Monday, March 28, 2016

Chapter 297 All of you

As the laughter subsided, Reggie continued to smile staring at them all. “You... would you mind if I...uh... could I take a picture of you?” 

What for? Didn't ya like the pictures we just gave ya?” Julian said.

Oh, no. I love those, Julian, really I do, but I want a picture of all of you  together, with your dad... your family,” Reggie said.

That... That's real nice,” Georgiana said, staring at Reggie. Then she smiled at Victor. “Can we, Daddy?”

Of course. Peter, come sit on my lap,” Victor said. The other kids gathered around him and they all smiled for ...well, not the camera. Reggie used his cell phone and he took several shots.

Thanks. Now I can show my....everyone,” Reggie said, as Linda brought them the bill and he reached for a it. “Oh, I'll get that.”

Monday, March 21, 2016

Chapter 296 This changes everything

Victor felt his world shift beneath his feet as he averted his eyes from Reggie who, overcome with emotions he must have had bottled up for years, was now quietly weeping into his hands . Victor felt for the young man—this very young man, barely older than Simon as per the date of birth on his license. He certainly didn't seem like a heartless clod who wouldn't want anything to do with his kids. More's the pity for Victor, but it must be a good thing for the kids...right?

This changes everything, he thought... or at any rate it had the potential to do so. Georgiana suddenly grabbed Victor's hand, taking him out of this thoughts.

I didn't mean to make him cry,” she whispered, her own eyes tearing up.

I know, Sweetie. It's not your...”

Reggie suddenly stood up and walked away from their table.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Chapter 295 You are such a liar

You are such a liar!” Georgiana shouted.

Victor held up his hand, indicating he would handle this. “Who are you...really?” he said.

Reggie wiped his mouth on the cloth napkin and set it down. “Reggie Silber, just as I said. I have no reason to lie,” he said reaching for his wallet, extracting his license and handing it across the table to Victor. “I'm Georgiana and Julian's real... biological father.”

Victor alternately looked very carefully at the license and stared at Reggie. “Have any other form of identification?” he asked suspiciously.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Chapter 294 Upside-down and inside-out

Victor glanced anxiously at Georgiana who sat shotgun in the car beside him clutching a new, soft and furry, bright pink Teddy bear. She stared at the bear, her expression grim, shocked and confused. Her brothers on the other hand, buckled in their car seats in the back, were the exact opposite. They could not have been more delighted, carefree and happy. They had finally met their father, after being so curious about him, and they liked him prodigiously...or perhaps they just liked the toys he had brought for them. The jury was still out on that score.

Are you all right, Honey?” Victor quietly asked, already knowing the answer to that was a resounding NO! How could it be otherwise when the world as Georgiana had known it had just been turned upside-down and inside-out?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chapter 293 Fully loaded

Know what this reminds me of?” Ronnie said, and without waiting for a reply he burst into song.

♩ ♬ …Road tripping with my two favorite allies, fully loaded we've got snacks and supplies …♪ ♫ 

Sophie laughed and quickly joined in.  …it's time to leave this town, it's time to steal away. Let's go get lost anywhere in the USA... let's go get lost, let's go get lost …♪ ♫

I certainly wish they would get lost,” Simon said from the back seat.

Cassandra nudged him with her elbow. “Oh, stop. They sing great together. We don't even need the radio with them around!”

Yeah, but we could use a mute button,” Simon replied. “So where is this secret place you're taking us, Ron?”