Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Chapter 316 What should I do?

“Omigod, omigod, omigod.... what should I do? What can I do?” Violet mumbled to herself, her heart beating frantically in her chest. “How can I stop this...this...”

“Just don't panic,” Richard said.

“Don't panic?” she said through gritted teeth. “This woman whom I barely know is about to kill herself and all you can say is don't panic?”

“She doesn't really want to do it. She just thinks it's her only option. You have to convince her it's not, that's all,” he said.

“Oh, is that all?” Violet said, dripping sarcasm. “Then after I'm done with that easy task, I can wave my elderwood wand and POOF, world peace magically transforms the planet.”

“World peace will have to wait,” Richard said, placing a calming, ghostly hand on her shoulder. “This is more important at the moment, Violet. Just look at her. Does that look like a woman who wants to die?”

Violet didn't have the slightest idea what a suicidal person looked like. She only knew that people intent on living don't usually heap morphine pills--enough to knock an elephant on its ass!-- next to their evening tea. Violet bit down on her bottom lip and watched Mrs. Beckel casually flipping through an old photo album still humming a song...a familiar song that she couldn't quite place.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chapter 315 The Cottage

Meanwhile back to Violet:

“Now, where were we? Ah yes, how we came to know dear Richie,” Mrs. Beckel said. “He was practically our son...really he was, even if he did have his own parents. Of course, they did pass, God rest their souls, all too young and rather tragically, too...poor dears. We, in a way, took their place. He used to come by nearly every day just to say hello and ask if we needed anything done around the house. He liked to help my Henry with the yard work. He learned quite a bit from Henry. Oh, that started about... Richie was, oh, I'd say six or seven years old.”

“Really? He never told me,” Violet said, glancing for the third time at her watch. It was getting late, but she didn't see any polite way of getting out of this quaint little cottage. Mrs. Beckel—bless her heart-- was quite the talker and it didn't help that she was deaf as a doorknob. She seemed to be trying to get her life story out before it ran out-- a sure sign of the isolation often seen with senior citizens.

“Can't be too isolated. She still has her husband,” Violet muttered under her breath. By this time she knew the old woman wouldn't hear her unless she actually shouted, so she was in no fear of being heard. Violet suddenly frowned and looked around her as Mrs. Beckel continued with her monologue. Where was Mr. Beckel anyway? Didn't he know they had company?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chapter 314 Where is she?

“Where is she?”

Jocelyn, who glared out the window of Victor's house where the Christmas party was in full gear, was in near panic-mode. She impatiently watched for her dearest friend to finally get there. She hadn't seen Violet since she got married and that was well over a month ago...longest time they had ever spent apart except when she went back to Mississippi to be with her dying mother.

“Who ya talkin' 'bout, Mama?” Aaron asked, peering out the window too, his twin brother doing the same.

Jocelyn turned to smile at her newly acquired sons who stood side by side as always. She still got such a kick from being called Mama.

“Violet, of course. She should be here by now,” she said, concern giving her voice an edge.