Monday, February 27, 2012

Ch103: Saved by the baby by Glory Lennon

Violet stared up at Victor, astounded. Later…much later she would attribute shock to her, shall we say, hesitation. She more than hesitated, if truth be told. Her mind whirled with the fantasy which she had only just been imagining. She knew she was a mere spec of a millimeter from saying yes. She wanted so very desperately to say yes and she might have done so if it hadn’t been for Carmencita awakening just then with a piercing shriek.

“The baby,” she said, instantly reacting to her cries as any mother would. She tried pushing away from Victor, but he held her tightly pressed against him.

“Lucia will go to her,” he said, just as Lucia, without being told, did indeed jump out of the pool, grabbing a towel first, then going to tend to her little sister.

“Victor, please,” Violet whispered, again trying to push away and again he held her fast.

“Please, Violet, just say yes,” he pleaded.

She opened her mouth, not quite knowing what she would say and then…

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ch 102: Pool party by Glory Lennon

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming home?” Violet said.

“I didn’t know for sure until just this morning,” Victor replied, setting Peter down on the ground. “Everybody get ready to go. Come on, hurry! ”

“Where are we going?” Timmy asked.

“Home,” Victor said.

“What?” Violet said. “Why are you telling them that? The Trents won’t be back until…”

“They’re not coming at all,” Victor said.

Violet gasped. “Did something happen to them?” she shrieked.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ch 101: Crazy busy by Glory Lennon

Victor was going home to Catalpa Valley…at least for the weekend. Things had calmed down sufficiently that he wasn’t needed as much…thank heaven! He hated being a babysitter and that’s pretty much what it was like working on this case. 

Victor hummed to himself thinking of Violet as he packed when his cell went off. He growled a few curse words about incompetent lawyers, his partner’s nephew and nepotism as he snatched up the phone expecting to find trouble at the office. When he saw Ronnie grinning back at him from the phone he laughed and shook his head in relief. 

“Hello, Ronnie, what’s up?” he said.

“Not much. How ya doin’, Dad?”

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ch100: Pineapple dreams by Glory Lennon

Victor couldn’t take it anymore. He had to hear Violet’s voice. He grabbed his cell, then paused with his thumb on the speed dial. He expected his inner voice to stop him again as it had been doing for weeks now. But it didn’t come this time, at least not with the usual admonishment.

“Go ahead, cowboy,” Richard whispered. “It’s time you talked to her.”

Elated, Victor grinned, but first looked at the time. Only nine. She wouldn’t be asleep for another hour at least. That left plenty of time for them to talk.

He tried her cell first, but after only a few rings it went straight to voice-mail, so then he tried the land-line. That one rang five times before she picked up.