Monday, June 25, 2018

Chapter 356 Where do we go from here

Richard laughed as he tried to pull the covers from Violet, but she held on tight and wouldnt come out from under them.

 Come on now, silly girl, he said. Did you think I didnt know about your city slicker boyfriend yet?

Was hoping, she said, miserably. Oh, Richard, you must hate me.

I dont, he said. I wont ever hate you.

You must. for cheating on you like this.

He scoffed. Babe, this is NOT cheating, he said. You keep forgetting Im dead and that makes you a free agent.

A what? she said.

You know not married anymore. Free to do whatever you want.

II still feel married to you, though, she said.

Yeah, thats probably cuz Im still kinda around, ya know? he said. Thats why you gotta let me go.

Just doesnt feel right, she whined.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Chapter 355 What is Heaven like

Richard stared down at Violet, fast asleep on their bed, and took in a fortifying breath. At least thats what he wanted to believe he was doing. At this point he knew darn well ghosts didnt require air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink or in fact anything a live person needed.

Except, perhaps, he thought to himself before he crawled in beside her, for a loving touch. How he craved that!

He smiled as he continued to gaze at Violets pretty face--so serene in slumber-- the only bit of her visible over the massive pile of blankets she was never without on cold, dreary winter days. He marveled that she still slept only on her side of the bed, leaving his side untouched as if she expected him to show up at any moment and sneak in beside her.

Was that consciously done, he wondered? Or was it just the way it was, more habit than anything else? Violet had always been a creature of habit. Stillhe wondered.
He reached out a ghostly hand to touch her shoulder and at long last awaken her to have this most important talk, but he withdrew it. This could be it. This could be the very last time he ever got to speak to her, touch her, be with her. This encounter could break the spell which kept him bound to her. Soon he would no longer be earthbound and on his way towhere?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Chapter 354 Just a Bit Crazy

Mom, Kenny said, his tone gentle yet firm. You do realize Dad is NOT really there anymore, right?

Violet stopped stirring honey into her tea just long enough to give her son a look which told him he was walking on very thin ice and he best be careful where he further treads. That, however, was not going to stop him.

I meanhis body is therewhats left of itbones and…” he drifted off when she raised a menacing eyebrow, a look reminiscent of Medusa and twice as scary. I mean, Dads essences, his spirit, its not there anymore. It was probably never there. You do know what I mean?

She said nothing. She sipped her teaburning the tip of her tongueand stared out of the window. The snowy clouds had dissipated and the backyard was now bathed in moonlight. Sparkles glistened off the snow, making the night appear far brighter than it should.

I forgot to give you your gift, she suddenly said.

What are you talking about? We all opened our Christmas gifts this morning, Kenny said. Remember?

No, this is not for Christmas. Its a family gift. That is to say, because you are now having a baby and expanding the family, she said. I didnt have time to search for it. I suppose its in your fathers strong box with all his other important papers. I never go in there if I can help it…”

What is?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Chapter 353 Better to Laugh Than Cry

At the sound of a string of sneezes, the three in the kitchen turned around to see Cassandra clad in red plaid footie PJs. The thick bathrobe Simon gave her dragged on the floor and hung off her shoulders. Wet tendrils of unruly hair clung to her rosy pink cheeks and neck and she carried a half-full tissue box.  She looked adorable, albeit miserably sick.

Ronnie jumped up from his stool at the breakfast bar and pulled out a chair for Cassandra to sit at the table. “Hey, Cassie, have a nice bath? Ya hungry? Want some cookies or maybe popcorn?” he said. “Or ice cream for your sore throat?”

“I don’t dare have ice cream even though I’d love some,” Cassandra said, shaking her head. “It’ll bring back the chills and make me cough even more.”

“Well, I was gonna make you some nice, hot peppermint tea like you said you wanted, but Simon’s making some witch’s brew for you instead,” Sophie said.

“Witch’s brew?” Cassie said, making a face.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Chapter 352 Uncle Mac’s Never-Fail-Cure-For-All Tonic

“Cassie? How you doing?” Sophie asked first knocking on the door then peeking inside the steamy bathroom. She grinned at the top of Cassandra’s curly head which was the only thing visible over the mounds of fragrant foam. 

“I'm...I'm...” Cassie sneezed three times into the bubbles making them blow out of the tub.

“Okay…Still sneezy,” Sophie said.

“I feel better...warmer anyway,” Cassandra said.

“When you’re done here, would you like some hot cocoa or tea?” Sophie said.
“I’d really like some tea. My throat’s so sore. Simon not back yet?” Cassie asked.

Sophie shook her head, sitting down on the edge of the tub, scooping up a handful of bubbles. “He said he might be a while. Something about getting an amazing cure for colds he can only get at a special store… in China town or something.”

“China town???” Cassie said.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Chapter 351 A Woman Possessed

Geeze, is she ever gonna get tired of this?” Sophie said, wrapping her arms around her shivering body.

Ronnie shook his head. “Doesn’t look like it,” he said as they watched Cassandra race passed them yet again. “She’s kinda good.”

This was a slight understatement. For the third hour out on the ice in the blistering cold, Cassandra tirelessly twirled and spun in tight circles until you’d think she’d be too dizzy to stand. She shot forward so fast down the entire length of the rink as if the devil himself were after her. Then she’d gracefully weave in and out of slower skaters then skate backwards while everyone stared in astonishment. She even did a couple of small, but nicely executed jumps.

“She looks like a woman possessed or something,” Sophie said, sounding worried.

“She looks like an Olympic contender,” Ronnie said, obviously impressed, cheering and clapping for Cassandra every time she was close enough to hear, although it didn't seem she heard anything.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Chapter 350 Tell Us How You Really Feel

So, umwhatcha think? Simon asked, leading the way out of the theater and into the cold street of NYC.

Ronnie made a derisive sound while Sophie said, Dont see what the big deal is. I mean, it was okay, but nothing to go cray-cray over. How many standing ovations were there? Like ten? Gimme a break.

It sucked, Ronnie said, mincing no words.

Cassandra? Simon asked.

Uhit was okay, I guess, she said shrugging. Im not really in the mood to like anything right now.

Theres nothing to like, Ronnie said.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Chapter 349 Will you marry me

Victor stood up as Violet approached, which she wished he wouldnt have done. She always got such a crick in the neck when she had to look up at him for any length of time, so she knew it would be ten times worse when she went down on bended knee. Actually, on second thought, she didnt think that was a very good ideamight give him the wrong impression of her intentions. After all, he was a man and any woman kneeling in front of him surely would bring visions of a certain White House internahem.

May we sit, please? she said, her voice coming out in a raspy squeak.

Of course, he said, retaking his seat.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Chapter 348 Just do it already

Now, Missy…” Morris Kramer said, shaking his head. Do you really have to ask?

Yes, I do! Violet said. Or I wouldnt have asked!

He chuckled. You and your daughter have something in common after all, he said. Anyway, the answer is yes, of course he still loves you. Just dont ask me why he doesnt take the bull by the horns and do something about itbut I can guess. It was the same thing with me and Martina I suppose. Blasted pride always gets in the way. Violet, my advice to you is dont let pride ruin what could be your last chance at happiness. He then kissed her cheek and smiled. Life waits for no man or woman and if Victor wont do itI say its up to you.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Chapter 347 Change of Plans

Change of plans, guys, Simon said.

Ronnie and Sophie exchanged looks before asking, What plans?

Were all going to the City, Simon said. I already told Dad, so we can go as soon as you get Sophie to Violets house so she can pack some clothes.

Waitwhat? Sophie said, shoving her coat at Ronnie so he could stuff it into the hall closet along with his own. What do I need clothes for?

Are you not listening? Simon said, grabbing the coat away from Ronnie and shoving it back at her. Were all going. Thats you, me, Cassandra and Ronnie. Ill drive my car though, cuz Ill have to come back here. I gotta go back to school.

You mean Sophie and Cassandra will be staying with me in Dads apartment? Ronnie said, half panicked.

Waitwhat? Sophie said, obviously confused.