Friday, September 14, 2012

Ch130 Ghost Talk

They had only just ordered breakfast when Doctor my eyes sounded out of Victor’s pocket.

“Simon,” Violet said, with a nervous giggle.

“Yes, it's my medical student kid. Excuse me. I hate talking on the phone in restaurants,” Victor said apologetically, as he stood up and left the table.

She waved him off with a sense of relief. She didn’t quite know why, but he had been staring at her oddly today and it was rather unnerving. It didn’t help that he was overly affectionate—even more so than usual!—and just a tad too…familiar.

Could it have been because she had willingly agreed to share a bed with him? Most likely it was. At least he didn’t know she had removed all her clothing in the middle of the night! She would never have been able to look him in the eye again if he had.

She recalled many a night awakening without the nightgown she donned the night before and not recalling how or when it came off. She also remembered—and this recollection caused her cheeks to burn crimson—she often found herself sprawled out on top of Richard. Thank heaven she hadn’t done that!


“Hey, Dad,” Simon said.

“Hi, Simon. Odd for you to call on a Monday. You okay?” Victor asked.

“Great. Had a few minutes before class and wanted to see how your birthday weekend went,” Simon said.

Victor smiled. “It was wonderful. Had a great time with Vi… with my friend.”

“Why won’t you tell me her name?” Simon asked, trying and failing to not sound annoyed. “I won’t tell Mom, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“It’s not that important, is it?” Victor replied.

“If she’s important to you, she’s important for me. Come on, Dad.”

After a moment’s hesitation he said, “Violet. That’s all I’m telling you. Until things get going, anyway.”

“Didn’t you spend the weekend together?”

“Yes, she’s waiting for me right now, too, so I should get go…”

“Wow, you’re still in the city?”

“No, we left yesterday, but we got caught in a horrible storm, so we stopped at a lousy little hotel.”

“Lousy is good when you got someone with you and when there’s nothing to do, you improvise,” Simon said, laughing.

Victor cleared his throat, but chose not to reply. His thoughts, however, went back to that glorious morning and waking up with his arms firmly around Violet. He hadn’t felt that good in a very long time…if ever. He recalled the baby crying down the hall just as he awoke, and how Violet in a half sleep state mumbled Missy’s name before she made that adorable little cooing sound and snuggled even closer to him, pushing her cute little butt closer still, effectively setting him afire. 

How he had wanted to caress her and kiss her neck and shoulders until she was fully awake , then roll her over and …Well, she wouldn’t have liked that, not in the light of day. Sweet little Violet was a prude by day and, as the Eagles put it, the daughter of the devil himself by night. Every man’s dream, she was, especially Victor’s.

As it was, he realized she woke up in a panic. He could feel her heart jump start when she found him so close to her and clutching possessively at her naked body. He could feel her trembling, but he knew it wasn’t from cold. The air conditioning had only just come back on, after all.

He knew she would have been highly embarrassed by what happened the night before, so, he pretended he was sound asleep and let her leave him with her  dignity, and perhaps even her sanity, intact.

“Dad? Did I lose you?”

Simon’s voice roused him from his daydream. “Uh, sorry. Service here mustn’t be very reliable.”

“Anyway, I’m glad your Violet’s gotten over her ghost husband. Maybe one day you’ll call from Vegas and eventually introduce me to your new wife.”

“Hey, um…I wanted to ask you about that,” Victor said, very reluctantly.

“You have my blessing, if that’s what you want. You know I want you happy.”

“It’s not that. Remember at the Grand Canyon when we talked about …ghosts?”

“Sure. Have you not talked to her husband yet? I figured you had or you wouldn’t be getting it on with her”

“We’re not…getting it on yet.”

“Seriously? Hasn’t it been like….five months?”

Victor took a deep breath and explained what Violet told him about Richard’s ghost coming to her.

“Dad, you have to have a real talk with this guy,” Simon earnestly said. “I know you don’t believe in any of this, but do yourself a favor. Go to her house one day when she’s not there and just speak out loud to this ghost. You may feel like a fool, but do it anyway. Tell him he had his time with her, but he’s gone now and can’t give her what she needs. Be respectful and nice about it, but also be firm. Tell him you love her and reassure him that you mean to take good care of her. Unless he’s a total lunatic, he’ll be okay with it and maybe he’ll release her and leave her alone.”

“But what if she’s the one holding on to him and he can’t go without her telling him herself?”

Simon was silent for so long, Victor thought they had been disconnected. “You there?”

“Dad, do you think that might be the case,  that she won’t let go of him?”

“I know she won’t. She’s told me as much,” Victor said, dejected to even have to admit it.

“Then you’re totally screwed, Dad,” Simon replied. 

“But don’t give up! Talk to the ghost anyway. He might go after he knows you’re around to watch out for her. It’s worth a try. I gotta go, Dad. Glad you had a nice weekend, but I do wish it was better for ya. You need a real girlfriend that’s there just for you.”

“Thanks, Simon,” Victor said and with a sigh he clicked off. He stood for a minute pondering how he could maneuver a circumstance in which Violet would have to share another bed with him. Preferably somewhere no other beds are to be had.

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