Monday, December 11, 2017

Chapter 341 Panties in a Bunch

There now, Melody said, taking Violets arm for support as they walked away from the table. Ive eaten enough to stuff a twenty-five pound turkey. Surely, that will satisfy Benjamin.

Violet giggled. You ate half a piece of toast and a tiny bit of quiche. Hardly enough to stuff a Cornish game hena very small one, too.

I need to keep my girlish figure, dont I? Melody replied.

You practically look like a teenager, Mom Violet said.
Melody smiled. I kind of feel like one at this very moment. I should relish it, she said. I think, however, that Im more like a toddler and need a nap, though if anyone makes me I will kick and scream and make quite a fuss.

Oh, Mom, if this party is too much for you we can go home right now, Violet anxiously said.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chapter 340: No Regrets, No Pain*

*I know, I know! I said use your imagination to fill in the rest, but if you had a good imagination you wouldnt be here!

Before you go, Simon said, resting his cheek on Cassandras curly head. I want you to really think about what youre doing.

Why? You arent really jealous of Ronnie, are you? Cassandra said looking up at him. Hes been a good friend to me, and for a long time, he was my only friend.

Oh, come on, Simon said. What about Sophie?

Cassandra made a derisive sound. Get real. Sophie never was there for me when she was in Miami, rarely called or even texted, but Ronnie did. He called just to see how I was and he didnt have to. So, I trust him, Simon as you should. Its so nice of him to offer to help me.

Its not thatnot all Im concerned about anyway, he said. Its about you running away from home. Kind of childish move, dont you think?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Chapter 339 What are friends for

What? Simon said. Why would you have Uncle Tommys number?

Dude, he has Rangers season tickets and he knows how much I like hockey, Ronnie said, looking through his contacts list on the cell. He calls me up and we go whenever I can make it. We go to Mets games, too, and to see the Knicks whenever theyre on a winning streak.

What the hell. He never calls me! Simon whined.

Why would he? He figures you cant sit comfortably for that long with that stick up your butt, Ronnie said, sharing a chuckle with Sophie. Besides, he knows youre at medical school, and that youre very serious about it and that you cant just take off at a moments notice. I bet we can catch more games now that Ill be living in the city.

Waityoure going to live in the city? Whenwhy? Simon asked.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Chapter 338 Take it Back

Cassandra clung to Simon as if she were in danger of drowning and he was the last life raft left in the world, the letter from Morris Kramers  Foundation For The Future of American still clutched in her hand. She could barely believe it! She now had the power to go to college, any one she chose and she wouldnt have to worry about money. To hell with her selfish family and what wanted for her. She now had the freedom to do what she wanted.

Emotions overwhelming her senses, she burst out with it before she could stop herself.

I love you, Simon, she whispered.

Damn it, Simon said.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Chapter 337 What I got for Christmas

As Cassandras belly grew increasingly fuller, her mood worsened. For one  brief moment her cares and worries had drifted away with the joyful chatter surrounding her and the temptation of plentiful, delicious food, but even Simon being more solicitous than ever before couldnt keep her mind off the big question in her head; Where could her mother be at that very moment and could she ever find her?

Sensing the subtle change in Cassandra, Simon asked, Is there anything I can do to make you happy again?

Startled, Cassandra quickly forced a smile. I am happy. Im smilingsee? she said.

He shook his head and pointed at her lips. Youre only smiling here, he said, then pointed at her heart. But youre not smiling here where it counts.

She made a face. I keep forgetting how perceptive you are, she grumbled.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Chapter 336 Already Part of the Family

          Sophie had just hung up her coat when she heard the front door open behind her. Cassie, youve come! she said, bending down to hug her little friend.
          Its a Christmas miracle! Ronnie said, throwing his arms around her as well. Your dad let you come after all, huh?
          What was your first clue, Genius? Simon retorted, closing the door behind him before helping Cassandra out of her coat, hanging it up for her. As he did so he whispered in her ear, You dont have to tell them anything until youre ready and only if you want to. kay?
          She smiled her gratitude and nodded. Merry Christmas, guys. I hope Im not intruding on your family gathering, she said nervously.
          What are ya talking about? Ronnie said. We invited you, remember?
          I keep telling her that, but she wont believe we actually want her here, Simon said.
          Always playing the shy introvertgetting kinda lame, Cass, Sophie said getting a good look at her friend. Are you okay? You look a little…”

Monday, May 22, 2017

Chapter 335 The Only Freedom She Knows

   Taking a page from Dr. Franz Mesmers book,  Simon had been making inane conversation while driving, purposely droning on in a low, slow and excessively boring voice so that after a minute or so even the Energizer Bunny would have been comatose, which was precisely the objective. Not that anyone would confuse that annoying mechanical rodent for Simons sleepy passenger, but Cassandra--try as she might to stay awake for him and insisting that her severe headache would never allow her to--fell fast asleep before they went two blocks and hit the highway where it was smooth going and nothing short of a tornado could disturb her sleep.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Chapter 334 Who would have thought it possible

What the hell, Sophie said, watching in stunned annoyance as her mother and her supposed grandmother walked passed, completely ignoring her.
Ronnie, who had been watching from afar, stepped in and stopped Sophie from following them. Sophie, cut your mom some slack, okay? he said. Violets been waiting for this moment for a very long time. She was the only one that still had faith that one day her mother would be normal again.
How do you know anything about it? Sophie snapped.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Chapter 333 Average and Ordinary

          Harmony Norton had never led anything other than an average, ordinary life. She was born into an average, ordinary family, with average, ordinary parents. She lived in an average, ordinary town, and had average, ordinary friends with whom she played average, ordinary games. She was an average, ordinary child and grew to be an average, ordinary teenager. She was even average and ordinary when she fell in love and married Jared Norton, a seemingly average, ordinary person himself.
          Little did she know that this average, ordinary pairing with Jared would be the spark that set her life ablaze, eventually torching her average, ordinary life beyond recognition so that for nearly three decades she lay trapped in the ruins of it and left behind, to be so alone, so miserable and seemingly abandoned by nearly everyone she loved.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Chapter 332 Independence Day

          Cassandra, this doesnt change anything, Frankie said. Were still the same family weve always been. We just have different titles now. Okay, Im youre father not your brother and Pops is your grandfatherdoesnt really change much at all, cuz we all love you very much... just the same as always.
          With that kinda love I could sure use some indifference, she mumbled, grabbing several tissues and wiping away the wetness on her cheeks.
          What? he said, not having heard her.
          Nothing. You can go now, she said, waspishly.
Cassandra, come on. Its Christmas, time for family. Go wash your face and come eat with us. Youll feel better.
          Im not going down to face a room full of liars and pretend that everything is fine when its so not fine. Nothing will ever be fine again, she said with a loud, unladylike blowing of her nose.
          Enough of this. Stop acting like a baby! he said. If it wasnt for us youd be in foster care... or much worse. You wouldnt even be here. Donnas parents wanted her to get an abortion and when she refused they made her give you up for adoption even though she didnt want to.