Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ch228 Find Her

“How the hell are we gonna find her in this crowd?” Ronnie desperately said.

Simon could barely distinguish his brother’s words as they stepped into Danfords and were assaulted with obnoxiously loud music, music so loud it made the building throb, the walls vibrate and the floors shake. Then there was flashing lights to blind you and gyrating bodies crammed together so tightly you could barely move once you got passed the huge, unfriendly security guys at the door.

Simon couldn’t believe the transformation Danfords had gone through. Last time he had been there—granted this was several years back when he was still in high school—it had been little more than a hay barn where a few hick kids hung out to forget they were hick kids stuck in the middle of nowhere, USA with nothing to do and little hope of finding anything to make their boring lives more exciting—except trying to sneak a beer every once in a while.

Well, they didn’t have that problem anymore. Danfords was a wondrous place now, designed to entertain and make even a high school kid feel like there was more to life than a tiny town like Catalpa Valley could offer. They might still not be allowed that beer--Tuesdays at Danfords were strictly an non-alcohol night even if you were of age--, but Danfords was now a fun place to hang. The place was now sleek and polished and apparently a huge money-maker. Danfords surprisingly would not be out of place in mid-town Manhattan. Simon was not easily impressed, but he certainly was now.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ch227 Small town celebrity

          Sophie regretted going with Antoine the moment they set foot in Danfords where upon entering his sweet, charming demeanor switched to the menacing control freak she always seemed to forget was his real personality.
He grabbed her arm and started taking her where he wanted to go-to a remote area where she could only guess he would start his constant barrage of delusional crap—“You’re the girl for me…never letting you go…we belong together-yadi-yadi-yada”--which she didn’t want to hear at all anymore, let alone now when she just wanted to have some fun.
Damn her! How could she be so stupid, so easily fooled every time? Well, no more of that. This was the last straw…the absolute last one!
Despite her protests—drowned out by the deafening music and over-excited high school kids—Antione dragged her on through the crowd. It was only when they bumped into a huge group of her old high school friends who refused to allow him to take her away so soon that Sophie could plan her getaway.