Monday, March 25, 2013

Ch156 Serious as a heart attack

  Although Violet appeared by turns jovial, calm and optimistic, she was actually as serious as a heart attack, as nervous as a mouse suddenly dropped into a room full of hungry cats, and well on the way to being frightened out of her wits. For heaven’s sake, she was just about to meet someone-- a stranger no less-- who had just had a real heart attack! 
In fact, Violet was a total wreck, but no one seemed any the wiser. There she was surrounded by Victor and his sons and they were staring at her as though she had tentacles growing out of the top of her head. Even her knees shook, so it was amazing that she was still standing.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ch155 Family comes first

The flower of the Catalpa tree
          Violet tried not to smile, but Victor looked so darn cute, like a pouting, petulant little brat glaring at her, his cell in hand still unanswered.
          “Victor, answer it. Didn’t you tell me family comes first? Well, you can’t ignore your wife…”
          “Ex-wife,” he growled.
          “Yes, Catherine, and now Simon’s calling. They must need you,” she said, soothingly. She brushed his tousled hair off his forehead then kissed him. “Please? Then we can enjoy the rest of our day. We can spend it… you know… making out like teenagers.”
 She giggled and kissed him again, but this time he wouldn’t let go when she tried pushing away. He kissed her until she was quite breathless all the while Doctor my eyes  played over and over until it stopped.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ch154 Impending Doom

          “Are you okay?”
          Victor stared into the depths of his coffee mug, a feeling of impending doom heavy on his chest. His mind being elsewhere, he didn’t hear the softly spoken words which might have releaved his unease. He tried in vain to recall anything of the disturbing dream which jolted him awake that morning, his heart pounding a mile a minute. As it was, though, he brooded and wondered what was coming. It wouldn’t be good, he knew that much. Oddly, as of last night he thought nothing could be worse than a ghost talking in his head and coming between him and Violet, but now…
          “Victor?” Violet said.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ch153 Promises in the dark

          What is it that they say about promises in the dark
          Victor couldn’t remember. As a matter of fact, he was having trouble thinking of anything. Forming any coherent thought at present was practically impossible. Of course, he should be sleeping, not thinking, but he couldn’t do that either. How could he sleep with Violet cuddled up to him, her bare skin enticingly pressed to his? She was sending his libido into overdrive…the little minx.
          Was she trying to torture him? Sure seemed like it. Was she punishing him for God know what reason? Well, she was doing a bang-up job then.