Monday, November 4, 2013

Ch186 Vise-grip hold

“Really, Victor! Must you manhandle me?” Violet snapped, pulling her arm out of his vise-grip hold.

He closed the door behind him and nodded. “I think I do, because I’m not Victor right now. I’m Elvis and Elvis never took no for an answer. Nobody took him for a pushover, but I know that’s what you think of me, isn’t it?” 

Violet almost laughed. Victor, a pushover? “Yeah, that’s likely,” she muttered. Had he no idea what a vise grip hold he had on her? and not just on her arm. She couldn’t exactly tell him that though, now could she? If he knew, she’d never have the fortitude to just…leave and never return.

She glanced up at him, nervously twisting her fingers, watching him watching her.  She so didn’t want to be here under this intense scrutiny. The longer she stayed the more likely she would throw herself at him or worse, throw Catherine and Andy under the bus and then…oh, snap! She would be in trouble too, wouldn’t she? Victor, after all, was an officer of the court and he had an obligation to sniff out crimes and misdemeanors and all those involved and prosecute…or persecute. She never could quite tell the difference most times, especially in this case.

It was a baby no one wanted, or rather whose parents could not take care of her and here was a couple more than willing to do so, eager and dying for the chance, actually. What was wrong with letting them have the child, to raise and love and care for her? Nothing, Violet said to herself. It was just convincing first Victor and then the entire state of New York. Yikes!

“I…if you won’t let me go home then…I…I’ll help you clean up,” Violet said, stepping toward the living room.

“That can wait.” He grabbed her arm again and half dragged her into his den. Once there he sat with her on the leather sofa and raised his eyebrows. “Well?”

Oh, Lordy, she was going to faint! 

“Are you cold?” Victor said, mistaking her trembling for shivering. Before she could answer, he drew forward the hand knit throw Marty had tossed over a chair and wrapped it around Violet’s shoulders. “That better?”

She nodded numbly and refused to look at him. He would read the guilt on her face. She just knew it!

“Violet, talk to me,” he said softly.

“Uh…about what?” she said tugging the blanket closer around her, even if the wool made her itchy.

“For one thing, what did my ex say to you?” he said and lifted his hand before she could say anything. “Don’t deny you two talked. I know you did. I saw her go into the kitchen where I knew you were and she’s never one to remain quiet. Believe me, she’s driven away plenty of would-be replacements without even trying. I’ll bet anything she’d still try with you, regardless what she says to the contrary. The others never mattered to me. I was actually glad to be rid of them in most cases, but you are completely different. I think you know that, though. So, what did she say to you about me?”

Violet turned to stare at him, dumbfounded. Catherine had actually badmouthed Victor to his girlfriends? Why would she do that? And more importantly, why hadn’t she done so with Violet? She hadn’t said anything bad at all. On the contrary, Catherine knew Victor was in love with her and seemed happy about it. Of course, it was probably because Catherine wanted Violet on her side, keeping the baby a secret and all.

That, however, was irrelevant at the moment. Not when Violet had to concentrate and make sure she didn’t say anything to give any of them away about the stolen, abandoned  baby.

“You can do this, Violet, without saying anything about the baby,” Heidi whispered. “Victor didn’t ask where they went or why or any of that. What Catherine said to you about Victor will be enough for him and the case will be closed. No need to worry. Go on, now, answer the man truthfully.”

“Violet, did she say something to upset you?” Victor asked.

“Who?” she said, somewhat distractedly, as she was listening to her inner voice.

“Adolph Hitler,” Victor snapped.

Violet blinked at him. “What?”

“What is going on with you? You’re on another planet today,” he said, completely exasperated.

“Like Jupiter or Uranus?” she muttered, staring at his lips and vaguely wishing they would smile for her. “That was Kenny’s favorite joke when he was ten or something... Uranus…the silly kid.”

“I’ll bet,” Victor said frowning at her, now confused and a bit concerned. “Violet, please, what did Catherine say to you?”

Violet stared into his dark eyes, recalling perfectly what his ex-wife had said—that he was in love with her-- and Violet got the sudden urge to kiss him, to wrap herself up in him and never let go.

“What’s stopping you?” Richard grumbled. “It’s a good way to distract him if that’s what you’re going for.”

“That wasn’t all Catherine said to you, Dear, remember?” Heidi said. “She also said that you were the perfect girl for him. She knew that you were meant to be, because you both wanted the same things. That you were exactly what he had wanted and expected from her as a wife and mother, but she couldn’t fulfill that promise to him, not then anyway, but she knew you could. It’s no wonder she scared all other women away from him. She had been waiting for you to show up and now you have.”

Violet nodded agreeing with this voice from nowhere and she lifted her arms letting the blanket drop from her shoulders and she wrapped them around Victor’s neck. She leaned forward and dropped a small, soft kiss on his lips, then hugged him tightly.

“Violet, what are you doing?” he stupidly asked, even as his hands automatically went around her, pulling her closer, crushing her to him.

“If you can’t tell, I must be doing it wrong,” she whispered. Then she really kissed him and he pulled her onto his lap and let her do whatever she wanted.

Richard moaned and turned his back on the disturbing sight. “Can I leave now?”

“I believe we might both do that soon, but give it a minute. She’s not out of danger yet,” Heidi said shrewdly.

“She just jumped from the frying pan into the fire, so…does it really matter?”

“Richard, as usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” she sternly said.

“What else is new?” he muttered, throwing himself into Victor’s empty lounge chair and kicking it back into a reclining position.

Violet gasped at the unexpected sound and pushed away from Victor who also saw the chair do this all by itself.

“What the hell…” Victor said, releasing Violet and going to the chair.

“Blasted it, Richard!” Heidi shouted at him. “What are you thinking?”

“Oh, crap,” he muttered jumping out of the chair just as Victor stood up and looked it over. 

Victor straightened it back up and went to push it to recline, but it wouldn’t go back without the lever being pulled first. He frowned and tried it several times then just gave up.

“That is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Why would it do that all by itself?” Victor said, moving back from the chair and dropping down to sit beside Violet again, his attention back on her. “You okay?”

She nodded as she stared at the chair.

“You look spooked,” he said, caressing her cheek, pulling her closer ready to resume their previous, extremely enjoyable activity, but this time she resisted. She continued staring at the empty chair as if determined to see it do it again. The spell had been broken. He sighed in frustration.

“Come here,” Victor said, wrapping his arms around her, tucking her head under his chin, both with wary eyes glued to the lounger. “Still want to help me clean up a little?”
Violet smiled nervously. “You promised to get me out of cleaning up after the next party, remember?”

He chuckled. “Wow, I did say that, huh? What an idiot I am!”

They both laughed and stood up, moving toward the living room.

Heidi smacked Richard on the arm. “Stupid man!”

“Hey! What the hell’s that for?”

“For ruining everything, you dork!” she hissed. “This could have been the night they fixed everything for good and sealed the deal, but no! You had to pull a Richard!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose! I was just… I’m sorry. I’m not thrilled about prolonging this either, you know.”

“Yes I’m sure! You think I’m actually buying that?” Heidi said.

“Hey, I’m the one that wants to get outta here. I want this over and done. I want Violet to let me go so I can…move on or whatever.Think I wanna stay around them, watching them making out like teenagers, any longer than I have to? Well, I don’t! In case you didn’t notice, I don’t particularly like seeing my wife with another man, kissing him and whatever else they’re doing. I want to be gone and I want Violet… to… to…” Richard couldn’t continue. His throat closed up and he was dangerously close to tears. Either that or he’d punch Victor square in the mouth and send him through the large bay window.

“I’m sorry, Richard. I overreacted. I’m sure it was an accident and I shouldn’t blame you. You obviously don’t have a clue how to control your powers yet.” She sighed heavily and shrugged. “Well, we’re done here for tonight. I’m sure Violet will be going home very soon now and leave poor Victor all alone and lonely again.”
Richard tried to look disappointed. Pity he didn’t feel it.

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