Monday, April 27, 2015

Chapter 254 Bring it, bitch!

Ronnie looked from his mother—her expression one which often scared him witless-- to the defiant look on Sophie's face, and he couldn't understand why Sophie didn't evaporate on the spot. He had the sudden urge to toss her over his shoulder fireman style and take her as far and as fast as possible away from his vengeful mother before... oh, hell, he didn't know what would happen, but he certainly didn't want to hang around to see it!

Catherine, although seething on the inside, smiled at Sophie in a perfectly diabolical sort of way. She recognized the look on this skinny little blonde—Bring it, Bitch! It clearly said-- and she welcomed it. It had been a long time since she had to put an obnoxiously impertinent person in their place, but she certainly wasn't out of practice. Oh, but that pretty little  girl would not know what hit her, nor would she see it coming. Sophie would be in tears before long. 
Let's hope her mascara is waterproof.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Chapter 253: Was there a reason?

Not that we mind coming to lunch with you, Mom,” Simon said. “But was there a reason? We did see you just yesterday. If you had something to tell us you might have done so then.”

Yes, something came up. I have a meeting with the hospital board of directors this afternoon, before Andy can get back in time to watch the baby. I was hoping you could do me this favor,” Catherine said.

Simon grimaced and stared across at his brother who rolled his eyes, then nodded.

No problem, Mom,” Ronnie said. “I'll watch the baby. Simon can take the girls shopping.”

But you said you had some shopping to do, too,” Sophie said.

Can't we take the baby with us?” Cassandra said. “She seems like such a good baby. How much trouble could she be?”

I wouldn't want to find out,” Simon muttered, just as their server came with their food.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Chapter 252 A Mother's wrath

Catherine looked from her first born to this silly little fool of a child he was currently fawning all over and frowned, not seeing what could possibly be the attraction for him. Surely Simon was kidding. This little twit would not do for her son and she had to do something about it. These thoughts fueled a mother's wrath so fierce, growing to a fever pitch within her bosom, that she couldn't have stopped what popped out of her mouth even if she tried.

"Well, aren't you a funny little troll?" she said smiling as only an evil step-mother could.

"Mother," Simon warned.

Do you go to Yale with my son, Cassandra?” she asked, ignoring her son and the menu just handed to her by the hostess, her eyes intently scanning Cassandra's face.

I wish,” she replied before she could stop herself.

"Excuse me?" Catherine said.

Cassandra shook her head. “I...I, Ma'am, I don't.”

Harvard ?” Catherine said.

Mom...” Simon tried to interrupt.

No, sorry,” Cassandra said, growing nervous.

U-Mass then or Boston-U?” Catherine persisted.

Mom...” Simon said, sternly.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Chapter 251 Taking your sweet time

Thought you guys were done with your tree already.”

Cassandra's voice, so low and soft, didn't startled them as Simon's loud and sharp voice would have done. Both Ronnie and Sophie turned and smiled.

Yeah, but you were taking your sweet time and all...” Sophie said.

Planning elopements and making out...” Ronnie added, smirking.

And breaking my mom's favorite ornaments,” she said exchanging a grin with Ronnie. “That we had to do something or die of boredom.”

Well...we're done now,” Cassandra said, her cheeks going pink.

With elopement plans or making out?” Ronnie asked.

Sophie laughed. “Surely not making out! You can never get enough of that.”

Cassandra turned red while Simon ground his back teeth in silence.

So, are we ready to go do some Christmas shopping?” Sophie asked, putting the last bauble in place.

Change of plans,” Simon said, his expression one of annoyance.