Monday, May 27, 2013

Ch164 Sweating bullets


          Simon might have laughed at his brother again, but Ronnie—riding shotgun-- was sweating bullets and looked like he might jump out of his skin or pass out any minute. He looked so darn pathetic that Simon didn’t have the heart to torture him any more than he already was doing to himself. This was a pity. Simon so liked torturing his brother!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ch163 Of course not



           Violet jumped when she heard the pickup in the driveway. “They’re back,” she gasped, her eyes wide as she stared at Simon.
          “Yes, they are,” Simon remarked, heading for the door.
          “Simon, you won’t say anything to your father.”
          “About breaking his dishes? Of course not. I don’t want to get in trouble,” he said with a smirk.
          “No, about the…the fainting,” she whispered.
          “Hmm, that’s a different story. You could be seriously ill and he’ll never forgive me if I didn’t tell him about that, especially as I’m to be a doctor one day. Wouldn’t be right.”
          “But I’m not ill!” she said through clenched teeth.
          He smiled. “Good. Then I’ve happy news to tell him, or perhaps I should let you do that?” he said, opening the front door and allowing her to step outside before him.
           “Simon, I'm not...not what you think I am," she whispered.
           “Hmm, well, if it’s not a baby, then Dad should know that you're ill. Shall I tell him, or will you?” he asked just as his father jumped out of the car. “Hey, Dad.”
          “I’ll tell him,” she mumbled, forcing a smile, she turned to Victor, her hands nervously fidgeting in front of her. “Hello, Victor.”
          “A welcome committee? How nice!” Victor said, swooping down to give her a kiss.
“How’d it go?” Simon asked. “Violet and I had a fine time. I’d like to tell you about it, Dad.”

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ch162 Big, Burly boys


“All I know is, if I ever need furniture moved I’m calling you two big burly boys to do it,” Violet said as the boys came downstairs.
They had just brought up to Marty’s new bedroom her entire bedroom set—after first removing the scant and unacceptable—at least to Marty--furnishing which had been in there and taken them to the attic-- and they weren’t even slightly winded.
Simon grinned and said, “We got time now. We can run over to your place, grab your stuff and move you in here, too, Ms. Bennett. Dad wouldn’t mind.”
Violet shook her head and forced a smile. “One person moved in per day is more than enough for poor Victor.”
“Dad would love it!” Ronnie said, giving her a coaxing smile. “How about it, Mommy?”
“Sorry, but no. I’m not ready for such a drastic change in my life,” she said.
“Is it drastic?” Simon asked.
“I…uh… I’m just not ready,” she said, wishing they’d get off this most uncomfortable subject.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ch161 Oceans of Violets in bloom

Oceans of Violets in bloom

          ♪ ♫…Dig if you will the picture, you and I engaged in a kiss, the sweat of your body covers me, can you, my darling, can you picture this? …  
           Ronnie put his arm around Violet and continued singing to her. Victor rolled his eyes, Simon groaned, but she was enthralled.
♪ ♫… Dream if you can a courtyard, oceans of Violets in bloom, animals strike curious poses, they feel the heat, the heat between you and me …            
          “Will you stop that,” Simon growled. “Yes, we know you can sing, but give it a rest already.”
♪ ♫…How can you just leave me standing alone in a world that’s so cold? Maybe I’m just too demanding, maybe I’m just like my father, too bold      
Violet shook her head. “Isn’t it twofold? Always thought it was twofold,” she muttered, but she prompted Ronnie to keep singing.
♪ ♫… maybe you’re just like my mother…she’s never satisfied…    
          “Don’t insult Ms. Bennett like that,” Simon interjected, which made Violet giggle.
          ♪ ♫… why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like when doves cry…    
          “Okay, enough,” Victor said as the elevator doors opened. “You guys go and see Marty while I try to find her doctor.”
          ♪ ♫… Touch if you will my stomach, see how it trembles inside?…    
          Ronnie lifted his shirt showing off his abs and winked at a cute nurse as she passed them in the hall. Too busy watching the stud walk by, the nurse ran into a breakfast cart and spilled half eaten scrambled eggs all over the floor.