Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ch190 The Final Goodbye


“Oh, my Lord…Yes, yes, I’m coming! I’m coming!” Violet shouted as she heard the doorbell a good half hour before Morris Kramer told her to be ready. At least she was packed, but she still wasn’t certain there wasn’t something vital she was forgetting.

“No, need to fret, Dear,” Heidi whispered to her. “You’re not going to the arctic, after all. Anything you forget you can buy down there. There are stores in Florida you know, far more than needed, if truth be told.”

“I suppose so,” Violet muttered as the doorbell rang again. “I’m coming! Leave it to Mr. Morris to be this early.”

She ran down the stairs, slipped on her shoes by the coat closet and grabbed her coat. She had one arm in the sleeve when she opened the door with an apology on her lips, but she snapped her mouth shut instead, her eyes wide. It wasn’t Morris Kramer at all, nor was it his driver.

“Victor! Why in the world are you here…so early…and today?” she said. “I’m leaving for…”

“Yes, I know very well where you’re going and it’s just a miracle I managed to discover you were leaving today from Morris when we happened to meet at the orphanage last night,” he snapped. “Can’t believe you didn’t even call to say goodbye.”

Guilt instantly washed over her. No, Victor certainly hadn’t deserved such neglect, but on the other hand, she was determined to keep her distance, for his sake as well as her own, and how else was she to do it except by…pretending he no longer existed?

“For heaven’s sake, Victor, I’ll be gone for five days. Hardly the end of the world if you don’t see me for that long,” she said, her cheeks burning with a mixture of guilt and indignation.

“It’s already been several weeks since I’ve seen you, since we’ve talked. Do I mean that little to you, Violet?” 

 “I’m sorry, but I’ve barely had time to breathe let alone make phone calls saying goodbye to all my friends.”

He glared at her, but what had he expected? That she would fall at his feet, beg his forgiveness and insist she loved him despite everything and that she would marry him as soon as humanly possible? Sure, and there’s some very nice beach front property for sale real cheap in Arizona which he’d be nuts if he didn’t purchase right this minute.

“Friends…are we even that anymore?” he muttered under his breath. He then sighed and stepped into the house, closing the door behind him, his sad expression speaking for him.

“What…what did you…?” she asked, nervously.

He shook his head. “Nothing. Just have a message for you.”

“A message?”

“Yes, from….my ex. She asked me to tell you that she’s very disappointed you couldn’t join us at her house for the Thanksgiving Day celebration with the whole family.”

“Oh?” Violet said, feeling her cheeks burn again. “How…how nice of her, but I… I wonder why she cares so much to have me there. I mean…she doesn’t know me.”

“No, but Simon and Ronnie and also the orphan kids have been…well, they can’t help sing your praises to anyone who will listen. She…she wanted so much for you to see her new baby, too. She’s over the moon happy about it and for some reason…I dunno, she wants you to be there, think you ought to be there with us.”

“Oh…um…okay. And…and Andy?” Violet asked, wringing her hands together.

“He’s …well, you can imagine, he’s thrilled. His first child.”

“Yes, of course,” she said, nibbling nervously at her bottom lip.

He narrowed his eyes as he watched her fidgeting and fussing needlessly with her purse. “I always get the feeling you’re not telling me something whenever I mention my ex. Why is that, Violet? What did she say to you?”

She gulped and turned her back on him. “Really, Victor, I have to finish packing. Mr. Kramer will be here any minute and I don’t want to be….”

She never finished that sentence. Victor took hold of her arms just barely refraining from shaking her senseless. Then giving up he kissed her, hard, almost brutally, before he pushed her out of his arms and opened the door, stepping out onto the porch.

Turning back he said, “I hope you find someone else, Violet, someone more like Richard to make you happy, since I’ve obviously failed miserably. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great time with your daughter. Good-bye, Violet. Safe travels.”

Violet shivered as she watched Victor jump into his car and tear out of the driveway. Would she ever see him again? Well, wasn’t that what she wanted? Yes, of course it was.

Then why did she feel like part of her just died?

Five minutes later, Morris Kramer’s car pulled up and a smartly dressed chauffer smiled and grabbed her bags. "Hello, Ms Bennett. I'm to take you to the air field. Mr. Kramer is waiting for you there."

 Violet sighed, nodded and locked the front door behind her.

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