Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ch160 Breakfast at Violet’s

“Hey, you smell that?” Ronnie excitedly said, as he stepped into Violet’s house. “She made breakfast for us!”
Simon took a deep breath with his eyes closed. “Oh my God… that smells awesome.”
“I’m gonna kill her,” Victor muttered as he pushed past his sons and followed the enchanting smells and Violet’s singing to the kitchen, his boys at his heels.
“Good morning!” Violet said, potholder-hands holding a tray of steaming blueberry muffins. “You’re right on time.”
“Holy sh…I mean… wow,” Ronnie said, staring at the food laden table.
“Have you ever seen so many good things to eat on one table?” Simon muttered.
“Only at Thanksgiving,” Ronnie mumbled. He tore his eyes from the table and pushed his father away from Violet. He bent down and kissed her cheek. “Thanks, Mom!”

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ch159 Wait up for you

   Ronnie pushed his brother aside and took his turn hugging Violet, her feet dangling two feet into the air. “I’m so glad you’re with my dad. Up to you to make him happy,” he whispered and in a much louder voice, “We won’t wait up for you, Dad.”
Both boys smirked as they helped Violet into the car, Victor glaring at them, Violet blushing. “I’m only dropping off Violet at home and coming right back home. We,” he said, significantly looking at Ronnie, “need to talk.”
Ronnie’s face fell, but Simon chuckled triumphantly.
“We’ll see you, tomorrow, Ms. Bennett,” Simon said.
“Oh, I’m not sure I will. I have to work,” she said. “Perhaps I can make dinner for you all.”
They gaped at her. “But you have to come with us to the hospital! You have to convince Gramma it’s a good idea to move in with Dad,” Ronnie said.
“Me? Why me?” she shrieked.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

*For all new readers*

Just wanted to respond to Cheriberri so she wouldn't miss it and I also thought all new readers of Violet's in Bloom might like to know this too. You can read all chapters in order by going to the Table of Contents page where you will find all links in order. I hope this makes reading Violet's in Bloom easier and more enjoyable.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Ch158 It’s obvious

     “Grandma, you are positively horrible,” Simon said, but he didn’t appear to be the least bit surprised by Marty’s deception nor concerned that she might truly have been ill. In fact, he looked rather amused, impressed even!
          “Gees, Gramma,” Ronnie said, clutching his heart. “You’re getting so good I almost believed it this time. Are you sure Broadway isn’t your thing?”
          Marty giggled delightedly and inclined her head, her idea of a dignified bow to her star-struck audience.
          Violet, on the other hand, was indignant with rage. “You tricked him! How could you do that? It’s obvious Victor is out of his mind with worry for you and you pull this stunt?” she shouted. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Faking illness is horrible, especially in a hospital. That’s unconscionable!”

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ch157 Texting, the best spy tool ever created

          Simon stared across the table at his mother as she slowly sipped her coffee, and pulled out his smart phone. He knew without a doubt that texting was the best spy tool ever created, and he also knew best how to put it to maximum effect. He quickly texted a message to Andy, his step-father:
Grama ok. Mom trd, won’t go hme. Pick up, plez? Thx.
“Who you texting?” Catherine asked, distractedly straightening the sugar packets in the tiny, clear plastic container sitting on the table next to the napkin holder.
“Oh, just my adviser at school. He asked me to keep him informed of grandma’s condition,” Simon lied smoothly.