Monday, February 27, 2017

Chapter 323 When words aren’t enough

Take me away

          Feeling her throat go dry, Sophie took another sip from the glass and handed it to Rance. Go on then, she said. What are you thinking?
          My dad suggested it and I think its a great idea, he said, then downed the rest of the soda and put down the empty glass. He rubbed his hands together, then took both of hers. You can intern for us.
          A slight frown creased her brow. I dont even know what that means, she admitted, feeling rather stupid.
          Well, its just a try-out for a permanent job, learning as you go and there are lots of different places for you to try if one doesnt fit you. Its a huge company, and Dad's always hiring fresh new people, so there's a good chance you can find a job there that you like, a good paying job with benefits, and I know you. Youre smart, hard working, and creative and imaginative. You love to learn and try new things. Im sure youll excel. Im more sure of you doing great than me!
          Butbut I dont know nuttin bout no corporation work! she said, in a truly horrible southern accent.  

Monday, February 20, 2017

Chapter 322 One good reason

          This is it, I think, Sophie said, opening the door to the dark study and running her hand on the wall for the light switch. Oohnice.
          For some reason, I thought it would smell like cigar smoke in here when they called it a study, Rance said looking around at the large comfortable office lined with floor to ceiling shelves stuffed with books, mostly having to do with law.
          Mr. Romanoff doesnt smoke that I know of, Sophie said going to the leather sofa in the center of the room facing the fireplace, sitting down, kicking off her heels and curling her long legs under her. Maybe its a memory of your grandfathers study. You told me once that he smoked cigars.
          Could be. That a new dress? Looks really good on you, he said, nervously standing by the fireplace.
          I found it in my moms closet with the tags still on so I guess its new, she said with a giggle. Now come here and sit down!
          He smiled, sat down beside her and stared at her.
          Sophie shook her head. I still cant get over your new look.
          You dont hate it? he asked, tugging on his tie.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Chapter 321 What a surprise

Musical Cherubs

Violet was having so much fun singing with the kids, and she would have stayed longer had Sallyall breathless and excited-- not come to get her.
Violet, Violet! Sally shouted. You gotta come and see!
What is it, Sally? Has Santa Claus come early? Violet asked, while being dragged into the living room. There she saw nearly everyone staring in complete silence at the archway leading into the foyer. Naturally, her eyes followed their path and she gasped.
Told ya we shoulda called first, Dad, Rance said, looking around sheepishly.
Perhaps you were right, Rance Laurence Van Gholston replied, also a bit unnerved by all the stares. Although he was much more used to it than his son, it was still unpleasant to be gawked at as if you were a sideshow freak.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chapter 320 I Give up

          I give up, Violet said to herself.
Yes, it was high time she give up trying to catch Victor alone at this over-crowded Christmas party. Perhaps after the place started thinning out shed get a chance, or so was her thought. Either way, she was leaving it be for now. But dont you know, that just when you give up on something and leave it in Gods hands, thats when things generally start to happen.
She didnt actually figure into this strategy, at least not consciously. It just sort of happens when you least expect it. 
There she was chatting with Flora Trent who had finished some eggnog and was about to set the empty glass down on a side table when Violet took it from her and meant to take it to the kitchen. Of course, it didnt make sense to go all the way to the kitchen with only one glass in hand, so she grabbed a tray and filled it with a few dirty dishes, a couple more glasses, several cellophane topped cocktail toothpicks and various plastic forks and spoons. Just when there was room on the tray for nothing else and she turned toward the kitchen, Victor stepped in front of her taking the tray out of her hands.
Violet, please dont do that, he said somewhat sternly.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chapter 319 Isn’t it always the case

           Isnt it always the case? It never fails. As soon as you have your heart set on what you want to do-- nay, what you have to do!--something always gets in the way of you doing it. For Violet it was several somethings that prevented her from finallyat long last!telling Victor exactly how she felt about him, how inexcusably stupid she had been all this time, how very much she regretted hurting him and how desperately she wanted him to take her back, and marry her so she can be part of his family and they could live happily ever after. Yes, just like in your average, ordinary fairytale!

How this declaration would be received by Victor was another matter entirely and not one she cared to ponder at the moment. Not that she would get the chance