Monday, March 26, 2012

Ch107 My Boyfriend, the Weatherman by Glory Lennon

“Let me down, you beast, or the onions will burn,” Violet snapped.

Victor obeyed and set her down, but not before kissing her soundly.

“Victor Romanoff, you said no funny stuff,” she whispered, breathing heavy and trying halfheartedly to push him away.

“That was just a thank you. You give a better birthday show than Benihana’s. Their chefs aren’t nearly as sexy,” he said, smirking.

She blushed. “I wasn’t putting on a show for you. You should learn to knock!”

“What for? You never lock the door and you wouldn’t have heard me anyway with the music this loud.”

“I…I unlocked it to let Calendula out,” she lied.

Victor pointed to the fluffy ginger tail sticking out from under the table; proof she had done no such thing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ch106: Perfect start by Glory Lennon

Violet stood in front of her closet in her underwear with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. “What the heck am I supposed to wear to New York City?” she muttered to herself. “And how do I pack for this weekend?”

“Perhaps you should wait to ask Victor? He should be over in an hour or so to pick you up,” Heidi suggested.

“Knowing that man, he’ll be here sooner than that,” Violet grumbled.

She shook her head and pulled on a little skirt and a tank top. The packing would have to wait. Then she headed to the kitchen to make the birthday boy a special breakfast.

Victor awoke to Ronnie’s Little Red Corvette ringtone. 
“Ronnie, isn’t this a bit early for you?” he groaned into the phone, his head still slumped onto his pillow. A blast of loud music made him pull the phone away from his ear.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ch 105: No funny stuff by Glory Lennon

Violet paced in front of the hospital bed with Victor watching her like a Ping-Pong ball in play.

“Violet, Carmencita will be fine. Can you please come sit? I’m exhausted just watching you,” he said.

She glared at him hands akimbo.  “How can you be so calm? They’re cutting her open!”

“I know, Sweetie, but your handsome Dr. Thomas…”

“He’s not my handsome anything!” she snapped.

“All right then, Carmencita’s doctor was top of his class at John Hopkins.”

Violet gave him a blank look. “Um…is that good?”

Victor chuckled. “Yes, very good. He’s the best Catalpa Valley has to offer. I made sure of that before he even touched our baby. Now will you relax?”

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ch 104: Over your head by Glory Lennon

“Mommy! Mommy!”

“I’m here, Sweetie,” Violet said going to the huge hospital bed and taking  Carmencita into her arms. She looked over the little girl’s head to Victor and added in a whisper, “She’s hallucinating. She thinks I’m her mother.”

“She might think you truly are at this point,” he replied."Besides Flora, you're the only mother she's known.

“You don't think she’s forgotten her mother?”Violet shrieked.

“I’m afraid so. She’s so very little.”

Violet closed her eyes and held the child tighter. What a horrible thing, to be forgotten by your child! “The fever's down at least," she said then pointed to the tote bag she dropped onto a chair. “I brought you clothes so you can change.”

“Thank you. I see you found your dresses,” he said taking the bag and heading into the adjacent bathroom.

“And why did you have dresses in your house for me?” she asked, still holding the baby.

He smiled, gave no reply and closed the door.