Monday, December 24, 2012

Ch143: Just a tease

“Oh, my God,” Violet muttered as she finally examined the contents of her overnight bag—the one Victor packed for her. “I knew I couldn’t trust him!”

“Who can’t you trust?” 

“You, of course, you…you…” she stopped in mid-sentence as she turned to shout at him and instead gasped. 

Victor stood in front of a steaming bathroom door with only a towel—and a rather small one, too— casually flung around his hips.

“Magnificent specimen of a man comes to mind, don’t you think?” Heidi teased.

Violet gulped. “I’ll say,” she mumbled, without realizing she spoke aloud.

“You’ll say what?” Victor asked coming toward her.

Panicking, she turned away and fervently wished to heaven she had not listened to her inner voice which had been getting her in a load of trouble lately.

“Trouble, dear, or fun and exciting situations?” Heidi said, unguarded amusement in her voice. “Go on and look at him. He’s good enough to eat and you did say you were hungry.”

That had been out by the lake and most definitely didn’t count! How she wished she was still out there. Then perhaps her cheeks wouldn’t be flaming bright pink or at least they'd be cooled by the chilly breeze. Of course, it had started out there. 

After settling into their room, Victor promised a long walk around Balsam pond.

This is not a pond,” she insisted after walking nearly a mile around the huge body of water. She had never taken more pictures and such beautiful ones of the colorful leaves reflected on the crystal clear water.

“It is around here. Ever since I was a kid, we’ve called it a pond, so…it’s a pond,” Victor said, tossing a pebble into the water, sending ripples away to the distant shore.

Violet snapped a few pictures of him without him knowing. He looked especially happy today. He seemed completely at peace here and that only made him even more handsome. Who wouldn’t want a picture of that?

“Gimme that thing,” he suddenly said, catching her at it.

She hid her camera behind her back and stepped back. “You’re not tossing it into the lake!”

“Pond, and why would I do that?” he said, easily taking it out of her hands while wrapping an arm around her and tugging her close. He extended his free arm out front and pointed the camera toward them. “Say cheese, Sweetie.”

“Mozzerella!” she said, laughing.

“Silly girl,” he said, turning to kiss her while snapping more photos.

“Would you prefer cheddar or Monteray Jack—my personal favorite?” she said, between kisses.

“Hmm, maybe,” he said, forgetting about the camera and pulling her closer, kissing her until they were both quite breathless. “Tired yet?”

“Of cheese? Never,” she replied.

“Perhaps you’re getting oxygen deprived.”

She laughed and he kissed her again.

“It’s getting late and we’re only a quarter of the way around the pond.”

“Only a quarter of the way? That is not a pond!” she shouted.

“It is and shush. You’ll scare away the animals and Uncle Vlad will have my head if you do that.”

“He’ll blame you for something I do?”

“Of course. He wouldn’t hurt a hair on your pretty little head, but he’s been known to put me over his knee for a spanking or two.”

“Seriously?” she said, incredulous.

“Oh, yes. Ask Marcus. He’s been spanked too. We get a little rowdy up here.”

Violet dissolved in giggles.

“Anyway,” he said taking her hand and tugging her down the path back toward the house. “I thought we’d get back, get cleaned up and go out to dinner. There’s a great restaurant just in town I think you’ll like.” He then did something odd. He pointed across the water to a point barely visible where a tower gleamed white and tall over the tree tops.

“What?” she said.

“See that tower? That’s the restaurant. It’s called the Turret and it’s kind of like a castle.”

“Wow,” she said her eyes wide with wonder. “I’d love to see it. I’ll even pretend to be hungry to go there. Yes, I'm officially very hungry now.”

“Let’s go then,” he said, laughing.

Upon returning to their room, Victor had gone into their bathroom to shower while she stayed to look for clothes to wear to dinner. 

“I hope he packed something appropriate,” she mumbled as she pulled out her bathrobe and night gown plus stockings which she had never seen before. She assumed they were among all those clothes she got during Victor’s birthday shopping spree. Then she pulled out a sexy little teddy.

“What in the world?” she said gaping at it. “Does he expect me to wear this?” With a shake of her head and a feeling of impending doom, she set it aside and looked further. There was her worst suspicion come to life. Victor had packed the too short, too low-cut, too tight, too clingy, too sexy dress she had hidden in the back of the closet and swore she would never wear.

“I can’t believe you… you…” she said, holding up the dress as he sat down on the bed, oblivious to his near nakedness and its effect on her.


“I can’t wear this, Victor!”

“Why not?” he said, taking the dress out of her hands and running his fingers over the silky fabric. “I’ll bet it feels nice on… and coming off.”

“Well, that’s totally beside the point,” she said snatching it back.

“Then what is the point?” he asked, leaning back on an elbow and propping his head to look at her.
She gasped when his towel seemed ready to give way. She half wished it would. She could barely think with him so close to totally naked and looking so good that way.



He grinned. “You were saying something about the dress.”

“What?” she mumbled, blinking stupidly. Then she snapped out of it, tearing her eyes away from his body. “Yes…uh…You’re family.”

“What about them? Pretty sure they wouldn’t fit in this thing,” he joked.

“They, uh…well, neither do I, if truth be told.”

“Stop exaggerating. You look wonderful in it… and out of it,” he said, giving her a sexy smile.

“They…they’ll think I’m just a…a…”

“A what?” he prompted.

“A harlot!” she hissed.

He threw his head back and laughed, making the towel ride up on his thighs. Dear God, she was going to faint! 

“They will not. They love you,” he said.

“Victor,” she said, trying desperately to NOT stare at him. “You have to get dressed. I’ll leave.”

He grabbed her before she could take one step and pulled her onto the bed.


“Hmm…” he said, tossing a leg over hers effectively trapping her there and completely losing the towel. Then he proceeded to kiss her neck.

“Victor…you mustn’t… Victor…please…”

“You liked it before,” he muttered against her soft, warm skin, his hands running along her jean-clad legs and up her torso.

“Before?” she said, barely listening, as she  delighted in the feel of him pressing her into the mattress, his hands roaming over her body. She fleetingly wondered why she was still clothed when she didn’t want to be.

“Hmm, last time we shared a room, shared a bed,” he whispered, before kissing her chin and teasing her lips with soft,barely-there kisses.

“Did I?” she said, not even following the conversation anymore. She clung to him running her greedy hands over his back and wishing her arms were longer--the better to reach his butt and knead those buns. She sighed and arched her body wanting him closer. She ached and wanted him something awful. All thought left her and she could only feel. She wanted only to feel.

“Oh, Richard…” she moaned holding him closer, pulling him tighter. 

Victor froze, then pulled back and glared at her. In another moment he stood with the fallen towel in his hand.

“Victor…what?” she said, stunned and staring at him with glazed eyes.

“I drew you a bath. You better get in it before the water cools,” he muttered in a flat voice. Then he turned his back on her and proceeded to dress.

Suddenly bereft, she sat up wondering what had just happened. What had caused the abrupt change in him? What had she done? With her heart flipping cartwheels in her chest, she fled to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

She quickly stripped and slipped into the bath. Even submerged to her neck in warm, sweetly scented water, she could still feel Victor’s hands on her skin, his lips on her face. She took in deep breathes and eventually her heart went back to normal and the tension left.

She couldn't help wondering what had gone so wrong? Why did Victor so abruptly leave her? Then she chided herself. What did it matter? It’s not like she wanted to…

“Didn’t you though, dear?” Heidi softly asked.

Shame flooded through Violet. She certainly did want more which was very wrong of her. Now she knew what happened. It was all her fault. She was being a great big tease. There she was one minute saying no-no-no and the next doing the exact opposite. 

She couldn’t blame Victor. What man in a million could take that? And he’d had to deal with her flighty behavior for so long now. No wonder Victor was all upset and confused and…possibly even angry. He sure looked angry.

“Nobody likes a tease,” she mumbled. “And I have to wear that slutty dress tonight so all the world will know what I am?”

She hid her face in her hands until the water grew cool. 

“Well, it’s only fitting, isn’t it? Since I’m such a slut I may as well look like one, too, and maybe...just maybe I'll start acting like one.”

Heidi didn’t know what to say to that.

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