Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ch207: To be Truly Thankful

Ronnie had just reached out for the bowl of mashed potatoes when he felt a tug at his elbow. It was Georgiana. He smiled and said, “I’ll give you some too. No worries!”

She shook her head. “No, we have to say Grace first,” she said solemnly.

Several other reaching hands stilled and every eye found the little girl’s guileless face. 

“We always say Grace with Reverend Trenton,” she explained.

“Well…that’s lovely. We’ll do the same. Will you do the honors, Georgiana?” Catherine said, passing a loving hand over the child’s light brown curls.

Georgiana nodded and held her hands out, one to Ronnie and the other to Catherine. “We have to hold hands, too,” she explained.

Ronnie grinned and looked all around. “This gets better and better,” he mumbled and held out his hand to Simon who looked as if he was about to put his fingers into a vat of poisonous spiders.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ch206 New favorite son

Meanwhile, back in Catalpa Valley…

Simon surreptitiously watched his father with his new favorite son, Peter, and he couldn’t help--try as he might-- feeling a tinge of jealously. Okay, it was more like an avalanche.

Peter wouldn’t leave Victor’s side for anything, not for the lure of steaming mugs of hot cocoa heaped with marshmallows, nor the opportunity to play with cool toys with Ronnie and Julian, nor even bribes of forbidden candy whose only purpose in life was to spoil appetites before dinner.

Or so Marty shrieked as she snatched the candy bar away from her husband before he came within two yards of the child.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ch205 On the cover of People Magazine

“Girl, you have some explaining to do!”

“Huh?” Violet said into her cell phone…at least she thought it was her cell phone. Could be a shoe for all she knew! It was ringing though and shoes rarely ring, after all so... She could not for her life open her eyes to make sure one way or the other. Blast those pills she had to take last night! They always knocked her out for nearly ten hours and left her fuzzy and disoriented for another six. So, right now, she didn't know up from down.

“So, you leave Catalpa Valley for the first time ever…”

“No…went to Ni-gra falls…and ‘fore dat city for… uh… for birthday…” Violet mumbled into the pillow, but to whom she was speaking she couldn’t quite tell yet, and why for the love of all that is holy was this person--sounded like a woman--bothering her at this ungodly hour?