Monday, September 28, 2015

Chapter 274 Don't answer that!

Victor opened the door to the office of Norton CPA and not at all to his surprise he found yet another stranger occupying the revolving door which was the secretary's outer office. This certainly wasn't the no-nonsense young woman who had the personality of plain brown cardboard and looked as if she stepped straight off a runway in Milan. She also wasn't the ornery, excessively tattooed, beefy woman who gave a distinct Rosie O'Donnell vibe. Nor was this woman the twenty-something who didn't even know for what the fax machine was used and scowled resentfully every time the phone rang interrupting her very important filing...nail filing, that is.

Good morning, Mr. Romanoff,” the new secretary said, pressing a button on the computer in front of her and swiftly moving to the printer where several papers shot out onto the receiving tray. She had a pleasant face, was tall and thin and smartly dressed in a navy blue pencil skirt topped with a lavender colored silk blouse. Her age was possibly mid-forties and she had unnaturally orange-red hair which reminded him of I Love Lucy, his mother's all time favorite TV show and comedienne.

Good Morning...erm... I'm sorry, I don't recall...have we met?” he said, pulling the hat off his head, and the scarf from around his neck as he unbuttoned his coat.

No, we have not. Mr. Norton told me he was expecting you here this morning, however. He asked me to show you right in,” she replied with a soft smile, tapping the sheets neatly in order before opening the door to Freddy's office. She stepped in behind Victor and placed the sheets on top of Freddy's desk.

Dorothy, if my sister calls don't answer!” he said, staring at his cell phone as if it was a cobra ready to strike.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Chapter 273 Trying to kill me

Cassandra stepped out of the steamy bathroom into the hall wearing a thick terrycloth robe wrapping around her head turban style a thick towel. She wasn't looking where she was going so she promptly collided with a solid wall. The solid wall turned out to be her brother and he was the one who caught her when she stumbled backward.

Whoa!” Frankie said laughing as he grabbed her with his good arm.

You trying to kill me, Frankie?” she squeaked, staring at the deadly looking hook which could have easily taken out her eye.

If I actually tried to kill you, Cassandra, you would be very dead already,” he said.

She grimaced, wishing he wouldn't be so blasé about all the killing he'd done overseas. It was all justifiable, of course, and better them in a grave than her brother, but made her insides squirm to think about how many people he might have killed. Then again, it scared her silly thinking how close she came to being an only child.

What are you doing up so early, Frankie? After last night I thought you'd be in bed til noon,” she said, letting her damp curls free from its makeshift turban. “I thought I was the only one up.”

Monday, September 14, 2015

Chapter 272 Just Little Kids

Ronnie went back to the kitchen to find only Simon sitting at the table shaking his head as he perused their father's daily copy of the Wall Street Journal.

Why Dad needs this archaic form of getting news is beyond me,” Simon muttered. “He could read all this and so much more up-to-date stuff online and not have this black ink all over his hands.”

He's old fashioned, I guess,” Ronnie said. “Where are the kids?”

I'm sure they're all somewhere pouting until Dad returns home,” Simon answered.

You yelled at them and scared them off, didn't you? Dammit, Simon, why you gotta be such a douche? They're just little kids. You don't hafta be so mean to them and what the hell is wrong with you whining that we never got to see Dad? At least we had a father who cared, which they never had. Think about that why dontcha?” Ronnie said, angrily screwing the top onto the jam jar, closing the Cheerios box and stacking the breakfast dishes. He grabbed the untouched toast on Georgiana's plate and munched on it as he paused looking at the words Peter had made from Cheerios on his place-mat. He frowned. “He can't know what a bog is, right?”

What?” Simon said, disinterested.

I think Peter's dyslexic or something. Look,” Ronnie pointed at the words. “I fixed the backward P in his name before, but look at the other words. The C is messed up and the R in car and the D in dog, too.”

Monday, September 7, 2015

Chapter 271 It really happened

Darlin, it's time to get up. You don't wanna miss seeing your mom before she leaves for work.”

Sophie groaned and turned her head away from the weak winter light peeking in between the curtains. Her nose hit something furry.

She went to push it away, but a nagging memory struck her and her eyes flew open. Upon seeing her old teddy bear, her dream came back to her in stunning, vivid detail.

Daddy...such a weird dream,” she whispered staring at the bear. Then she frowned.

If it had been a dream, how did the toy get on her bed when she had stored it away on the shelf? She noticed the bear's naked neck and felt around to her hair which--instead of being loose as she always liked it-- it was now neatly gathered in a ponytail and held at the nape of her neck with the bear's pink satin ribbon.

Oh, my God...Daddy...” she muttered, slipping the ribbon out of her hair, staring at the neat little bow as if it were the miraculous cure for cancer. “It really happened.”