Monday, June 24, 2013

Ch168 All Lovey-Dovey

      Victor clenched his hands into fists as he watched the spectacle before him. Seriously? Marty and Morris, who less than an hour ago were at each other’s throats, are now all lovey-dovey and have decided to get married? Oh, hell no! It should be he and Violet getting married, not these two old geezers!
            “Marty, you have to be joking,” he said. “You are seventy-three years old, and...”
      Marty gasped. “Victor Romanoff, you did not just reveal my age! How could you do such a thing?”
            “Martina, take it easy,” Morris soothingly said. “I know you’re not eighteen anymore. We’re practically the same age, remember? I was a senior in high school when you were a sophomore.”
            Marty bristled. “I was a freshman!” she huffed.
            “Even better,”Morris said, winking at Violet. “Hear that? I’m getting a spring chick.”
            “The point is,” Victor interjected. “It’s ridiculous for you to even think about getting married at your age.”

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ch167 The Fine line between love and hate

          Just as Victor and Violet sat down on the sofa, they heard shouting from the kitchen.
          Victor groaned. “Must those two fight at every turn?” he said, exasperated.
          “My mother used to blame it on that fine line between love and hate,” Violet said smiling. “They seem to hate each other because there is too much love there.”
          Victor gave her a skeptical look, but shrugged. “I’ll take your word for it,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. “I finally have you all to myself. We won’t have many of these moments now that Marty’s living here, so let me get some loving while I can.”

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ch166 Don’t poke the bear


When Simon, at long last, came into the living room announcing that dinner was nearly ready, Victor just about jumped for joy. No, he wasn’t starved. He was, however, dreadfully tired of running interference on Marty who seemed particularly intent on provoking Morris Kramer.
At one point he almost shouted, “Don’t poke the bear!” but he knew better than to tell Marty anything, least of all how to behave.
“May I help you into the dining room, Mr. Kramer?” Simon asked, offering a supporting arm.
“I’ll be fine, but thank you, Simon,” he retorted. “No need for all this sucking up. You’re still on the list.”
Simon laughed. “Well, let me know when I slip to last place, will you?”
“Sure thing.”
Don't poke the kitties, either!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ch 165: Dressed for Dinner, part two

Ronnie started very lightly sprinkling the cheese on the hot and bubbly enchiladas.
“Ronnie, are you counting calories?” Violet asked.
She laughed. “Sweetie, use at least half the package. We want to know there’s cheese on them. The other half I’ll use on the refried beans.”
“Oh, okay,” he said. Then he started having fun, tossing cheese around like a maniac.
She laughed again as she placed lettuce into the salad spinner. “You are adorable, Ronnie. It’s no wonder Sophie had a crush on you.”
“What did you say?” Ronnie said, staring at her.
“Oh, gosh! I don’t suppose I ought to have told you that.”
Ronnie gulped and without looking dumped the entire package of cheese right in the dead center of the casserole dish.
“Oh, Ronnie!” Violet grimaced. “Ah, well, we’ll know there’s cheese on them now, won’t we?” She handed him a spoon. “Try to distribute it a bit more evenly, okay?”
“Sorry,” he muttered, spreading the cheese out as his mind worked furiously. “So…uh…Sophie had a crush…like… on me?”
“Sure did.”
His heart jumped. “Are you sure it was me?”

Ch165 Dressed for Dinner, part one

          “Honey, I’m home!” Simon called out as he held the door open for Ronnie and Morris Kramer. He stopped dead in his tracks, however, when he looked up and saw his grandmother dressed to the nines descending the stairs as she clipped earrings to her lobs. “Va-va-voom, Grandma! That’s some dress. Are you going somewhere special?”
          Marty giggled and passed a bejeweled hand down her sequined gown needlessly. “I decided to dress for dinner. We should celebrate that I’m not dead and, after all, we are entertaining a guest, are we not? He did come I hope,” she said, her heart sinking a little at the thought.
          “Oh, yeah, he’s here. Ronnie’s helping him to the door,” Simon said.
          “Why does he need help?” she said, just as her eyes fell upon Morris Kramer coming through the front door, leaning on his cane while Ronnie held his arm for support. Her heart gave a little jump that time.
          “Watch the last step, Profess…” Ronnie said. “I mean, Mr. Kramer.”
          “Thank you, Ronnie, there’s a good lad,” Mr. Kramer replied. “You may have just landed yourself on my short list.”
          “Uh…short list for what?” Ronnie asked, helping him off with his coat.