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Chapter 327 The Christmas Wish

        Oh, Mom, I love it! Thank you, Sophie said, hugging her mother.
        Wasnt sure youd like it, Violet said. You seemed to be getting rather attached to my own coat.
        Sophie giggled and tried the new coat on over her PJs. This one fits me much better, she said.
        As should the dress, Violet said. My dress was too lose and too short on you.
        I dunno about that, Violet. Sophies boyfriends seemed to like what she wore yesterday just fine, Janice said, pulling on the knit tunic Violet made for her over her night gown I love this! Itll even fit when my baby bump gets bigger.
        Dont start that boyfriend stuff again, Sophie warned, stuffing her feet into the new boots she got from her Aunt Laurie and Uncle Freddy.
        What do you know about this rich kid Sophies hanging with, Mom? Kenny asked, as he opened drawer after drawer of his shiny, new tool chest which, as big as it is, he still couldnt see how his mother had hidden it from him until Christmas day. If hes anything like the Romanoff boys…”
        Whats that supposed to mean? Sophie snapped. What is it with you and them? Thought that feud died with your interest in little league.
        Thats my point. They havent changed much since then, Kenny retorted. Simons still as superior as ever and Ronwell, he seems nice enough, but hes flighty and from what I could see he has no direction in life.
        Now who sounds like pompous Simon? Sophie muttered, angrily.
        How is that any different from most millennials, Kenny? Janice asked. Hardly any of them know what they want to dobesides play video games in their parents basement.
        Ronnie doesnt play video games! Sophie said, although she wasnt certain of that.
        I expect better from someone dating my sister, he said.
        Geeze, Im not dating Ronnie. Im not dating anybody! Sophie said.
        What about Rance? Janice said. Hes nice and very good looking and besides that hes filthy rich. You could do worse.
        You sure did, Sophie muttered, derisively.
        Hey! Kenny said, tossing an empty box at her.
        Violet shook her head. You kids never change, she said. We should get ready for church, if youre coming with me.
        Of course we are, Kenny said. You never let us stay behind before this and anyway, we have that festive Christmas brunch to look forward to and Im already hungry!
        Cant miss thatsince youre always hungry, Janice said, gathering all her presents before heading back upstairs.
        Well, we can drive separately then, because I dont really want to go to it, Violet said, folding boxes and wrapping paper to save for next year.
        Whaddaya kidding me? Kenny said. Everybody else will be there and youll be all alone at home? I dont think so, Mom! You are coming with us.
        Violet grumbled to herself as the others went off to shower and get dressed. I hate this, she said, just as Calendula appeared from around the Christmas tree and meowed at her. Oh, yeah? Well what do you know about it? You have no idea how frustrating it was not to have two minutes together to speak to Victor.
        Calendula meowed again.
        I suppose you think I ought to go anyway, so you can have the house to yourself.
        Merrrow, Calendula said, with a bit of attitude.
True, you have the house to yourself most times and you seem happy enough when I get home, although I suppose thats because you expect me to clean your litter box and feed you. Violet said.
Roowr, said Calendula.
True, it couldnt possibly be worse than last night, Violet said.
        Meorrrr, Calendula retorted.
       I know, I know, Violet said. It wasnt bad at all. I just wishwhat I really want to do today, what Ive been wanting for so long now. I wish I could see my mom today. I have done so every year andI miss talking to hereven if she cant hear me and cant talk back. I could still imagine what advice shed give me. She always said the right thing...I imagine she would, anyway andThats what I really want for Christmas.
        Meeeow, Calendula said, sympathetically rubbing her head on Violets knee. Meeeorw.
        Youre right, Calendula, I need to have a serious chat with Freddy today and find out where the heck he stashed her away! Hes not getting away with this any longer!
        Mmmrrar, Calendula said, sounding rather impressed with this new found feisty attitude.
        You think it might be okay thengoing to Victors house today? Violet asked.
        The cat purred her response as Violet gave her a little scratch behind the ears.
        Well, Ill take that as a promise that everything will be okay and I will hold you to it! Violet said, getting up to finish with the cleaning.
        Calendula narrowed her eyes and turned her bushy ginger tail at her human. Apparently, she didnt like the idea of being blamed for something which was so out of her control!
        No less than fifteen people came up to Violet after church service to remind her about the Christmas brunch, but the only one which mattered was Victor himself.
        You disappeared last night before saying good night, he said.
        You were so busy with your guests and it was getting very late, so…” Violet explained.
        But you left before I told you about Christmas brunch. Marty made me promise to tell you all about it. She will have my head on a silver platter if I dont get you to come over. And you know shell do it! he said, in mock fright.
        She laughed. I have no choice in the matter. My kids are starved and youre offering them food, so we will be there, she said. Is there anything I can bring?
        Just you and your kids. I really like Kenny, by the way, Victor said, lowering his voice. He reminds me of Richard. I can clearly see why you are so proud of him.
        Violet stared up at him, stunned that he would say that. Thank you, Victor, she whispered. It means so much to hear you say that.
        And I should congratulate you. Gramma Violetcant believe it. Pity Richard isnt around to see his first grandchild, Victor said. But who would ever believe you two are old enough to be grandparents? Youre practically a baby yourself.

        Lets not get carried away, Victor, Violet said.
I know some women much older than you who are only now starting to think about having kids. Crazy world, huh?
Crazy indeed, she said just as Ronnie came up to them.
Merry Christmas, Violet! Ronnie said, as usual hugging her right off her feet. I got a present for you, but its at home, so come on!
Yes, Ronnie, I know, but I cant go before the host gets there, Violet said.
Pffft! You actually think Dad has anything to do with arranging this thing? Ronnie said. Gramma will tell you. Hes just another guesteven at his own house!
Tolja! Victor said.
Yes, you did, Violet replied with a laugh.
See you there, Violet, Victor said. And if you need more enticement, the kids and I have presents for you, too.
Victor certainly had not been kidding about the presents! Violet was unwrapping presents for a solid hour.
Just when she was knee deep in wrapping paper, ribbons and gifts, big and small, Laurie came in followed by the kids.
We were wondering if youd ever show up! Kenny said. Were starving over here!
Yes, yes, I know, Laurie breathlessly said, handing her baby to Georgiana so she could remove her coat.
Wheres Freddy, and why are you so late? Violet asked. We all left church at the same time.
Oh, you know we had things to do, Laurie said mysteriously.
We had to get your very special Christmas present, Aunt Viowet Molly said, literally jumping with excitement.
If I have to unwrap one more gift…” Violet said, wearily.
Nope, dont gotta unwrap this one, Jimmy said.
Come stand right here, Aunt Violet, Valerie said, holding onto her arm, almost painfully.
Laurie said, Youre gonna love this!
Dont spoil it for her, Mom! Nick said, standing on Violets other side. Ya ready, Aunt Violet?
Goodness, what is all this? Violet said.
Jimmy slowly opened the front door allowing Freddy, wearing an anxious sort of smile, to walk in first and right behind him Violet saw a short and stout, though elegantly dressed man in his late fifties gently guiding in a frail looking woman seemingly of similar age though the auburn colored hair surrounding her thin face was flecked with a lot of gray.

Violet blinked and blinked again, her mouth hanging open. She was either hallucinating,  dreaming or her Christmas wish had just come true.

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