Monday, December 31, 2012

Ch144 From Prim Proper to Slutty Seductive

As she suspected, Victor was no longer in the room when Violet finally emerged from the bath. Discovering the room vacant, she sighed, torn between relief and disappointment. She then promptly and severely chided herself for feeling both.

She shook that aside, however, put on her makeup, fixed her hair, then dressed with infinite care. That is to say, she dressed with the expressed purpose to make a change and not a subtle one. In essence she meant to switch gears from prim proper to slutty seductive. 

She swallowed hard as she set aside her no-frills bra and Granny panties—Jocelyn’s name for the comfy, practical Hanes underwear she always wore~~ and she gingerly touched the naughty little corset thing she was to wear under the even naughtier dress. 

It was indeed sinful looking, all scarlet satin with black velvet trimming. It certainly belonged more in a brothel in New Orleans than a quaint little bed and breakfast in upstate New York. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ch143: Just a tease

“Oh, my God,” Violet muttered as she finally examined the contents of her overnight bag—the one Victor packed for her. “I knew I couldn’t trust him!”

“Who can’t you trust?” 

“You, of course, you…you…” she stopped in mid-sentence as she turned to shout at him and instead gasped. 

Victor stood in front of a steaming bathroom door with only a towel—and a rather small one, too— casually flung around his hips.

“Magnificent specimen of a man comes to mind, don’t you think?” Heidi teased.

Violet gulped. “I’ll say,” she mumbled, without realizing she spoke aloud.

“You’ll say what?” Victor asked coming toward her.

Panicking, she turned away and fervently wished to heaven she had not listened to her inner voice which had been getting her in a load of trouble lately.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ch142: The Best little B and B in NY

The lovely views of colorful, tree-covered hills had Violet so enthralled that she hadn’t notice when Victor turned onto a long and winding dirt road.

“It’s gorgeous up here!” she gushed upon seeing the large lake whose water glistened in the brilliant sunshine and reflected the vibrant neon yellows, oranges and reds of the trees surrounding it.

“Especially during autumn, it is. The colors seem brighter than usual this year,” Victor said.

“That must be because I’m here!” she said with a gleeful laugh.

“Must be,” he agreed, just as he arrived at end of the road and the best little B&B in upstate New York. “We’re here.”

“Oh, Vladimir, they’re coming!” Lucy said, springing from her rocker.

“I can see that,” he said somewhat irritably as he straightened his enormous, creaky-boned form from his own chair and watched the dust cloud emerge from the trees—a sure sign they were getting company.

“I did tell you he was bringing a lady friend,” she said.

“Only a dozen times,” he replied. “Bout time he brought up a girl to meet us. Boy’s been alone too long. Ain’t good for a man, uh?”

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ch141: Negative Ions and Positive Feelings

“Oh, Victor!” Violet gasped. “Oh, my goodness! Victor, it’s…it’s amazing…it’s wonderful…it’s…huge! Oh, Victor!”

“Yes, it's always like that the first time you see it. It is breathtaking,” he said, kissing her cheek. 

He stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders now slipping down to encircle her waist hugging her to him as she watched the eighth wonder of the world—Niagara falls-- its rushing water cascading with deadly force over the precipice and down, down, down to the rocks below.

“I never imagined it was so…oh, Victor,” she gushed.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ch140 Of Jedi knights, Lightsabers and Halloween

Victor turned the doorknob and growled. “Will she ever lock this thing?” he muttered.

“Meew,” was the only response he got. It came from kitty Calendula.

“Ginger fluff, can’t you tell Violet to lock this door?” he said. “I’m going to come over one day and find her murdered. I would think you’d care. She is your personal can opener, you know. If we don’t save her from herself, you won’t get fed anymore.”

This speech did not seem to impress the cat. She just yawned. She then snaked around his ankles and sneaked out of the door before Victor got the chance to close it.

“Lock up after you come back in!” he shouted at the silly animal with its tail haughtily up in the air.

He looked around, and with no Violet to greet him, he frowned. 

“Violet?” he called out, but he received no answer. He searched the downstairs growing increasingly concerned. Each empty room showed no sign of her.

“God, no!” he muttered as he bound up the stairs taking them two at a time. Her bedroom was still and vacant as was Sophie’s across the hall. The one at the end of the hall, however, hummed with the sound of a mechanical appliance. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ch 139: Thanksgiving Surprise

“What do you mean you’re not coming home for thanksgiving?” Violet shouted into the phone.

“Mom, I can’t come home now. We have…”

“You’re killing me Sophie! I haven’t seen you in forever!” Violet cried. “What’s going on that you won’t come home anymore? Is it Antoine? Is he keeping you in Florida against your will?”

“Mom, stop freaking out,” Sophie ever-so-calmly said. “It’s not that at all. It’s the band. We’re doing really well. It’s so important that I stay cuz they need me for…”

“But I’m your mother! Aren’t I even a tiny bit important to you anymore? I need you here, Sophie. I’m all alone now.”

“Mom, please listen. We have a week-long gig at Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney, Mom! This is like… a really a big deal. I want you to come and have Thanksgiving with me and the guys from the band. I know you’ll love them,” Sophie said. “I wish Kenny could come too, but he already told me he and Janice are going to spend the holidays with her family this year.”

“Have thanksgiving in Florida? Do they even celebrate it there?”

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ch138 The Labor Day Party

Violet was in shock. Victor had pulled together the entire Labor day barbeque- pool party with no help from her-- None, zip, nada!~~and much to her surprise it was a raging success. He hadn’t missed anything and even came up with a few things Violet wouldn’t have thought of. He obviously didn’t need her in the least, and despite her endeavor to be otherwise, she was thoroughly miffed about it.

Loads of delicious food was on hand and an endless flow of drinks elicited fun of all sorts. Violet was witness to it all. Her friends were getting very friendly with all of Victor’s friends. What with all the laughing, dancing, singing, playful banter and outrageous flirtations—not the least of which could be seen going on between Jocelyn and Marcus who appeared to be thoroughly enthralled with one another-- there was nothing for Violet to do except watch everyone have the time of their lives.

Victor was practically ignoring her, too, which didn’t jive too well with her. She had asked several times if there was anything for her to do to help and he just dismissively waved her away.

 “No, no, don’t worry,” Victor said as he flipped over a sizzling steak. “Party’s going on its own now. Go have fun!” 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ch137 We’ve only just begun

“Are the Trentons coming for the kids?” Violet asked, as she braided Kelly’s hair and tied it with a ribbon.

“No, I’ll bring them home,” Victor answered.

Violet waited in vain for the invitation to join him which always followed. When he remained silent, she looked at him as he tried one more time to show Julian how to tie his shoes.

“I just can’t do it, Victor!” he whined.

“It’s okay, Jules. We’ll try until you get it,” Victor said.

“I’ll never get it. Peter already knows how and he’s younger than me.”

“Age has nothing to do with it. Some people pick it up quicker than others, that’s all. We can practice some more at home. Would you like that?”

“Really? You'll stay longer?” he said, looking stunned.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ch136 He Can Do This

“Victor!” Peter shouted and took off like a shot, dropping his basket and scattering a few Brandywine tomatoes  on the grass. 

Violet visibly stiffened at the name, but kept her head down and continued instructing the children on how to know when corn is ripe enough to be picked. Of course, they also left, one by one, to greet Victor, most with just as much enthusiasm as Peter, others with less urgency, but all with brilliant smiles on their faces. 

Even the oldest kids slipped away, although they, at least, gave apologetic smiles and said, “We’ll be right back, Miss Violet.”

Violet was soon left with only Carmencita by her side, who didn’t know what all the fuss was about. She preferred pulling out yellow turnips--or rather trying to-- and putting them in Violet's basket.  

Peter jumped up into Victor’s arms and hugged his neck.

“How’s my good boy?” Victor said, rubbing his little back as he held on tightly.

“I missed you. Why dintcha come before?”

“Oh, Peter, I’m sorry, but I’ve been busy.”

“Didcha marry Violet yet?” Peter asked, his face scrunched up in an adorably grumpy expression.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ch135 Damage Control

“I’m gonna kill him!” Richard snarled.

“Stand in line. There won’t be much left after I’m done with him,” Heidi said, as she stared down at Violet who still remained on the floor hugging her knees and weeping into them. “You stay with her. Try to calm her, but if you can’t, suggest to her that she call her brother. He may be the only one to get her off the ledge, as you well know.”

Richard stared at her frowning. “And how do you know all that?” he asked.

She smiled slightly. “You weren’t the first ghost haunting her, Dear. I’ve gotten to know her—and you for that matter-- a long time before you even died. We can talk about that later. For now, Violet is our main concern.”

With that said, she drifted down through the floor and she was gone. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ch134 Crazy Like Mom

“We need to make plans,” Violet said, carefully placing a dress on a hanger and then storing it in her newly emptied closet.

Victor’s heart skipped a beat. “I agree,” he said, with infinite effort to remain calm. “I was thinking of a June wedding, perhaps at Weston Botanical Gardens. I’m sure Walter would deny me nothing after the last donation I made, but I really don’t want to wait that long.”

“What in the world…Victor,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I meant for the labor day party, you big goof!”

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ch133 Don't Give Up on Me

“Well, this is the last of it. Got any hangers? I’ll help you put everything away.”

Violet stared at Victor as he dropped the last of the luggage onto the bed and opened the biggest one revealing her new dresses.

“I wasn’t kidding, Victor,” she said. “I don’t have room for all this.”

“Then we just need to cull the closet of stuff you no longer wear,” he said going toward the closet.  “According to my mother, every woman has tons of clothes she no longer wears, so...she used to do it every year or so and gave loads of stuff to the Salvation Army or Good Will. Made her feel good.”

“I don’t want to get rid of anything,” she said, standing in front of the closet, arms outstretched, preventing him from getting anywhere near it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ch132: Dreaming

Kitty photo courtesy of Julie Helms at Wooly Acres
Violet suppressed a yawn, or rather she tried to.

Victor, witnessing this, stood up from his comfortable lounge chair setting aside his book and held his hand to her. 

“Time for all sleepy girls to go nighty-night and start dreaming,” he said. "Hopefully about me."

Violet giggled. “Okay,” she said, closing over her book and placing it on the coffee table beside his.

Hand in hand they went up the curving staircase and at the first door they stopped. Victor smiled and embraced her.

“I’m so glad you agreed to come live with me. It's wonderful to have you so close all the time almost like we're married. It just makes sense,” he said, caressing her cheek. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. When he went to pull back she wrapped her arms around him, keeping him there.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Ch131 Happy Together

“Miss me?”

Violet looked up from buttering her warm buttermilk biscuit and gave Victor a look which clearly stated What are you kidding me?

He sat down with a wounded expression on his face. “Apparently not,” he mumbled.

“Victor, you were gone all of ten minutes. Do you honestly think I can’t live without being in your presence for that long?”

“Was hoping,” he grumbled. "Thought we were happy together."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ch130 Ghost Talk

They had only just ordered breakfast when Doctor my eyes sounded out of Victor’s pocket.

“Simon,” Violet said, with a nervous giggle.

“Yes, it's my medical student kid. Excuse me. I hate talking on the phone in restaurants,” Victor said apologetically, as he stood up and left the table.

She waved him off with a sense of relief. She didn’t quite know why, but he had been staring at her oddly today and it was rather unnerving. It didn’t help that he was overly affectionate—even more so than usual!—and just a tad too…familiar.

Could it have been because she had willingly agreed to share a bed with him? Most likely it was. At least he didn’t know she had removed all her clothing in the middle of the night! She would never have been able to look him in the eye again if he had.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ch129 Never Happened

Violet timidly came out of the bathroom and started, her heart skipping a beat when she spotted Victor—thankfully fully dressed—and sitting on the bed, leaning casually against the pillows and flicking through the channels on the TV.

“I was wondering if you’d ever come out,” he said smiling at her.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to hog it.”

“No worries,” he said, looking from her newly done hair down to her pretty barefoot toes. “You look fresh as a daisy.”

“Um…thank you,” she said, noticing only just then how incredibly small and intimate this room truly was.

“Come here,” he said, wearing a sexy sort of smile and holding out his hand to her, the very same hand which had only just recently been in full possession of her breast.

A shiver ran up her spine just thinking about it. “Shouldn’t… uh, shouldn’t we get going?”

Victor stared at her frowning slightly. He could tell she was nervous. No doubt it was about last night. He wondered how to ask her about it without embarrassing her. Well, that would be impossible!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ch128 Sleep Walking Without the Walking

Victor didn’t know how long he could hold out—it felt too good and it had been a while—but then Violet’s breathing turned quick and shallow. He felt her quiver and that was his undoing. He let out an explosive grunt just as she gasped and said, “Oh, my!” and collapsed on top of him, breathing hard.

She lay there spent and exhausted for several seconds. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. 

“Last wish granted. Thank you, Mr. Genie,” she whispered in his ear, giggling like a school girl.

“No, Violet, thank you,” he said holding her tightly against him. He could feel her quickened heart beat slow to a normal speed. He felt the slick sheen of perspiration on her over heated skin, and her tussled hair tickled his face. This was it. This is what he’d been craving all these years.His heart swelled with love.

“I love you, my funny girl.”

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ch127 Fifty Shades of Violet

“Are you mad at me?” Violet asked, tentatively reaching out to touch Victor’s arm.

Victor shook his head, then recalling they were still in the dark and that she couldn’t see him any better than he could see her at the moment, he said “No, of course not.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Cuz I made you stop at this crumby hotel and now we’re in the dark and you have to share a bed with me and I may snore and keep you up all night,” she said.

“I'm sure you will,” he said before he could stop himself.

“Why you say that?”

“Uh..." he said, doing some quick thinking. "When you fell asleep during the car ride into the city you were snoring away. Almost made the windshield crack, you were so loud.”

“Really? How embarrassing. I thought I was kidding!”

He laughed. “Well, I am kidding, so don’t worry. You barely made a peep.”


Silence fell between them and in that silence they could hear a baby crying somewhere in the hotel, stomping coming from the floor directly above them, a loud discussion happening in a room down the hall and next door—oddly enough the same room from which the cranky man told everyone to go shut up so he could get to sleep—came the unmistakable sounds of lovers engaging in what lovers are known to usually do in a hotel.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ch126 The Very Long Night

“Omigosh,” Violet muttered as she stood up in the tub and reached for a towel. She could find none. “Dammit.”

“What’s wrong?” Victor said, through the door. “Are you okay? Open up. Let me help you.”

“I don’t need your help, thank you,” she snapped.

“Well, you’re getting it anyway,” he said, turning the knob and opening the door.

At the sound of the door opening, Violet yelped and dropped back into the water with a great splash “Get out! I have no clothes on.”

“Violet, I can’t see my hand in front of my face. Needless to say I can’t see anything else. Now get up and let me help you out of here before you kill yourself.”

“I’ll do it on my own, now get out!”

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ch125 Seeking Shelter from the Storm

The first raindrops fell as they walked to the parking garage and it was nothing short of a deluge by the time they made it to the Tappen-Zee bridge leading out of the city. By the time they hopped onto Victor’s usual scenic route through the Catskills toward Catalpa Valley the term raging hurricane came to mind.

Of course, how scenic this route was now, during this vicious storm, was up for debate. There was nothing to see except for water cascading all around. You’d think some giant was pouring water onto the windshield from massive buckets.

While Victor drove on seemingly undisturbed, the same could not be said of Violet who sat with a death grip on the door handle and had to force herself not to grab onto Victor’s arm every few yards. She couldn't even bring herself to speak for fear of distracting him from his task of driving them safely home. Cars and trucks were pulling over right and left to the sides of the road, some exiting the main highway all together. 

Wise decision. No one should be out in such treacherous weather.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ch124 Resistance is Futile

“That’s a really nice bathrobe,” Victor said, by way of getting things back to normal.

Violet turned and stared at him—or through him. “What?”

“It’s the perfect color for you. Makes your eyes shimmer,” he said, pouring out another cup of coffee for her.

“Shimmer,” she repeated absently, pacing about the room in an agitated fashion.

“Violet, come sit and have breakfast with me.”


He lifted the cup to show her and she came to the table. She sat and sighed before taking the cup in both hands. 

“Thank you,” she said, sipping at it.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked. “It takes some getting used to, sleeping through sirens and everything, especially when you’re used to the quiet of Catalpa Valley.”

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ch 123 How Do You Fight That

Victor tried as hard as he could to get his mind around what Violet just disclosed. His brain obviously was still half asleep, because he was getting no help.

“Violet,” he said, tentative as you can get. “Violet, are you trying to tell me Richard is… is haunting you?” 

She bit her lip again and took a deep breath. 

“I…No…I don’t think so. Not really. It’s more like…” She looked around as if hoping to find the words written out for her on the walls. She then placed her fist on her chest over her heart. 

“I still feel him around me and inside me, Victor. I know it’s crazy, but I swear he’s here. Richard’s always with me. He comes to me all the time. When I’m alone at home. He talks to me at the department store and the supermarket and the post office and at work. He tells me when to pay the bills, cuz he knows I always forget. He…he even comes to me in my…when I sleep. He spends the night with me… he holds me and it’s almost like he’s not really gone. It’s only in the morning when I wake up that I realize…but even then I can hear him whisper my name and say, “Good morning, sleepy head” just like he used to. Even when I’m with you, I feel him near me and I don’t think…I think…”

Sounds like haunting, thought Victor, but he kept this to himself.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ch122 Don’t get it

Violet wrapped her arms around Victor’s neck and held on tightly. As much as she tried, she couldn’t stop the tears which suddenly sprung to her eyes from spilling over onto her cheeks. That only made her hold on tighter to him.

“I don’t get it. Why is she crying?” Richard said.

Heidi gave him a long-suffering sort of look. “I’m sure you wouldn’t understand it even if I explained,” she said.

“He doesn’t even know she’s crying, the idiot. He’s just enjoying having her on his lap,” Richard growled.

Indeed Victor was. He definitely loved having Violet hugging him like there was no tomorrow. This gave him hope, but after a while he got the inkling something was up. 

“Violet, do you want some breakfast?” he asked, rubbing her back, his face in her sweet smelling hair. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ch121: Enough For Now

Reluctantly, Violet threw back the covers. That would have to be enough sleep for now. She stretched luxuriously, then slipped out of bed, pulling her robe on. She went into the bathroom to splash water on her face and try to fix her hair. She gave up when the comb got stuck at the back of her rat nest head.

“Pretty bad when I need coffee just to comb my hair. Oh, well,” she mumbled, tossing down the comb and heading back to her room. She stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing a stack of bright magenta red boxes sitting beside the luggage. They had not been there last night, she was certain.

“Now what is this?” she muttered going to the first box, lifting the lid and gasping. There she found sexy lingerie and each subsequent box contained lacy bras in a rainbow of colors, slinky panties, delicate camisoles and silk stockings. While Violet longed to start wearing all of these lovely things, she knew from where they came, and it didn’t sit well with her.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ch 120: Victor's Concubine

Violet slowly turned away from Victor’s closed door and went into her own room. There she blinked stupidly at the unfamiliar and complete set of matching luggage tucked into the corner of the room. Her own small overnight bag lay at the foot of the bed and looked woefully out of place in such lavish surroundings. 

“What in the world?” she mumbled. She then ran to Victor’s door and pounded on it. Before she could blink, the door swung open to reveal at eye level a bare chest.

“Violet, what’s wrong? You okay?” he anxiously said.

She stared at the chest for a second then her eyes slid down the taut stomach and at last to silky striped boxers. Damn, he looked good!

“Violet?” he said, tilting her face up to his. “What’s wrong?”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ch119 Best Birthday Ever


Violet smiled, her head resting on Victor’s shoulder. If the cab ride lasted any longer she knew she would fall asleep, but she wasn’t about to tell him that.

“Pleasantly so,” she instead replied. 

“It’s been a long day for you,” he said, kissing the top of her head.

“And not for you?” she asked. 

He shook his head. “Too short for me.”

“Too short?” she laughed looking up at him.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ch118 Wait and See

… I fell in love with you the first time I looked into them-there eyes. You have a certain, cute way of flirtin’ with them-there eyes. They make me feel so happy. They make me feel so blue. I’m falling, no stalling, falling in a great big way for you. My heart is jumpin’. You started somethin’ with them-there eyes. You better watch out little brown eyes if you wise. They sparkle, those baubles, they get you in a lot of trouble. Ah, Mister, we're talking about those eyes…  

The entire place erupted in applause, but none hooted louder than Victor who shot to his feet before Violet hit the last note, starting a standing ovation.

 Violet bowed and laughed, then went to the microphone and said, “It’s a good thing you’re all too drunk to know any better. I’m not nearly as good as you think I am.” She turned and clapped for Jolene, who had been singing along and was the real star.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ch117 I’m Not in Love

Violet stared out the cab window, seeing nothing, not even the lights flashing before her eyes. Her thoughts troubled her. Victor’s last words still echoed in her head. Was she really in love with Victor as he had asserted? Was it truly just a matter of time before she ended up as his wife? Surely not! She promised herself and Richard she would be faithful until death do they part. She was Richard’s wife therefore forever.

“Until death, my dear,” Heidi said gently. “Not your death, just a death. In this case Richard’s death came much too early, but it came nonetheless. He is gone and parted from you forevermore. You do see that, don’t you?”

No, she really didn’t. No one understood it, but she could feel Richard around her at all times. In the grocery store, at the movies, at home while she read a book, while she baked cookies and as she lay in bed, she could feel him, really feel him there with her, even here in the cab. She felt sure she could reach out her hand and touch him.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ch116: Violet in Wonderland

“Ready for the best tourist thing to do in New York?” Victor asked, leading Violet to a horse-drawn carriage in front of which stood a smiling man in old fashioned livery and a top hat. 

“Hello, Raul. How are you and Chester doing this fine evening?” Victor said to the man as he patted the horse on his neck.

“Very well, Mr. Romanoff. So good to see you. It’s been a long time,” Raul said beaming as he bowed and doffed his hat to Violet. “And I finally get to meet the lovely Mrs. Romanoff.”

“Uh…we’re not…” Violet started to say.

“Not yet married, but one day soon,” Victor interjected. “We’re engaged as of today.”

“Ah, congratulations!” Raul said. He then opened the little door to the carriage and offered his hand to Violet.

“No need, Raul,” Victor said lifting Violet as if she were a little kid and placing her gently within before climbing in himself.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ch115: Birthday Surprise and Guilty Feelings

Violet gazed at the sweet little antique ruby ring on her left hand and a pang of guilt swept over her. 

“What would Richard say if he were here right now?” she miserably thought.

“Well, Honey, if he were here, you wouldn’t be wearing it at all. You’d still have on your own wedding band, he would be right beside you, probably holding your hand and you might never have met Victor, let alone be pretending to be engaged to him merely to fool his friends,” Heidi reminded her.

Violet did see the logic in that, but she’d never known logic to clear away guilt and it certainly wasn’t helping now. She unconsciously tugged on the necklace from which her wedding band dangled and marveled how well the ruby ring fit her. She and Victor’s mother were probably very similar in size. How odd!

“Violet, are you all right?” Victor asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Huh? Oh, I’m fine,” she said, attempting a smile.

“Liar,” he replied, setting down his wine glass. “If you’d rather not do this I won’t make you.”

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ch114: From Hooker Shoes to Engagement Rings

“I am not wearing hooker shoes!” Violet shouted, putting back on her own, old-fashioned and reasonable sling-backs with the mid-sized heel.

"But they're Louis Vuitton," The sales girl said.

“Violet…”Victor started.

“I don’t care. I’m not stupid enough to break my neck for fashion. I’ll stay safely out of style, thank you very much!” she snapped, raising out of the chair and going to the door where she stood with her arm tightly crossed over her heaving chest.

Victor gave the shocked shopkeeper an apologetic smile and followed Violet. He held the door open for her and she stormed out without a backward glance. 

“Please tell me we’re done with this torturous shopping spree,” Violet said, perilously close to tears.

 “Violet, what’s wrong?” he said, wrapping her in his strong arms.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ch113: If the Dress Fits

Violet felt like an idiot standing in the spotlight wearing a way-too-fancy dress. “Well?” she said.

“Well, what?” Victor replied.

“How do you like the dress, of course?” she snapped.

Victor shook his head. “I can’t tell yet. Show me.”

“Show you what? What am I supposed to do?” she said, wringing her hands.

Victor grinned. “Come on, you must have seen a fashion show once in your life. You gotta take a little turn on the catwalk.” 
“You’re kidding, right?” Violet said. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ch112: Cretins and Mannequins

Cretins and mannequins

“That was lovely, Victor. Thank you,” Violet said, as they stepped out of their garden hideaway and back onto the noisy, hot and unforgiving streets of the city.

“You’re welcome,” Victor said, casting a furtive glance at her and wondering about her subdued behavior. “Anything wrong?”

“No, not at all,” she replied looking up and him with a small smile.

“Wouldn’t be lying to me just now, would you?”

“Why would I bother? You can see right through me,” she retorted, laughing.

“Not through. You just have very expressive eyes and I think perhaps I just know you,” he said, watching for her reaction.

“Funny, you didn’t know me that first time we met and you read my mind perfectly, as I recall,” she said.

“You wear your thoughts on your face like some women wear clothes, obviously for attention,” he said. He smiled as her face registered her confusion as she tried to figure out what that meant. “You do it unconsciously, of course.”

She opened her mouth, but didn’t get a chance to speak. Someone in the crowd called to them, a foul-mouthed cretin, by all accounts.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ch111 Say My Name

Victor carefully weighed his words as he chewed a delicious piece of steak. All the while he watched Violet and her nervous fussing. She was already regretting her impulsive question. Well, he wasn’t going to make this easy for her.

“Let me see if I have this correctly,” he said, taking a sip from his wine glass. “You wish for me to tell you the story of Denise when just moments ago you told me it wasn’t any of your business. Is that right?”

“Well, I don’t expect you to kiss and tell, just…. Oh, forget it. We can speak of…uh… the weather or the state of the roads.”

He almost choked. “The state of the roads?” he said incredulously.

Violet grimaced. “Don’t mind me. I’ve been reading Sense and Sensibility again,” she said. 

As Victor laughed, she glanced around the garden and her eyes landed on an unfamiliar plant. “Do you think someone here knows the name of that flower? You can ask them for me in Portuguese, okay?”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Victor said. “You asked about Denise and now I’m telling you.”

“Victor, please, I…” Violet said shaking her head.

“Shush and eat. I’m talking now and you’re listening,” he said. “Denise and I were dating when she was in college and me in law school. Casually for me, not so much for her it seems. Then I met her best friend, who happened to be my ex-wife and she stole me away from Denise.”

Violet gaped. “The bitch!” she said, before she could stop herself. Then she blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ch110 Very Patient Indeed by Glory Lennon

“I’m hungry,” Violet said.

“I’m sorry, what?” Victor asked, totally thrown. He had just confessed that he had been in love with her for over a decade and this was her reaction?

"With Violet one has to be very patient, Dear," Heidi whispered in his ear. 

"Indeed," he muttered.

“Didn’t have much breakfast, so…um…I’m hungry,” she repeated. It was a complete lie, of course, but what else was she to do? She did not want to have this conversation. Why in the world would she want to know anything about one of his former lovers?

Victor merely stared at her for a minute watching her quite literally squirm. She obviously was not willing to have this discussion-- here and now, anyway--but perhaps in a quiet restaurant over a leisurely meal…

 “I made a reservation at a Brazilian Steak house. It’s just a couple of blocks away, but if you’d rather walk I’ll get us a cab. It is rather warm today.”

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 109 Curiosity Killed the Cat

“That’s not me,” Violet said, staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Kimberly giggled. “I assure you it is. You have marvelous bone structure and with just a little bit of makeup we brought it out,” she said, spinning Violet's chair away from the mirror.

“Victor won’t recognize me,” she mumbled.

Again Kimberly laughed. “You do make me laugh, Ms. Bennett. Mr. Romanoff will absolutely recognize you and, no doubt, fall deeper in love with you. That’s never a bad thing!”

But in this case it was—at least Violet thought so. She followed Kimberly out into the lobby perhaps not quite as shy as when she first entered, but still a bit apprehensive. She saw Victor first as he sat with a fine bone china tea cup in his hand. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ch108 Queen of the world by Glory Lennon

Queen of the world

Victor frowned as he watched Violet gripping the phone to her ear long after he heard the distinct click of an end to the call. She didn’t look much happier than he felt.

“You’re going to Florida for Thanksgiving?” he said.

“What?” she said, distracted.

“You won’t be home,” he said, getting up and putting his empty dish in the sink.

“Of course not. Unless you’ve changed your mind about going into the city. I can bake you a cake and…”