Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chapter 310 Can't fool me

Sophie continued looking out the window long after Ronnie drove away and his taillights  turned the corner and were gone.

Can't fool me, Ronnie,” she whispered. “You put up a good front, but I know you're hurting. It wouldn't bother me so much except Rachel just isn't worth it. How I wish you could love me  as much as you loved her.”

She scowled at the unfairness, then looked up to the clear sky. It was filled with twinkling lights. Her blue eyes widened and it didn't take long for a smile to appear. It was a beautiful sight.

Maybe Ronnie actually was star gazing,” she said with a slight giggle. She had forgotten how many stars could be seen in Catalpa Valley on a clear night; billions of them! She hardly saw any in Miami, not with all that ambient light around the university and in major cities.

She wondered if she could wish on a billion stars and if it would make the wish that much stronger therefore more likely to come true. Well, why not? Why did it have to be wishing only on the first star you saw?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chapter 309 What hurts the most

That was an awesome performance, Sophie,” Ronnie said as they started for home. He glanced at her and frowned. She hadn't acknowledged him in any way. She merely sat there staring out the window. This was very odd.

He tried again.

I thought because it was country music night that I would hate everything they played,” he continued. “There was lots that I never heard before, of course, but I really liked what you did though.”

He glanced at her again, but he barely got a shrug out of her. What the hell was up with her now?

Try it one more time.

I especially liked that one that went...  …What hurts the most...was being so close...watching you walk away...nothing much left to say..…♪ ♫

Sophie finally seemed to wake up. She sighed, shook her head and said, “Having so much to say and watching you walk away,” she corrected.

Yeah...that's it,” Ronnie said, smiling to himself. He knew getting the words wrong would get to her. “Who does that again?”

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chapter 308 Under Advisement

The thing is, Simon,” Violet said, drawing in a deep breath before biting her lip. “It wasn't really an escape so much as it was...um... actually, my father kicked me out of the house.”

Simon choked on his tea. “Your father kicked you out of the house?” he repeated. “What could you possibly have done to deserve that?”

Uh...well...finial disobedience I suppose.”

Excuse me?”

She smiled ruefully. “Jane Austin called it finial disobedience when you went against... parental tyranny,” she said shrugging. “He found out about Richard and...”

Simon blinked, his mouth agape. “Are you kidding me? Your father kicked you out because you went to a football game with a boyfriend, the same guy you eventually married?”

Oh, that was just part of it. My father didn't think Richard was good enough for me, but it was a bit more than that...quite a bit,” she said evasively.

I'm sorry, but sneaking out a few times to see your boyfriend is not enough to get you kicked out of your house. Surely it wasn't permanent?”

You would think so, but yes, it was,” she said. “You couldn't imagine it because you have parents who practice unconditional love. My father did not...I discovered.”

Monday, June 20, 2016

Chapter 307 Tell her Life story

How in the world had Violet gotten herself into this mess? All she had intended on doing was cheer up Simon, but now she was expected to tell her life story—a particularly embarrassing part of it anyway.

She wasn't even smart enough to think of a way out of it. She knew Simon was too slick to allow her to do that, but she had to try. Oh, bother!

Simon came back to the breakfast counter and sat on the tall stool which he vacated before setting the kettle on to boil. He was now carrying two fragrantly steaming cups with the tags of herbal tea hanging out of them. He set one in front of Violet and pushed the tiny teddy bear shaped honey jar in front of her while he sat down and stared at her with an expectant expression on his face, a face which now looked considerably more happy than it had just a few minutes previous.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chapter 306 Do you Wanna talk about it?

Violet was emerging from Georgiana's bedroom with a huge smile on her face just as Simon was coming out of his own. Her smile faded at the sight of the morose expression on his own face.

Hello, Simon,” she said, tentatively. “I hope we didn't disturb you too much with our giggle-fest.”

He shook his head. “Not at all. It was good to know somebody has something to be happy about,” he said.

She frowned. “Surely it's not as bad as all that, Hunny?” she said.

He half grinned. “Don't mind me, Violet. It's how I handle disappointment.”

Um...Sophie said Cassie's father was being rather difficult tonight,” she said, with a slight grimace. “Of course, she used far more colorful language than that.”

Do you know Mr. Bellarosa well?” he asked, stuffing his hands in his front pockets leaning on his door.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Chapter 305 She doesn't know anything

Sonovabitch,” Ronnie muttered, after looking at his phone. In disgust, he tossed the it away from him and strapped the seat belt on with undue force.

What's wrong?” Sophie nervously asked, slowly fastening her own seat belt as he started the truck. Had he, she wondered, finally discovered she had deleted some of his texts, the pornographic ones?

Nothing,” he said before taking in a calming breath as he pulled out of the driveway and letting it out slowly as he turned onto the dark road. “So, tell me, who's gonna sing with you tonight?”

Um...I don't know if you know him. We sang together the other night. Palmer Kimble?”

I didn't get to see you sing that night, but I heard you were great. Yeah...I think I remember him from school. Couple of grades above us, right?” he said.

Just one. He has a band now, kinda,” she said, biting her lip and staring at Ronnie's phone. She picked it up and turned it over as she pulled off her wooly hat.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Chapter 304 How'daya like that

Well, how'daya like that?” Marty said staring at Morris who was cuddled on the comfy sofa with the boys; Julian on the right and Peter on the left, both sound asleep and Morris tying in vain not to nod off too. It was a losing proposition.

Winkin, Blinkin and Nod,” Violet whispered with a giggle.

I was so sure all that chocolate was going to rev them up and look at them now,” Marty grumbled.

Yes, but you didn't take into account the calming effect of the hot cocoa,” Victor said, scratching his head before looking toward Violet for her take. “Whaddaya think? Should I wake them up for baths?”

Monday, May 23, 2016

Chapter 303 How it should be

Ronnie barreling down the stairs nearly plowed over his grandmother and also Violet as they emerged from the kitchen.

Ronnie, dear,” Marty said, offering her cheek for an apologetic kiss. “Do please use a bit of decorum.”

Yup, I will...one of these days,” Ronnie said grabbing his boots as Marty walked away shaking her head.

House on fire?” Violet asked.

No, I'm like totally late for work!” he said, shoving his feet into the cumbersome boots.

You seem to like it, huh, your new job?”

It's awesome!” Ronnie said, grabbing a coat, shrugging into it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Chapter 302 I wish I had my mom

Violet went to the kitchen table, placed the last remaining slice of pepperoni pizza on a plate, tossed the empty pizza box onto the counter and sat down, indicating to Georgiana to sit in the adjacent chair.

But aren't we gonna clean up?” Georgiana asked, dutifully climbing onto the proffered chair.

This seems a bit too serious a chat for distractions. You look too serious, anyway,” Violet said. “How about I warm this up in the microwave and you can eat it while you tell me what's bugging you, okay?”

But I'm not hungry,” she replied, eying the pizza as if it planned on contradicting her.

How about we share it then?” Violet said, taking it to the microwave. “I'll take the part with the crust and whatever you don't want to eat.”

Crust is the best part,” Georgiana said, and to prove it she snatched a piece off Peter's plate, dipped it in some ranch dressing and took a bite.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chapter 301 Back to Normal

Violet didn't know whether to laugh, cry, call the paramedics or perhaps a blacksmith—if such a thing was even available in Catalpa Valley in this day and age. Realizing that none of those things would likely help in the immediate moment, she did the only thing which could. She shouted to Ronnie for help.

What's up, Viol...holy shit!” Ronnie said staring in shock at his grandmother in full Mary Queen of Scots garb with a shiny pile of metal at her feet. “Wait... Is that Profess... I mean... is that Grampa???”