Monday, August 20, 2012

Ch127 Fifty Shades of Violet

“Are you mad at me?” Violet asked, tentatively reaching out to touch Victor’s arm.

Victor shook his head, then recalling they were still in the dark and that she couldn’t see him any better than he could see her at the moment, he said “No, of course not.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Cuz I made you stop at this crumby hotel and now we’re in the dark and you have to share a bed with me and I may snore and keep you up all night,” she said.

“I'm sure you will,” he said before he could stop himself.

“Why you say that?”

“Uh..." he said, doing some quick thinking. "When you fell asleep during the car ride into the city you were snoring away. Almost made the windshield crack, you were so loud.”

“Really? How embarrassing. I thought I was kidding!”

He laughed. “Well, I am kidding, so don’t worry. You barely made a peep.”


Silence fell between them and in that silence they could hear a baby crying somewhere in the hotel, stomping coming from the floor directly above them, a loud discussion happening in a room down the hall and next door—oddly enough the same room from which the cranky man told everyone to go shut up so he could get to sleep—came the unmistakable sounds of lovers engaging in what lovers are known to usually do in a hotel.

“So, um…tell me a story,” Violet said, a little louder than was necessary since they were in so close proximity.

“Excuse me?” Victor said, distracted by the noise from next door.

“You heard me. Tell me a story.”

“Like…once upon a time there was a princess?” he said, incredulous.

She giggled. “No, like…oh, a story from when you were a kid or about your parents or about you and the wife and kids before everything went bad. Anything. I’m...I'm not sleepy yet.”

“Pity,” he muttered to himself.


“Uh… I think I’ll go take a shower. I feel sticky and... I’ll be back soon,” he said, getting up.

“But…will the water work with no electricity?”

“Only one way to find out,” he retorted walking around the bed.

Once the bathroom door clicked shut and Violet heard the sound of water going, she breathed a sigh of relief and threw the covers off for a while. With the air conditioning down it was already getting stuffy in the room.

By the time Victor came out of the shower—truly he took forever in there! Not that he entirely enjoyed the icy spray, but he knew he needed it with Violet around-- Violet had fallen asleep. He was infinitely glad of this. Now he wouldn’t need to stay in his clothes. He had removed his drenched shirt already, but he had kept his pants on even though they were soaked from the knees down. Yes, he might be able to sleep now in only his boxers.

He stretched out on the bed, grateful that the cranky guy finished getting some. He at least was quiet now. The whole of the hotel seemed to have gone to sleep. Perhaps this was a good thing.

Just as he closed his eyes hoping sleep would come to him as well, Violet’s soft hand touched his arm, then slid around his middle as she shifted her whole body to snuggle up against him. He stiffened for a split second then relaxed when he realized she was still asleep.

Or was she?

“Too hot,” she whispered, running her hands over his chest. “Nice, cool.”

Victor’s eye snapped open when she kissed his chest. “Violet, you sleeping?”

“Hmm,” she said, snuggling closer. “Love my Richard.”

Victor let out a frustrated sigh. “Oh, yeah, sound asleep and dreaming of Mr. Wonderful, to boot,” he muttered irritably. 

She giggled and tossed her leg over his, then shifted her entire body to lay on top of him. She mumbled something he couldn’t make out and drifted to sleep again.

Victor lay motionless and quite silent, listening to her steady breathing while he barely drew breath. It wasn’t like he didn’t like this, after all, but what was he supposed to do now? He was pretty much imprisoned under her with no hope of sleep and no way for him to…shall we say…keep his body from reacting to her very desirable curves entirely too close to him.

On second thought, this was more like torture. He couldn’t just do nothing when she felt so damn good, but a voice kept screaming in his ear, “Leave her be and let her sleep!”

This was as close as he ever got with her and he was just supposed to ignore this golden opportunity? How was that at all fair? Hadn’t he waited long enough? Hadn’t he been extremely patient? Didn’t he deserve something?

As if in answer to these questions, Violet moaned and repositioned herself even more snug against him--so snug in fact that he marveled that she didn’t notice a rather ridged part of him nestled against her soft flesh.

“She’s killing me!” was the thought which ran through his head as he lifted a hand and placed it on her back. The other one followed and together they softly caressed her from shoulders on down, down to her waist—where he hesitated a nanosecond before he went further, cupping her pretty little bottom and gently kneaded such enticing flesh driving her even closer to him. How he wished her shirt—or rather his shirt—and his boxers weren’t between them.

Again she must have heard his thoughts. At least, it certainly seemed that way when she shifted once again and unbuttoned the shirt with one hand. Leaving it on, she opened the front so they were now skin on skin.
Victor actually groaned with pleasure—or was it pain? Did she have any idea what she was doing to him?

Probably not.

 What was she thinking?

That he was her dear, darling Richard, no doubt.

Still, Victor would enjoy it for what it was, a big giant tease like everything else about Violet. He did slip his hands under the shirt just to touch her skin, that’s all. He would do nothing more.

As it turned out, he wouldn't have to do anything.

Violet moaned, delighting in his touch. “Don’t you love me?” she whispered.

“Of course, I do. You know I do,” he earnestly replied.

“Then prove it,” she said. “Kiss me.”

Shocked as he was, he said, “As you wish,” before pulling her closer and kissing her thoroughly.

“Hmm, nice. First wish granted. That makes you my Genie in a bottle, right? I’m your master?”

He chuckled. “My mistress, yes. I’ll grant you any wish, any time.”

“Hmm, do I hafta rub you the right way first?” she said, planting tiny kisses along his jaw until he melted.

“Already done, babe,” he replied breathlessly.

“Wanna know my second wish?” she asked.

“Tell me, please,” he said, even as he fervently prayed it matched his own.

“It’s too hot,” she said.

“You certainly are,” he said.

She giggled. “No, I mean I wish I wasn’t wearing this.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said quickly helping her off with the over-sized shirt.

“Better,” she said making herself more comfortable against him.

“Yeah,” he said, wrapping his arms around her. “Much.”

Just when he thought she had fallen asleep again, she moved tantalizingly against him. “Wanna know my third wish?” she said, tugging down his boxers. 

“Let me think,” he said, in a strangled voice.

They were now truly flesh on flesh, with nothing between, but still he wondered if she was quite awake. It didn’t seem possible she could not be aware of all this. This sexy, flirty, demanding, fifty shades of Violet was so drastically different from the awakened, prim and proper model. Victor knew which one he preferred at the moment.

“Someone’s finally awake,” she said, almost in answer to his unspoken thoughts, but was she referring to herself or him?

She answered that by sensually moving against him until she gasped and he moaned in pleasure.

“Now, let’s see if you can grant me my final wish,” she said.

God help him, but Victor certainly was going to try.

*A great big thank you to my friend Sandra Leiva who came up with the perfect title for this chapter*

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