Friday, February 27, 2015

Chapter 244 In grave danger

With each passing moment spent in Cassandra's company, Simon was becoming increasingly convinced that he might be in grave danger. Danger, that is, of falling irrevocably in love with her, which would be most inconvenient at the present time. Medical school and the pressures inherent with it do not leave much time for romance. He honestly couldn't say, however, he'd ever known anyone he liked so well on so little acquaintance as he did this funny little girl, who was an odd and delightful mixture of wit, intelligence, naivete and childish resignation.

Cassandra reminded him of someone...someone sweet and delicate, yet strong in character, infinitely amusing and...holy crap! He gazed at her as the realization hit him like a force of nature. She reminded him of Violet! He was more like his father than he thought, but did that follow that Simon was also in danger of ending up a lovelorn fool like his father? God help him!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chapter 243: All about Love

Sophie watched Ronnie leave her room, shaking her head in wonder. “That guy's gonna drive me crazy...especially if he keeps saying stuff like that and walking away from me,” she muttered.

She ran out chasing him down the stairs, determined to make him like her. When she found him, he was opening up an ornament box. He looked up and smiled.

I swear Violet is awesome! She's so much like my dad it ain't even funny,” he said, pulling out a small form ball partly covered in red sparkles with a green satin ribbon tied to the top and the photo of a ten year old Sophie glued to the center. “My dad still has the one I made in art class, too. Aren't parents funny?”

They love us,” she said. “It's all about love.”

Yup,” he said, grinning. He turned back to the box and looked at all of the silly kid crafts Sophie had made for her mother, starting in Kindergarten all the way through the sixth grade. He could see her growing up before his eyes as each one had a goofy school photo of her glued onto it. He wished he had known her then.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chapter 242: Through the trap door

Sophie stuck her head through the trap door and looked around.

Don't look so worried. There ain't no ghosts up here. You didn't really expect your dad to be here just cuz I said so, did ya?” Ronnie said, bent over to miss hitting his head on the slanting ceiling. He pulled the string and turned on the only dim light bulb in the place. “Geeze, can't even stand up straight in here.”

It wasn't made for living space,” she said, going up the rest of the way and bumping her own head on the ceiling. “Ouch! Not for giants anyway.”

Hey, you okay?” he said.

I'll live,” she muttered. “Gosh, I haven't been up here in years. My dad always got the Christmas stuff down. Don't know where they are.”

I do. Guess I didn't need ya after all,” he said pointing at some boxes in the far corner.

She laughed. “What was your first clue?”

Monday, February 16, 2015

Chapter 241 Still not spoken

Simon, teaming with rage, had still not spoken a word. He was glaring at Sophie when Cassandra walked slowly into the living room, her hair now damp and restrained in a tight knot at the top of her head. Simon didn't like it at all--it didn't suit her-- but he smiled in spite of it and went to her, taking her hand and leading her to the sofa where he sat her down next to him.

How are you feeling now?” he asked.

She glanced at Ronnie and Sophie then shyly smiled. “A little better...less foggy in the brain, anyway, but I'm surprisingly hungry,” she said just as her tummy let out a tiny grumble.

Too bad you didn't wake up in time for Violet's breakfast. It was awesome,” Ronnie said. “Don't think there's much left...there never is when I'm around.”

Cassandra giggled. “I don't remember a time when you didn't say you were hungry,” she said.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Chapter 240 Nightingale Syndrome

Violet had been rummaging through her cluttered medicine cabinet in the downstairs powder room and finding no aspirin there she went upstairs to look in her own bathroom. She found them and took the bottle to the kitchen where upon entering and seeing Simon and Cassandra kissing, she abruptly stopped at the doorway. Not willing to interrupt what she would later call the Nightingale syndrome in action, she tiptoed backward back into the hall and that's when she heard the squeals of delight coming from the living room.

What is that about?” she muttered. She followed the sound and gasped. “Marty! What are you doing here? And Mr. Kramer, it's so nice to see you again.”

Now, Missy, what have I told you about that Mr. Kramer stuff?” Morris said, irritably.

She laughed and shook her head. “I'm sorry...Morris, but it's hard to break a childhood habit,” she said, kissing his wrinkled cheek. “Have you two had breakfast?”

Of course. We've been up for hours,” he said. “Nearly time for a nap for me and the old girl.”

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chapter 239 Never insult the Disney

Sophie had followed Ronnie and his gang of siblings into the living room where he went about selecting movies for the kids. She never imagined it would be this entertaining before the movie even started.

How about Aladdin? Great songs in that one!” Ronnie said.

Three heads shook no. "We wanna see Frozen," they said in unison.

Tarzan! He's wicked cool swinging in the jungle and all,” Ronnie suggested.

No!” they all said. "Frozen."

One hundred and one Dalmations? It's got dogs in it. What's not to love?” Ronnie nearly begged.

We wanna see Frozen!” all three shouted.

Come on!  The songs suck! Tangled is so much better,” Ronnie said, showing them the Tangled DVD.

They stubbornly shook their heads again.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Chapter 238 Ghost Husband

“Does that mean you can't make your ghost husband go away or that you won't?” Simon asked.

“Do you think I have a choice?” Violet asked.

Simon tented his fingers in front of him, tapping them against his pursed lips. “I don't know. Only you can decide that. Do you feel you have to in order to marry Dad?”

“It's not just that, Simon.”

“Guilt then, because you are able to go on without Richard?”

“I'm sure that's a factor too, have to understand, Simon, I do love your father, but..."

Simon made a face and shook his head slowly. "Please tell me you're not going to say you love him but you're not in love with him, cuz I ain't buying that," he said.

Violet stared at him, astonished. She actually had been about to say that exact thing and now, because this guy was so very penetrating, she would have to deny she ever meant to say that.

"No, of course' Okay... Simon,  I loved Richard... so very much...still love him,” she said earnestly.


“And...because I love him so much, I don't know if I can ever love Victor as much.”

Monday, February 2, 2015

Chapter 237: All she was missing

Simon couldn't have asked for a better way to show Violet all she was missing in not marrying his father. Peter was doing an excellent job of putting on the guilt trip with nary a bit of help from him. Perhaps his father was right and Peter was a little like him, although Simon wasn't quite willing to concede that point...not just yet anyway.

Simon listened as Peter regaled her with every mundane moment of his life and she seemed riveted by it all and was even immensely enjoying it. Truly, he didn't know how mothers did it! He was rather certain his brain would turn to mush if he had to listen to this drivel all day long, week after week, for ten or so years. He supposed that was one reason his mother didn't take to motherhood so well when he was a baby, but did it follow that her brain was now mushy enough to accept this mind-numbing kid stuff with her new baby?


“And I wost a toof. See?” Julian said, showing Violet the empty spot in his smile. "And a new ones awweady coming in."

“Omigosh, that's amazing, Julian. Did the tooth fairy leave a quarter under your pillow?” Violet said.