Monday, May 18, 2015

Chapter 257 What are you talking about?

What are you talking about, Ronald?” Catherine said. “My mother loved Morris before what?”

Before Halloween, of course,” Simon interjected, sending a warning glance at his brother.

Catherine looked from one boy to the other. “What aren't you telling me?”

Uh... nothing,” Ronnie said, motioning the waitress to come over. “What kinda dessert do you want, Sophie?”

What do they have?” she asked.

All sorts of pies, puddings, cakes, ice cream. Whaddya want?” he asked.

One of each,” Sophie said.

Come on, be serious,” Ronnie said.

One. Of. Each,” she repeated just as the waitress came. “We can all share just as long as I get to try them all.”

You mean eat most of them,” Cassandra said, grinning across at her.

You're crazy, you know that?” Ronnie said.

No, just perpetually hungry,” Sophie replied.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Chapter 256 Just shut up about it

Cassandra held the door open and looked her bewilderment. “Um... so you're not gonna tell them I told you?”

You didn't, did you? I already knew,” Catherine said, stepping out of the restroom where she came face to face with Simon. She stare at him. “What are you doing here, Simon, lurking around the restrooms like a common pervert?”

As opposed to an uncommon pervert?" he quipped.

Catherine gave him a withering look and his smirk vanished.

"Sorry, Mom. You've been so long I started to worry,” he said, looking from his mother to Cassandra. “Was there a problem?”

No, Cassandra was kind enough to help me with Andrea,” Catherine said. “Seems to know her way around babies and it's good to know she's not planning on having one any time soon.”

He smiled. “That is good to know. Perhaps she should use that and go into pediatrics,” he said.

I'm not in med school, Simon, and you know perfectly well it'll never happen,” Cassandra said, irritably. “So I'd appreciate it if you'd stop teasing me  about it.”

I'm not teasing. I'm of the opinion that anyone who wishes to heal the masses ought to be able to do so,” he said. “Don't you agree, Mom?”

In my experience, the masses are always in need of healing and doctors are becoming rare, fewer and far between in some places including Catalpa Valley, so...yes,” Catherine replied.

See?” Simon said.

That's fine for you to say, but I have no choice in the matter, so just shut up about it, Simon!” Cassandra said, rushing ahead of them to get to their table first.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Chapter 255 What's the use?

Cassandra pushed the door and peeked inside before coming into the restroom. She immediately saw Catherine at the far end bending over a white wicker changing table equipped with everything a baby could need. She was cooing to her now quietly content baby.

Hello, Mrs. Delaney,” Cassandra said, tentatively coming forward.

Catherine pulled her eyes away from the baby and stared. “Hello...”

Cassandra,” she said, smiling down at the baby.

Yes, I remember your name,” Catherine said, eying her curiously.

She's much happier now, I see,” Cassandra said, offering her finger which the baby grasped straight away making her smile. “She is so adorable.”

Yes, I think so, too,” Catherine remarked. “You like babies then?”

Cassandra shrugged. “As much as the next person, I suppose. I have many cousins so I've been around babies forever. I know how special they can be....nice to have one around.”

You're a bit young  to be thinking of having one of your own...”