Monday, July 27, 2015

Chapter 265 The one good thing

Simon had been about to take Cassandra's hand in his when he spotted Victor and the kids leaving the conservatory.

Hey, Dad!” he shouted and ran to catch them before they left.

We'll meet you home, Simon. No need to hurry home or are you staying with your mother tonight?” Victor asked wearily.

Your house if that's okay,” Simon answered. “But Dad, why are you leaving so soon? You didn't get a chance to speak to Violet or Gramma and Morris and.... Violet seems a little down and I thought you could...”

Simon, the kids are tired. It's way past their bed time,” Victor said.

Simon struggled for a moment then said something he never thought he'd voluntarily say. “I'll take them home for you then. I'll... I'll give baths, tuck them in, read stories, whatever it takes, and you can stay and...”

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chapter 264 Glad you made it

Daddy!” Georgiana said, springing from her seat followed by Julian who shouted, “Daddy's here!”

Down on his knees Victor hugged his three kids simultaneously, but quickly hushed them and rushed them back to their seats.

Glad you made it, Dad,” Simon said, shaking his hand.

Dad, how'd ya get in with the garden Jehadist at the door?” Ronnie asked, moving over for him and taking Julian onto his own lap.

Violet let me in,” Victor answered.

Ronnie grinned. “She's awesome.”

Shhh...” Marty said, pointing to the stage where the choir was now in place behind the harps.

From that point on there was no more talking, but Georgiana held Victor's hand, Peter sat on his lap comfy as you please and Julian kept touching his arm as if to make sure he was real. Even Ronnie grinned at him. There was no doubt Victor was loved, so why did he feel the world caving in on him?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Chapter 263 A bit of relief

Victor was already on the road leading home when he remembered he wasn't supposed to be going home.

Damn,” he said aloud, as he made a U-turn and went back to the highway heading to Meridale where the conservatory of Weston Botanical gardens promised a bit of relief from this miserable weather...and other concerns.

At least, that was the hope.

Forty minutes later, standing in a long line of cars trying to get into the packing area of the garden, he recalled the first time he brought Violet here and how that visit secured the dream job for her. He smiled sadly as the cars ahead of him slipped through the elaborately decorated wrought iron gates, inched passed the row of lit evergreens and bare-branched trees strung up with zillions of tiny, multicolored fairy lights. 

You'd have to be a knuckle head not to be cheered by the sight...or a man with the weight of the world pressing upon his shoulders.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Chapter 262 Wisdom of the ages

Ronnie gave Andrea an extra cuddle and a tiny kiss on her cheek then placed the baby in her basket before looking around.

Looking for this?” Sophie said, holding up a fluffy, pink baby-sized blanket.

Yeah, thanks,” he said, watching her curiously. “You okay?”

Yep,” she said, pressing her lips together and looking anywhere but at Ronnie.

How come I don't believe you?” he said, taking the blanket out of her hands.

Why do you say that?”

Because you're here and you hate babies, and ...yikes! there's a baby right there!” he said, placing the blanket over the baby, tucking it in around her. “Quick, run for it before she spits up on you!”

Very funny. I never said I hated babies,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her.