Monday, September 30, 2013

Ch181 Don’t start!

“Victor, I was looking for you,” Catherine said.

“Don’t start with me,” Victor snapped. “I won’t apologize for keeping you in the dark. Marty has every right to do as she pleases. She merely asked me not to tell you where she was and what she was doing. Not that she had to. I wasn’t going to blow her chance of a happy honeymoon by telling you. As a matter of fact, I’m surprised she came back so soon, but I know they didn’t want to miss this party.”

She blinked at him, her large blue eyes wide in surprise. “Well, that’s not what I wished to talk to you about, but since you brought it up, it seems Mother has put aside her foolish romantic notions and actually has chosen the only person remotely suitable for her.”

He gaped at her. “Are you saying you like Morris and approve of him?”

“Well…” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand which Catherine probably didn’t yet realize is exactly what her mother always does. “He’s certainly not my father. Mother obviously wants to share the rest of her life with a friend and companion, one who could give her more out of life, instead of a love interest who would only drain her own reserves.”

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ch180 Elvis was a pedophile?


“Well, this is weird. I never thought Elvis was a pedophile. For shame Shirley!”

Violet gasped and pulled away from Victor’s embrace, blushing scarlet. “Freddy! We were just…uh…just…”

“Hey, don’t mind us,” Freddy said, smirking. “I was just looking for a bathroom for my little kitty cat here.” 

Molly stood next to him scratching her whiskered nose with one finger, staring up at Victor who still had his arm around Violet. “Whatcha doing here in da dark?” she said.

“Oh, you know,” Victor said, grinning like a fool. “Showing Shirley my jungle room.”

“Jungle room? Can I see it, too?” Molly said.

“He’s kidding, Molly… I think,” Freddy said.

“Oh…’kay,” she said, and she went down the hall to the bathroom by herself, her long tail swishing from side to side behind her.

“I’ll stay with Molly,” Violet said.

“No need. I’m here. Go on with Elvis, the jungle room’s waiting,” Freddy said, turning his back on them and following Molly down the dark corridor.

Victor laughed until he caught the look on Violet’s face. “What?”

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ch179 Join the party

Violet was beginning to think she’d never join the party when the doorbell rang yet again. She opened the door and her heart sank. She pasted a smile on her face, however, and said, “Hello, Helen. Come in.” Violet stepped back from the door and waited for her to come inside, but for whatever reason Helen stood as she was, seemingly fuming mad.

“What are you doing here?” Helen said, glaring at her. “Victor said you two broke up and that you wouldn’t be here.”

Violet opened her mouth to answer, but could not find one to give. “What a lovely costume. I’m sure Victor will love it,” Violet said, sweeping her eyes over the curve-hugging dress, oddly enough almost an exact match to the one Catherine wore, only Helen’s was in a cobolt blue. At least they weren’t both trying for Marilyn Monroe. Helen wore a flaming red wig, not platinum blonde. Violet vaguely wondered if they would have a cat-fight over the dress anyway…or because of Victor?

“You’re Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, right?” Violet said, still holding the door open and wishing she’d come in already. The night air was not good for the baby, which slept peacefully in her arms and knew none of this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ch178 Elvis is in the house!

Who knew a white, jewel-studded jumpsuit and a pompadour could turn a sensible man into a rock star? Yes, Elvis was in the house! Or at least it sure seemed like it. The kids crowded around Victor/Elvis, the girls giggled and even Flora suddenly acted like a dumbstruck groupie, actually asking for his autograph and a picture with him.


Violet could only stare in wide-eyed wonder at the spectacle, but not for long. Freddy—in what could only be a hick farmer’s get-up of overalls, flannel shirt and a well-worn baseball cap-- and his family came to the door just then.

“Hi Aunt Violet,” Molly said, looking at her with a funny expression on her bewhiskered face—she was a cat, same as she had been for three years straight. “Are you ‘sposed to be Heidi?”

Violet laughed. “Sort of, yes,” she replied as Valerie came in wearing scary, dark, makeup, black clothes, and also carrying the baby. “Ooh, Valerie, don’t you look…uh…nice,” Violet said taking the baby out of her arms. “Oh, ders my cutie. Hello, Fireman Richie!” The baby wore a tiny, red firefighter coat with hat and black booties.

“I’m not supposed to look nice. I’m supposed to be scary,” Valerie said, gazing at the others. “Great costumes! Did you make them, Aunt Vi?”

“Some, yes,” Violet replied cooing at the baby.

“Oh, Darth Vadar! Who is that?” Valerie asked.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Violet's in Bloom, Links to the very beginning of the story

Violet’s in Bloom has been around for a while, but if you weren't here from the beginning you might feel lost. So I decided to post links to the very beginning chapters for your enjoyment, for your convenience, slightly edited, mostly kept the same.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Ch177 Scared to death

Violet had everything packed into her car, all the food for the party, decorations and such, plus her own costume which she’d slip into moments before everyone showed up for the Halloween party. Everything was on schedule, all was ready and there was not a glitch in sight.

So why was she scared to death? Okay, maybe not scared to death but still a bundle of nerves. She knew the reason was waiting for her at Victor’s house…Victor himself!

She hadn’t seen him since he stormed out of her house a week and a half ago. Not a phone call or anything. He had really cut ties with her and was presumably still ticked. In truth, she wasn’t certain he would want her to show her face at his house for his party.

“It’s not just his party, and you know it,” Heidi said. “You planned it together. It’s actually for the kids. You said it yourself to your brother. You won’t ruin things for them just because of a petty quarrel.”

“It wasn’t exactly a petty quarrel,” Violet mumbled to herself as she locked the house and slipped into the driver’s seat.

“Of course it was,” Heidi replied confidently. “You care too much for each other for things to dissolve completely between the two of you.”

Violet didn’t believe that for a minute. They had had quarrels before, she and Victor, but somehow this was different, very different. A feeling of dread filled her and the only thing keeping her from staying home, crawling into a corner and licking her wounds was the angel kids who would expect her to be at the party. She took a deep breath, put the car into reverse and hoped for the best.