Monday, August 31, 2015

Chapter 270 Christmas can be so Depressing

Violet had never understood how anybody could be so unhappy-- let alone depressed enough to kill themselves-- during the wonderful Christmas holidays, and yet here she was thoroughly depressed. No, she wasn't thinking of suicide, but this year she found out for herself just how depressing Christmas can be.

She knew it certainly wasn't the holidays themselves causing it. She always had enjoyed Christmas—almost always anyway. The year her mother had gone away had been a particularly awful one. Christmas was normally magical and had special meaning to her, but she supposed that was only when you have your friends, family and loved ones around you.

Only thing was, she did have a lot of friends and family around, so why was Christmas so depressing this time?

You don't have me anymore, do you?” Richard whispered.

Violet wiped at a tear, shook her head and tossed the sheets over her head, hiding from the slowly brightening world just outside her windows, and wishing she could stay there forever. She hadn't felt this lonely since... well, you know.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Chapter 269 Good Morning

Good morning, Ronnie!”

Ronnie groaned as Julian pounced on his back. “You sure about that, Jules?” he mumbled into the pillow.

About what?”

Ronnie rolled onto his back pinning his new little brother under him.

Hey, you're squishing me!” Julian shouted, scrambling out from under the massive weight.

I am?” Ronnie said, albeit innocently. He tried opening his eyes, but they weren't doing a great job focusing so he shut them again. “What time is it?”

I dunno,” Julian said. “I can't tell time yet.”

We'll have to fix that...real soon!” Ronnie said squinting at the clock on his night stand. “Little dude, it's only seven-thirty. What are ya doing to me?”

Trying to get you up. It's breakfast time,” Julian said, as if that was reason enough.

Ronnie groaned again and put the pillow over his head. “Call me when you learn to tell time.”

Come on, Ronnie! Get up, Get up!” Julian said, hopping on the bed.

Okay, okay!” Ronnie said, tossing the blankets aside.

Where are your PJs?” Julian said.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Chapter 268 Do you love him?

Violet trudged into the house feeling exhausted. All she wanted was a hot cup of tea, a warm bed to fall into for a long, dreamless sleep, and not to wake up until next week. Of course, why would she expect anything to go her way now when barely anything had all day?

Hey, Mom!” came Sophie's voice from the kitchen.

Hi, Honey, can you put the kettle on for me? I desperately need some tea. I'm chilled to the bone,” Violet said, as she removed her coat and snowy boots.

Sure, then we can talk.”

Violet nearly groaned. It was the very last thing she wanted to do just now. Not that she didn't love her daughter and chatting with her was often extremely enjoyable, but after a day like she's had—and such a long one filled with disappointed hope-- she'd much rather sit comatose for a few minutes and then go to bed.

Sophie, I'm so tired, can't we talk in...what in the world?” Violet shrieked and stopped dead in her tracks upon entering the kitchen and seeing what looked like the remains of a hurricane. “What is all this?”

Monday, August 10, 2015

Chapter 267 If you ever wanna talk

Ronnie was mildly surprised to find lights still on in the house when he finally got home around two-thirty in the morning, but he was stunned to find the door unlocked. Good thing that, because he didn't have his house keys with him and it would have been bad to have to wake somebody to let him in.

He expected to see Simon ready to pounce giving him the third degree, but at not seeing his dictatorial older brother, Ronnie breathed a sigh of relief, locked up and turned out the lights. Just as he was about to ascend the dark stairs to his bedroom he caught sight of lights gleaming from under the door of his father's den.

He couldn't be up waiting for me,” he muttered as he walked down the hall. He knocked softly, then opened the door. He found Victor sprawled out on the leather couch his arm tossed over his eyes. “Dad? Why are you still up?”

Monday, August 3, 2015

Chapter 266 Nowhere in sight

How the hell long does it take to put three kids to bed?” grumbled Simon who had been waiting for his father in the den downstairs for what he thought was far too long.

He got up and started pacing, looking at his cell phone for the umpteenth time. Perhaps if Ronnie answered the phone or had returned from taking the girls home already Simon wouldn't have been so ticked off, but it was nearly midnight—over an hour after they should all have gotten back from the garden and no Ronnie.

What the hell was he doing? Well, Simon had a strong suspicion.

If his stupid brother was with Sophie all this time, doing what Ronnie usually did with sexy girls, Simon would have to kill him. Of course, if Ronnie was with Cassandra instead doing what he usually did with sexy girls, Simon would have to torture his brother before killing him extremely painfully.

After rounding the large desk for the forth time he pulled out his cell again and sent another text to Ronnie: Where are you????