Monday, July 28, 2014

Ch213 As Good as in

Victor sighed and went into a long drawn out description of Thanksgiving day at his ex’s, but much to his surprise Violet kept interrupting him.

“You mean Marty did all the cooking? Catherine did nothing?” Violet asked.

“Believe me, we were all delighted with the arrangement. Catherine in the kitchen is a disaster in the making,” he said. “We couldn’t get her away from the baby anyway.”

Back to the baby again….Violet could kick herself for her stupidity.  Quickly she said, “How are Ronnie and Simon? Did they like their new siblings?”

“Ronnie loved them, especially Julian. He finally has the playmate he always longed for. They had a great time playing with Ronnie’s old toys. Simon seemed to like Georgiana…”

“Probably because the oldest kids are always more mature and responsible. Simon obviously recognized it in Georgiana,” Violet interjected.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ch212 Awkward

Well, this was awkward.

Even though Victor was blasting the heat in the car and had the heat warmers on full force, Violet still shivered. She wasn’t wearing a winter coat—just the plush pashmina Victor had given her several months back tossed over a frilly dress—Victor had given her that, too. She wasn’t wearing boots either, which would have done nicely to keep her feet from freezing, instead of her open-toed sandals—yes, another acquisition from Victor.

Did she have anything on which Victor hadn’t bought for her? In fact, no. Even her sexy underwear was curtesy of him, acquired during his birthday weekend spending spree.

Very awkward.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ch211 Figure it out later

Morris swung the door opened and grinned. “Fancy meeting you here!”

“Didn’t Gramma Marty tell you we were coming?” Georgiana asked.

“That woman don’t tell me anything!” he bellowed.

"Well, I like that!" Marty was heard shouting from behind.

Georgiana giggled.

“Don’t lie to those darling children and go get that grill going! I’m certain they are near starved to death, the little dears,” Marty said, pushing him out of the way to get hugs and kisses from each child. “Oh, I’m so glad you’ve come. Come in, come in! our barbeque is on schedule. Victor, dear, how are you?”

Victor kissed her cheek after setting Peter on his feet. “Fine, but I should be asking you that,” he said.

“Whatever for? I’m fit as a fiddle, never felt better,” she insisted, smoothing down the front of the apron she wore over her dress.

“Perhaps, but a barbeque in this weather? It’s barely forty degrees out there, Marty, and they are calling for sleet later on. Sounds a bit kooky.”

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ch210 Best advice I didn’t take


Distracted as she was and staring at the cloud formations out of her window, she said nothing because she heard nothing.

“Earth to Violet…”

A hand passing in front of her face, however, startled her. “Huh?” Violet said, tearing her eyes away from the clouds. “Did you say something?”

She noticed the indulgent smile on his face and knew she had zoned out again. She really ought to stop doing that before Laurence thought her rude or worse, daft.

“A thousand dollars for your thoughts,” he said, lifting his whiskey neat to his lips.