Monday, February 1, 2016

Chapter 289 Waiting to Exhale

Violet started down the stairs looking rather dejected. She hugged those little boys until they squealed for release, got kisses and tucked them into bed, but it wasn't enough. She knew that now. A few steps down she saw Victor waiting for her at the bottom. She instantly brightened and quickly descended, stopping just short...on the second step, just at eye level with him.

She stared at him and he at her. Moments passed painfully slow with neither one speaking. Having had enough of this stalemate, and throwing caution to the wind, she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life and holding her breath.

She suddenly knew what Whitney Houston was talking about in the film Waiting to Exhale, because when his arms slowly enfolded her to him, she could at long last breathe again. 

I'm sorry, Victor,” she whispered. “I was stupid, I was silly, I was foolish and I was stupid.”

You said stupid twice,” he said, chuckling softly.

Yes, well...” she said, pulling back slightly to look at him. “I was REALLY stupid.”

All he did was smile mildly.

Will you forgive me, Victor? Will you give me another chance? Will you let me make things up to you? Would you still want to marry me? Would you still want a mother for your kids?”

The serious expression on his face, gave her pause. What was he thinking? What would he say?


POP! Violet opened her eyes and instead of Victor's dark brooding eyes she saw Sophie's large blue ones.

Wha...what?” she mumbled looking about her. She was not at Victor's house anymore, but instead on her own sofa, her hands clutching the half knitted hat she tried to finish that night. A sinking feeling hit the pit of her stomach. It had just been a dream.

Mom, what are you doing up so late? It's nearly one thirty,” Sophie said. “Don't you work tomorrow?”

Really...that late? Oh...I must have fallen asleep watching...” Violet looked at the TV and made a face at the gross-me-out zombie show which surely had NOT been on when she was last awake.

You should get to bed, Mom,” Sophie said, plopping down on the sofa, in the process disturbing Calendula who gave her a stern look before hopping down and with raised tail head toward the kitchen.

I didn't expect you back so soon. Didn't you say you'd get a ride from Ronnie after the club closed?” Violet said, stuffing her knitting into a tote bag she took with her to work for some lunch break knitting.

Oh, well...didn't work out,” Sophie said irritably.

Did you give Ronnie his phone?”

Sophie groaned. “No, I totally forgot!”

Violet shook her head. “That poor boy must think we've stolen it and won't ever get it back to him. I'll drop it off on my way to work.”

No, don't worry about it, Mom,” Sophie said. “He's coming by tomorrow to take me and Cassie Christmas shopping.”

Haven't you been saying that for two days now?”

Sophie giggled. “Yeah, but things got in the way...Christmas trees needed decorating, we had to go to lunch with the queen mother, then her baby needed a babysitter and Victor's kids couldn't be left alone, so... He's supposed to stay with them tomorrow so maybe this time we can go.”

Okay, then. At least you won't be stuck alone in the house with no car. I know how much you hate being alone. How an introvert like me gave birth to such an extrovert like you is beyond me!” Violet said, stretching before turning the lights out in the living room. “Are you staying up?”

For a bit, but I like the dark.”

Okay. You turn out the Christmas lights for me before you go to bed, okay? Goodnight, Sweetie.”

Good night, Mom,” Sophie said, grabbing the remote and flicking around the TV channels until some sappy Christmas movie caught her interest.

Here, Sophie,” Violet said coming back into the living room with Ronnie's phone in hand. “Maybe you could charge it up for him using your charger. I tried to use mine but it didn't fit. It's the least we can do for him.”

Okay,” Sophie said distractedly, turning over the phone looking intently at it. She smiled at the silver musical notes on the protective cover. She wished she had found one like that for her own phone. She turned it on--or rather tried to-- but it was dead as a doornail. She gave the movie a last glance and shut off the TV, plus the Christmas lights and headed up to her room.

Once there, she plugged in Ronnie's phone, pulled off her clothes, slipped into comfy pjs and tossed herself onto the bed, hugging a pillow to her belly. It had been one disappointment after another today and she felt drained. Shutting off the light, she quickly fell asleep, but it seemed barely a minute later when she was wide awake again.

What had awoken her? The constant dings, pings and bells coming from Ronnie's phone which had obviously charged enough to come back to life with a vengeance. Emails, texts and other notifications kept coming in and there was no sleeping through it.

What the hell, huh?” Sophie grumbled, throwing the covers off and picking up the phone. The blinding light from it made her squint, but when her eyes focused she gasped. “Forty-seven emails and ninety-two texts?”

Sophie shook her head, seriously wondering how anybody could be that popular! She had been about to put the phone back on her desk to recharge the rest of the way, but curiosity got the best of her. She saw the last few texts were just now sent to him. Who the heck would want to text Ronnie so badly that it couldn't wait until morning? She knew she really ought not—I mean to say, it was none of her business and totally violating his privacy--but, she reasoned, he should have taken care not to lose the cell in the first place, right? So, what the heck? It wouldn't hurt anything anyway.

She was quite wrong, of course. The first text made her so angry she wanted to toss the cell phone out the window. Some sleazy girl-- probably one he met that very night at the club-- sent a rather suggestive text.

Well, I know what to do about you, you nasty little sl...” she muttered.

You kinda shouldn't do that, Sophie.”

Sophie started and looked around the room, and there he was, her father, leaning on her desk with his long legs crossed at the ankle thrust out in front of him.

Daddy! Wha...what are ya doing here?” she said.

Acting like your Jiminy Cricket, I guess,” he said.
What?” she said, confused.

He shook his head. “Never mind. You shouldn't be looking at Ronnie's emails.”

It's just a text and if you could read it you'd delete it too!” she said hotly. “It's nasty!”

No, I wouldn't because it's not mine to delete.”

I'm doing Ronnie a favor, believe me. He doesn't have to see that,” Sophie said.

That's not for you to decide, darlin',” Richard said, pushing away from the desk and sitting down next to his daughter. “Baby, you gotta stop this.”

I'm not doing anything,” she said, biting down on her lip as she ran a finger down the texts...every single one of which were from a girl—a rival.

Richard placed his hand on the phone until she looked up at him. “Sophie, how would you like it if Ronnie or anybody else got hold of your phone and started going through your texts? How would you react if your mother or I looked?”

I wouldn't care,” she lied.

Sophie,” he said. “You know that's NOT true.”

Daddy, this girl is a total skank! Read it! Ronnie's better off not knowing her.”

Richard did read the text and privately wondered where the heck decency had gone. “Yes, well,” he said, clearing his throat. “It's completely inappropriate, but... it was sent to Ronnie, not to you. He has to be the one to...”

He'll never miss it.” She then hit delete and it was gone.

Do you actually think that did anything?” he said, angrily.

I saved him from a slut,” she said defiantly.

Why don't you take a look at the next one,” he said. “Go on. In for a penny, in for a pound, as my grandma used to say.”

Sophie hesitated just a minute and then clicked on it. Her mouth fell open. “What the hell... what a sleaze bag!”

Yes, some girls have no sense... sending pictures of themselves like that, and to a complete stranger,” Richard said. “And they wonder when they get stalkers and their photos go viral on snapchat or twitter or whatever.”

Ronnie doesn't need to see that one either.” Sophie would have deleted that one too had her father not taken the phone out of her hand.

Before you get rid of a dozen others for the same reason, why don't you think for minute,” Richard said. “What do you think Ronnie will do once he sees that picture?”

What else? He'll call Ms. Big Boobs and ask for a date!”

Do you really think that little of him? Think before you answer me, cuz if you do he certainly isn't the type of guy you should want.”

Come on, Daddy. There is no way he won't fall for this... this bitch!”

Richard shook his head. “You really don't know him at all, do you? And yet you claim to be utterly and completely in love with him.”

I am! That's why I have to keep these sluts away from him!”

You're going about this all wrong, Darlin'. Next time instead of a text, she'll call him and she'll be nice and cute and funny and sweet and he won't have seen the text to know what a tramp he's talking to and then what happens? He asks her out and they date and yeah, maybe he does fall for her and maybe she hides her true nature from him-- She might send that same text to ten of his best friends and he may never know it-- but when he's discovered what she's really like..well, by that time he'll be all in and he'll end up with broken heart. All that could have been prevented IF he had seen the text in the first place and known right away that she wasn't the kinda girl he wants.”

Sophie stared at her father. “You don't actually believe he'd do that.”

Yeah, I do and you should too if he's the boy you think he is.”

Yeah, right. He's just gonna get in her pants and...”

That's up to him too, Darlin'. Nothing you can do about it. Let the boy read his own emails and deleted them on his own. He's a big boy and doesn't need you protecting him.”

Sophie hid her face in her hands. “How am I supposed to compete with girls like that?”

You're not supposed to. Remember, Ronnie is not for you,” he said gently.

Daddy, that's not what you said earlier today at dinner. You said I would be with Ronnie if...” Sophie said.

No, what I said was you would be with the one you truly love... that everything would work out eventually if you listen to me.”

But that doesn't make sense. How can it all work out if Ronnie isn't for me?”

Must you question everything?” he said wearily.

Yes!” she said. “I want Ronnie!”

Baby, for once in your life, just listen to me and do as I say,” he said.

But how can you say things will work out if I don't get what I want?” she whined. “I don't get it!”

Just cuz things do not happen as you wish them to go, doesn't mean it won't all work out for the best in the end. You just have to believe.”

She glared at him and folded her arms over her thin chest. “You sound like a Disney movie.” 

I suppose I do,” he said standing up and placing Ronnie's cell phone, now shut off, back on to recharge. “Just go with it, and you'll see. Okay?”


Go back to sleep and let Ronnie take care of his own destiny. It'll all work out...eventually. You just can't rush it so don't!”

With that said, he floated through the wall and left his daughter even more discontented than when she had first gone to bed.

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