Monday, February 9, 2015

Chapter 239 Never insult the Disney

Sophie had followed Ronnie and his gang of siblings into the living room where he went about selecting movies for the kids. She never imagined it would be this entertaining before the movie even started.

How about Aladdin? Great songs in that one!” Ronnie said.

Three heads shook no. "We wanna see Frozen," they said in unison.

Tarzan! He's wicked cool swinging in the jungle and all,” Ronnie suggested.

No!” they all said. "Frozen."

One hundred and one Dalmations? It's got dogs in it. What's not to love?” Ronnie nearly begged.

We wanna see Frozen!” all three shouted.

Come on!  The songs suck! Tangled is so much better,” Ronnie said, showing them the Tangled DVD.

They stubbornly shook their heads again.

You've seen it like a hundred times! Mary Poppins, then, huh?”

Frozen!” they all said.

But why?” Ronnie whined.

Olaf the snowman is so cute,” Georgiana said.

Seriously? A snowman that doesn't know he will melt in the sun?” Ronnie said, rolling his eyes. “How dumb can ya get?”

I like the Troll-rock guys,” Julian said. “They're so cool.”

Ah, geeze, haven't you read Harry Potter? Real trolls don't turn into rocks and they're definitely not cool! Everybody knows they are mean, ten foot tall goons, stink like raw sewage and carry big old clubs to beat you with!” Ronnie argued.

I like Sven the reindeer,” Peter said, completely ignoring the others.

I have a serious problem with that guy sharing a carrot with the reindeer...give him the whole thing and get your own, dude!” Ronnie said. “I'm telling ya, none of them are as good as Pascal the Chameleon,” Ronnie said, waving the Tangled DVD around.

Pascal doesn't even talk!” Julian said.

Repunzel understands him, and what about Maximus the palace horse? He doesn't have to talk to give Flynn a heck of a lot of trouble,” Ronnie retorted.

That's Eugene, you know, his real name,” Georgiana said in a bored voice, handing him the Frozen DVD, totally unpersuaded out of her choice. “Two Princesses win over just one any day. Just get over it, Ronnie.”

No accounting for taste,” Ronnie grumbled, as he popped it in for about the seven thousandth time.

Sophie laughed herself silly. “Are you seriously arguing with a bunch of kids over a dumb Disney movie?” she said.

The kids gasped and stared at her as if she'd cursed at them.

She didn't mean it, guys!” Ronnie said quickly. He turned to Sophie and muttered, “Are ya trying to start a riot in here? Never insult the Disney in front of these kids!”

She gaped at him for a minute then burst out laughing again. “You are so cute!”

He was so stunned he just stood there until Georgiana came to the rescue.

He's awesome!” she said grabbing his hand and placing him next to Sophie on the couch before she sat down on his other side. “He's the best big brother ever.”

I'll bet he's good at lots of things,” Sophie said, smiling coyly.

Yep. He's teaching me to play the piano,” Georgiana said.

Really? I didn't know you could play,” Sophie said.

Um...a little,” he said, trying not to touch her but the boys stuffed themselves onto the sofa at the other end which forced Georgiana to push Ronnie closer to Sophie. He was practically on her lap!

Georgie, come sit on my lap,” Ronnie said, lifting her up to make more room.

Why?” she asked.

Cuz I'm crushing Sophie.”

I don't mind. This is comfy,” Sophie said, snuggling closer to Ronnie. “Now I have someone to hold onto during the scary parts.”

There's no scary parts in Frozen,” Julian said.

Well,” Georgiana said, “It's kinda scary at the end when...”

Everybody shut up. It's starting!” Peter said.

Is he serious? It's only the coming attractions,” Sophie whispered.

The best part for him,” Ronnie whispered back. “He takes these movies seriously, but we gotta be careful what he sees. I wouldn't let them see know, cuz Bambi's mother gets killed and their mother, well...she...uh... died me, not a good idea. I made a huge mistake letting them see The Lion King. Peter cried for about an hour after Simba's father died and...”

Ronnie stopped abruptly at the arrested look on Sophie's face, realizing too late what he'd just said to a girl who also had lost her own father. “Oh, Sophie...I'm sorry...I didn't mean...”

She forced a smile. “It's okay, Ronnie. It's not your fault. I'm over it,” she mumbled, though she definitely wasn't and might never be. It never ceased to amaze her how much it still hurt to think of her father dying the way he did.

Richard placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. "Don't think of how I died. Think of the great times we had together."

Ronnie couldn't bare seeing Sophie look so sad. Stupid me! He chastised himself. As he searched for something to say his eyes drifted to the window. “What the frick...?”

What?” Sophie said, turning to see what he was looking at. She didn't recognize the car parked in front of her house. “Who's that?”

What are they doing here?” Ronnie muttered, standing up and placing Georgiana down on the couch. “You stay here with the boys. I'll be right back.”

Sophie beat him to the door. She opened it and said, “Hello, may I help you?”

Yes, you may. I'm here for my grandchildren,” Marty said, smiling as Ronnie appeared. “Hello, Ronnie my love.”

What's wrong, Gramma? What do you need me and Simon for?” he said, kissing her cheek.

Not you! My other grand kids. Victor called me last night and asked me to watch them today,” Marty said, smiling at Sophie. “You must be Sophie. It's so lovely to finally meet you. Violet speaks of nothing else but her beautiful, talented daughter, and I must say she did not exaggerate.”

Sophie gaped, open-mouthed. “My mom...she knows you? You're Ronnie's grandmother?”

Well, why wouldn't she know me? We're practically family,” Marty said, stepping inside and closing over the door...or trying to.

Don't lock me out in the cold, woman!” Morris shouted, pushing his way inside. “You trying to kill me?”

Well, if you didn't take your sweet time getting inside...”

Hey, Profess...I mean, hi, Grampa,” Ronnie said.

Nice catch, kid,” Morris said, smirking. “Where are the kiddies?”

Yes, where are my babies?” Marty said.

Watching TV,” Ronnie said, pointing his thumb at the living room. “You didn't have to come. I told Dad I could handle them.”

Oh, pish-posh! It isn't a matter of handling them. I promised them a day of fun and I have just the thing. They'll love it!” Marty said pulling off her gloves and pushing passed them into the living room. Everyone followed her. 

To be continued.....

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