, Georgiana said.
          Doesnt have the patience for it, I bet, Sophie said. I know I dont.
          Sowhat was itthe present I mean? Ronnie asked.
          Um I dont think I should tell you. You dont like it when he knows stuff about you that you want to keep secret, Georgiana said.
          I hate it when you make sense, Ronnie muttered.
Simon might get mad at me if I told you what he got for her, Georgiana said, wearing a guilty expression. I wasnt supposed to look. 
          But you did? Sophie said, grinning. We wont tell him you told us.
          I dont believe you, Georgiana said, shaking her head. Nuh-uh!
          Shes too smart, that kid. Dont worry, Georgie, we dont gotta know, Ronnie said. Anywaywhats up? Why were you looking for us? Did Simon tell ya to spy  on us while he was gone?
          No he didnt! Georgiana said, indignantly. I wouldnt do it even if he did!
          I was teasing, Ronnie said.
Ohokay. Daddy said Sophie and you should come say hello to her grandmother and her doctor friend, Georgiana said.
          Whose grandmother? Sophie said, curiously.
          Yours, she said.
          Sophie laughed. Um, no! I dont have any grandparents. All my grandparents have been dead since before I was born.
          Georgiana shook her head again. Shes not dead. Shes in the living room right now with Violet and Uncle Freddy and everybody and theyre all real happy that shes back.
          Sophie looked at Ronnie then back at Georgiana. Back from where?
          The little girl shrugged. I dunno, some special hospital, cuz she was real sick, but shes better now.
Thats crazy, Sophie said. Are you sure they werent talking about Aunt Lauries mom? She sometimes comes to Catalpa Valley for Christmas.
          Georgiana rolled her eyes. Im not stupid! Aunt Lauries mother hates Catalpa Valley cuz it's not where her favorite daughter lives and Aunt Laurie is NOT her favorite, her older sister is. The lady in the living room is your grandmother. Come and see for yourself if you dont believe me!
          Ronnie grabbed Sophie by the hand and pulled her off the sofa. No use arguing. Only one way to find out for sure. Lets go see, he said.
          What about my present? Sophie said, reluctant to leave her new gun behind.
          Itll be safe here. You can get it before going home. I wont let you forget it, he said. Lets go see your grandmother.
          Sophie scoffed. Dunno who she is, but shes not my grandmother, she said following Georgiana out the door.
          They had barely set foot in the living room when Sophie was assaulted by her very excited cousins.
Sophie, did you hear? Valerie said.
We have a grandmother! Nicky said.
And shes not crazy or nothing, Jimmy said.
Jimmy! Valerie scolded. "She's wonderful!"
Come see! Come see! Molly said, grabbing Sophie's hand and dragging her toward the couch where Violet sat with her mother. Gramma, do ya know who dis is?
No, Molly, she doesn't. Mom, this is…” Violet began.
Its Sophie, of course, Harmony said. Youre even more beautiful than I remember.
Remember? Violet said. Mom, youve never seen Sophie. Youve never seen any of our kids.
Harmony smiled. Sweetheart, do you forget that you brought me pictures of all the kids? A new one every year so I could watch them grow.
Are you sayingyou actuallyyou could see what was going on? Violet said, trying to wrap her mind around this new development.
I could see, I could hear and I could even understand everything going on around me, Harmony said, taking Violets hand. I just couldnt show you that I could. Im sorry, so sorry. I tried so hard, but I just couldnt.
Oh, Mom…” Violet said, squeezing her hand.
“Uh...Mom, why didnt you tell us we had a grandmother? Sophie said.
ItsuhIts a very long story, Sophie, Violet said.
Sophie sat down on the coffee table in front of them. I got time, she said.
My Goodness, Marty said coming out of the kitchen and into the living room. What is all this commotion about and why is everybody in here? Its time to eatandohhello, Benjamin. What in heavens name are you doing here?
Mrs. Rothchild, Benjamin Kruger said, a little taken aback. I didnt know youd be here.
I was under the impression you never set foot outside of your hospital anymore, Marty said, waving a dismissive hand. And I no longer go by the name Rothchild. Ive remarried, you see. Im now Mrs. Morris Kramer. Perhaps you know my new husband?
You know him, do you? Morris said, shaking the mans hand.
Ever so slightly, Marty said. He was my first husbands favorite protégé. He would be very proud of you, Benjamin, I must say, even if you did decide on neurology over cardiovascular.
Thank you, Maam, Dr. Kruger replied.
I believe weve met once, Morris Kramer said, squinting as he looked over the doctor.
Yes, Mr. Kramer, we have, Dr. Kruger said laughing. You gave a rather generous donation to my hospital wingcan never forget that!
          Did I? Seems I forgot all about it, Morris said, scratching his head irritably.
          So, Benjamin, what brings you to Catalpa Valley? Its a far cry from John Hopkins or wherever it is you do your medical magic, Marty said.
          John Hopkins! Now I remember! Morris shouted. Yeah, it was quite a chunk of change I gave to them.
          Oh, will you pipe down, you old coot! Marty said, annoyed. No one cares about your philanthropy!
          I beg to differ, Dr. Kruger said. It meant the world to me and to thousands of patients.
          See that, you old biddy? Im not totally useless, Morris said.
Marty rolled her eyes, then listened as Benjamin Kruger explained precisely why he was in Catalpa Valley. She looked over to the sofa where Violet and her mother sat talking with several kids around them and she nodded appreciatively.
Benji, youve done well, she said, patty him on the cheek and walking toward the the group.

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