Monday, February 20, 2012

Ch 102: Pool party by Glory Lennon

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming home?” Violet said.

“I didn’t know for sure until just this morning,” Victor replied, setting Peter down on the ground. “Everybody get ready to go. Come on, hurry! ”

“Where are we going?” Timmy asked.

“Home,” Victor said.

“What?” Violet said. “Why are you telling them that? The Trents won’t be back until…”

“They’re not coming at all,” Victor said.

Violet gasped. “Did something happen to them?” she shrieked.

“Of course not. They’re perfectly fine. I just spoke to them not fifteen minutes ago,” he replied. “Everyone’s coming home with me, to my house.”

“We are?” Peter said.

“Yes. My pool’s been too lonely and needs some company, don’t you think?” Victor replied.

“Pool party!” Joaquin yelled, followed by the other kids jumping around like maniacs.

“And you think you can handle them all by yourself?” Violet asked, trying to be heard above the happy cries.

“We never had a problem before,” Victor said.

“We? Victor, I can’t just take off work.”

“I think you can. Walter assured me you could be spared this once. I didn’t even have to bribe him an allee of Magnolia trees,” he said, grinning.

Violet gaped at him open mouthed. “You didn’t!”

“I did, so…” Victor said, looking expectantly at her.

“Well, okay. Kids, go on and store away the tools and stuff,” Violet said. “We’re going to a pool party.”

Violet lounged beside the pool just out of the splash zone under the large umbrella. She looked asleep behind those sunglasses, but she was indeed very alert scanning the surface of the water and unconsciously counting heads the whole while. There were fourteen all together, thirteen kids plus one very large man. Victor was doing an extremely good impersonation of a little kid as he played with them. 

Only one angel was missing, little Carmencita. She had been fussy all day, complaining of a tummy ache and fell asleep on the ride over to Victor’s house and was currently in the shade of the sprawling Catalpa tree napping on a thick blanket. Violet suspected she would awaken at any moment.

Violet giggled when she saw Victor tossing kids way up into the air to splash back into the pool. He was a natural born daddy, wonderful with the kids, so fun, so loving and so caring, though stern when the need arose as it often did with fourteen kids of differing temperament. In general, they got along remarkably well, at least when they were with them. 

It was so easy to imagine this was her family, the huge family she had always wanted. She could clearly see Victor and herself married, adopting all these beautiful children and living at Somerset Hill in a sprawling home. 

Her heart suddenly gave an uncomfortable jolt. How could she think of such a thing? It was impossible. She and Victor were just friends, after all. And Richard...well, she couldn’t forget him. 

Out of nowhere, a beach ball came right at Violet and plunked her on the head.

 "Hey, who did that?" she shouted pretending to be miffed. All the kids pointed at Victor who grinned devilishly.

"I'll get you for that, Mister!" she said. She grabbed the ball and tossed it at him. It missed by a mile. They all laughed at her and she pouted as well as any little girl could do. "All right, so, I'll get you some other way." She then returned to her chair.

"Come in the pool, Violet. Get your suit on and join us. You left one here last time," Victor told her after climbing out of the water. 

He stood gloriously dripping in front of her. She grabbed a towel and tossed it at him. The less of him she saw, the better her heart would behave, she figured.

"Did I? You should worry about a woman that makes herself at home in your place. I think that's one of the warning signs," she said.

He sat down at the end of her lounge chair and tickled her toes. "Warning signs for what?" he asked curiously.

"Stop that! You know," she said, wiggling her toes.

"Why don't you illuminate me?" he said smirking.

She leaned towards him and whispered, "A devious woman that's trying to trap you."

He laughed. "You're kind of devious, I'm all for it.”

She realized too late this was dangerous ground. She forced a smile, however, and put her hand on his forehead. "Victor, you may be coming down with something. You should get back in the pool. You're delirious."

Without warning he scooped her up. "Victor, what are you doing?" she shrieked.

"Nothing," he said innocently as he stood at the edge of the pool.

"Victor Romanoff, you can’t. I…I have to watch for Carmencita.”

“Come swimming with us, Miss Violet!” Claire shouted.

“Yeah, It’s too hot,” Jeff said.

“Come on, Victor, jump in!” Timmy said. “I dare ya!” 

“I double dog dare ya!” Billy said.

“Oh, no, did you hear that?” Victor said. “The double dog dare can’t be ignored.”

“Victor Romanoff, you wouldn’t dare!” Violet shrieked.

“Well, that’s three dares so now I gotta do it.”

Off the edge of the pool he went and they plunged into the water.

Violet came up spluttering. “You are so dead!” she hissed.

Victor pushed the hair out of her eyes without a care in the world. “And you are so cute.”

“I will get you for this,” she said trying not to smile.

“I can’t wait,” he said.

“Victor, Timmy won’t let me have the ball,” Kelly whined.

“Well, we’ll just have to drown him then,” he answered.

“Victor!” Violet admonished. “Don’t tell her that.”

“Sorry, Kelly, Violet says we can’t drown him,” he said sadly. “I guess you’ll just have to get another ball. Is that all right? Over by the tool shed, take your pick.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s better!” Kelly said and she jumped out of the pool. 

“There, all better,” Victor said.

“You’re still dead,” Violet said.

“Admit it. It’s nice in the water.”

She would not admit it, even if he was right, but she did splash him in the face.

“Oh, it’s gonna be like that, is it?” he said.

Violet laughed and swam away, but not quick enough. He caught her by the waist and pulled her to him, trapped within his arms.

“You can’t get away from me that easy,” he said, and he rubbed his nose with hers.

“Dat’s how eximos kiss,” Peter said.

“No they don’t. That’s just a myth,” Jeff said.

“Isn’t that a butterfly kiss?” Maria said.

“No, that’s when your eyelashes meet,” Timmy said.

“Victor, is that right? Eskimos don’t kiss like regular people?” Kelly asked.

Victor didn’t hear her nor was he listening to anything other than his thumping heart. He gazed into Violet’s eyes and then fell into them. He kissed her …for real.

“I guess that answers that,” Joaquin said, smirking, and he shooed the other kids away from the kissing couple.

“Violet, marry me,” Victor whispered in her ear after coming up for air. “You be the Mommy and I’ll be the dad. We’ll be one big, noisy, happy family with all these kids. Marry me, Violet, marry me.” 

“I’m gonna kill this guy!” Richard shouted.

“Stand in line. I get first crack,” Heidi snapped.

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